Enjoy 32 top things to do in Waikiki now (updatded)

Are you wondering what the top things to do in Waikiki now when you visit?

Waikiki is the main tourist hub and fun place to explore and enjoy with so many amazing places and attractions to see in the neighborhood and surrounding Honolulu area.

If you are interested in checking out all the top things to do in Waikiki for planning your visit, check out all these top 32 things to do in Waikiki now for inspiration and to fill up your must do list when you are in the city day time tonight.

Note – during Covid times some of the public events and performances may be cancelled for crowd control and local county measures to prevent Covid in the tourist areas. Check all the websites that are mentioned and are linked for updated information on visiting and if that attraction or event is scheduled and available.

Top things to do in Waikiki now

Why visit Waikiki in Oahu?

With so much happening in this fun and cool tourist district of Oahu, you’ll love exploring all the fantastic attractions, easy to walk to activities and outdoor fun, fantastic food choices, world class shopping and window shopping, cool bars and night clubs and so many other wonderful things to do around Waikiki, there’s something for all visitors in every age group to enjoy.

Where is Waikiki located?

Waikiki is the tourist neighborhood located in the City of Honolulu. Just east of the business and towntown district of Honolulu. The Waikiki neighborhood is on the southern tip of the city and bordered by the Ala Wai canal and Kapiolani park. If you are visiting Oahu, Waikiki is where you want to be based to experience the best of the attractions around the neighborhood and surrounding city of Honolulu.

When is the best time to visit Waikiki?

Waikiki and Oahu are year round destinations that are popular to visit any time but there are two basic seasons for wet and dry season on the islands. Wet season in Hawaii happens in the winter time from November until March with cooler temperatures and unpredictable daily weather. This is still a popular time to visit with snowbirds and visitors looking to get away from very cold destinations.

The dry season on Oahu tends to happen around April to summer timeframe and then until October. There is also a hurricane season, but most hurricanes have been fairly light with tropical storms and rare hurricanes that create damage throughout the entire Hawaiian chain. For warmer and sunnier days on your visit, then the dry season might be more ideal especially if you are outdoors oriented and want to do more eploring outside or get involve with adventure experiences in the area.

Here’s 32 fantastic things to do in Waikiki now

There are so many places to see and things to do around Waikiki that fits every demographic and age group visiting Oahu and Waikiki. Check out all these fun and unique things to do around Waikiki and the general Honolulu and surrounding areas of the city.

Top 30 things to do in Waikiki hiking Diamond Head

1. Hike up to Diamond Head

One of the most popular and fun Waikiki attractions is to hike up Diamond Head and experience the expansive panorama of Waikiki and Honolulu below. Popular time frames would be early in the morning for cooler temperatures or later in the afternoon for that golden light and sunset views (park closes at 6pm). Park is open from 6am to 6pm with the trail head closed off at 4:30 pm and parking fee is $5 per car. For a first hand look on what the hike is like, check out my post on doing the Diamond Head hike here for more inspiration.

Why Visit Diamond Head?

Known as Le’ahi by natives, hiking up Diamond Head is the perfect way to have a combination experience of a hike and climb and then some magnificent views of the city and surrounding coastline areas. Designated as a US Natural monument, you’ll enjoy visiting and hiking up this spectacular volcanic cone.

Check out the visitor information site here for more details on visiting the state park.

Explore cool and hip Kaka'ako in Waikiki one of the top things to do in Waikiki

2. Explore cool and hip Kaka’ako

Looking for something fun and cool to do in Waikiki? Check out the hip and fun district of Kaka’ako in Waikiki’s trendy district filled with colorful street art and graffiti walls, fun bars, galleries, and cool new restaurants. This once run-down area of warehouses and a rough neighborhood is now uber trendy and filled with vivid graffiti and street art – it’s considered the place to be and hang out with hot new entertainment venues filled with cutting edge art, shopping, dining and entertainment.

Why visit Kaka’ako

It’s fun to hang out where the locals go eat and entertain and the place is filled with cool street art to enjoy in the area. If you are into cool and trendy spots, then check out the Kaka’ao district now.

You can check out more details on my post about things to do in Honolulu here for exploring the Kaka’ako neighborhood. Or check out the cool new Salt center for innovative art, food, shopping and new events in the area.

Walking down Kalakaua Blvd in Waikiki

3. Stroll down Kalakaua Boulevard

It’s always busy day or night time on this popular street at Kalakaua Boulevard. The main thoroughfare In Waikiki is filled with trendy shopping malls, galleries and boutique stores, cafes and restaurants, bars and entertainment venues on the street. The street is fun to explore day time but really comes alive at night when everyone seems to be out and enjoying the lively night scenes, window shopping, eating snacks and dining al fresco. Even the old style International marketplace has become hip, trendy and world class gathering place, shopping venue and foodie spot to explore on Kalakaua.

Why visit Kalakaua Boulevard

Filled with world classes designer shops and shopping, Kalakaua Boulevard is the main shopping, window shopping and entertainment venue in downtown Waikiki and fun to explore morning, noon to night time. Window shopping the expensive boutique stores, people watching and just enjoy the busy and colorful street life and entertainers is what makes Kalakaua a fun street to stroll down and enjoy the local vibe.

Enjoy Kapiolani park in Waikiki

4. Explore Kapiolani park in Waikiki Beach

If you are looking for some down time then large green park area on the edge of Waikiki is a nice respite to enjoy on the edge of Waikiki. You can also check out popular attractions in the park including the Honolulu Zoo, Diamond Head Crater, Queens beach, Waikiki Aquarium and also the bandstand at Waikiki Shell that has weekly free or paid events and concerts for visitors and locals. There’s plenty to do and see in the park or you can just relax and enjoy the views and beach scene overlooking Waikiki beach area.

Why visit Kapiolani

For some open space to relax on the green areas and beaches on the edge of Waikiki, Kapiolani offers some breathing space, lots of green grass and also popular attractions like the zoo, aquarium and Diamond Head to explore if you want more activity in the park area.

Free Hula show at Kuhio Beach in Waikiki

5. Free Hula show at Kuhio Beach

One of the fun things to do in Waikiki is to watch the ongoing hula shows are offered at Kuhio and Waikiki hosts a free hula show at Kuhio Beach which Is a fantastic way to enjoy a hula experience for free at the beach. You’ll enjoy different types of hula styles along with music accompaniment and the visitors are allowed to hang out on the grass or beach area around the stage. Check the calendar here for any updates on the regular show schedule at Kuhio.

Why Visit Kuhio Beach

The beach area is nice and protected from rough ocean swells for family fun and you get to enjoy hula shows for free on teh beach which is a fantastic way to enjoy your time on the beach.

enjoying Waikiki beach

6. Explore the fun at Waikiki Beach

Probably the biggest draw to Waikiki is Waikiki Beach and the beach scene, outdoor attractions and adventure experiences you can have directly on the beach. Waikiki beach is the most well known stretch of two mile beach on Waikiki fringed with oceanside bars and restaurants, world class hotels and gorgeous turquoise waters and surprisingly shallow areas that make surfing and beach fun relatively safe and family friendly.

Once just a haven for family royalty, Waikiki Beach was mostly swampland until world class resorts like the Ala Moana Surfrider and Royal Hawaiian Hotel put Waikiki beach on the tourist map. Strolling on Kalakaua Boulevards for the fun window shopping and swank shops or directly walking on Waikiki Beach itself is part of life’s simple joys here in Waikiki and enjoying all the fantastic views all around.

What to do in Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach is world re-known for its magnificent beach, gorgeous sunsets, cruising on the many catamarans or dinner cruises and just an easy stroll and window shopping or find some cool bars with live music to even fine dining venues to enjoy world class cuisine. If you’re into more active lifestyle you can snorkel, sail, surf, SUP board or do so many other fun outdoor adventures right on the beach area.

Enjoy free fireworks at night at the HIliton Hawaiian Village

7. Free fireworks Waikiki activity

For a free and colorful night experience, check out the firework display on Waikiki beach. You’ll find the show start every Friday night between 7:45 to 8pm on the beach area facing the Hilton Hawaiian Village, right on Waikiki beach. Come early on the beach to find a spot and maybe closer to the stage or beach area which is perfect picture taking.

Why watch the fireworks display on Waikiki Beach

Well it’s free and right on the beach. You can easily get to the beach area by sunset and have fantastic views all along the coastline to view the colorful show on Friday nights.

Tip – At a distance, you can park easier at Ala Moana park with nice views to the fireworks display at Waikiki and views of the coastline lit up at night.

Waikiki tour along the shoreline

8. Photography Waikiki Tours

A guided tour showing you the best spots around town and in the area to experience without the headache of driving, parking and a knowledgeable guide is a great way to spend the day and capture some of the best images and scenes around Oahu.  You can actually do your own walking and photography tour with these cool self guided tours of Waikiki here for inspiration.

A visit to the beach areas and the various attractions mentioned on this post are fantastic photo ops for you to visit and capture for your vacation time in Waikiki.

visiting Leonards-bakery in Waikik

9. Enjoy amazing malasadas at Leonard’s Bakery

For a delicious foodie experience, go to Leonard’s and try some of the famous malasadas (Portuguese inspired doughnuts and now a local favorite dessert). These fried goodies are best hot and just served fresh and you can have them filled with different custards or tropical inspired flavors. If you are looking for unique flavors consider trying the haupia, coconut, pineapple and guava filled malasadas for some yummy goodness.

Why try Leonard’s Malasadas

Well they are local and simply the best on the island with so many tropical flavors to choose from. Leonard’s is a popular institution that delivers and is worth the visit to try all their yummy baked goods.

Learning to surf on Waikiki beach

10. Learn to surf on Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach is a perfect surfing beach with shallow water that expands out at a distance from the beach with sandy soil to land on. Learning to surf on Waikiki is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a new adventure experience or even brush up on some of your surfing background. You’ll enjoy the wonderful surf, sandy beaches and even bragging rights of spending a day surfing and picking up new skills when you take a surfing class in Waikiki.

Why go surfing on Waikiki Beach

Outside of bragging rights that you actually did this in Waikiki, the soft sands, long surf rides and friendly and watchful guides make the experience fun and easy to pick up for beginners to all different levels and can be customized depending on your needs.

Check out this surfing lesson experience on Waikiki Beach here with an outfitter with a cause for more information and planning for your surfing fun on the beach.

Visit the Honolulu Museum of Art

11. Visit the Honolulu Museum of Art

If you’re into visiting museums, this one is definitely worth visiting with an eclectic mix of Polynesian inspired artifacts, artwork, sculpture spanning ancient to contemporary styles. The Honolulu Museum of Art hosts and impressive collection along with some fascinating rotating shows highlighting the unique history and culture of Pacific Island lifestyle and interests. Check out their website here for more information and details to the current shows on their calendar.

Why visit the Honolulu Museum of Art

You don’t have to appreciate culture and art to visit this magnificent museum which hosts many rotating shows and also regular exhitibits. But the museum features fascinating and fun exhibits that showcase many facets of traditional to contemporary art and creativity from local and Pan Polynesian influences.

Tour Shangri la from through Honolulu Museum

12.Tour Shangri la from through Honolulu Museum

The famous American heiress Doris Duke created her own Shangri La Mansion that shines lick a Persian jewel box. Created entirely like a Muslim palace, the home is a customized with spectacular marbles, hand-maid inlay tiles and special artwork that showcase the best Islamic art she purchased from various sources to create an amazing Shangri La fronting the Pacific Ocean. Tours to this special place have to be arranged in advanced but you can easily book a tour here for visiting this amazing and historic home. You can check out the schedules and prices here for tours.

Why visit Shangri la

One of the wealthiest Americans made Hawaii a home that really is unusual and exotic with a name to boot. The home tour delivers with this stunning location, exotic islamic design and artwork that isn’t typical for Hawaii and a benefactor that gifted this special place for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Whale watching show from Waikiki Beach

13. Whale watching show from Waikiki Beach

Winter to early spring time is the best time to enjoy the migrating whales visiting the Hawaiian islands. Best way to do this is cruising the wonderful coastline along Waikiki and outer areas in search of these majestic humpback whales. This luxury catamaran cruise experience leaves from Kewalo Basin Harbor with expert crew onboard to make this a fun and cool way to enjoy the coastal views and marine life around Oahu.

Maui Luau 6

14. Have a luau experience

What’s not to like with a fun luau experience a short drive from Waikiki at Waianae. This luau called is The Paradise Cove Luau lets you experience the luau through a traditional Hawaiian village experience. With 3.5 hours of fun, go get a fantastic dinner show experience, hukilau, free hula lessons and henna tattoo, craft making and other interactive activities during the event.

Check out the details to this one of a kind luau experience here for more details, calendar and current prices.

Visit Manoa Falls in Honolulu area

15. Visit Manoa Falls

Located in the Honolulu area towards the university, Manoa falls is an easy hike through lush jungle area called Rainbow valley for all the rain and rainbows occurring daily. You’ll know when your close when you reach the rock cliff areas where Manoa falls cascades about 150 feet from the top to the basin area. When you are in the area already, check out the Lyon Arboretum which is close by.

Check this website here for updates and timeframes that you can visit the falls during the week.

Exploring Waikiki and Lyon Arboretum

16. Explore a mature and lush Lyon arboretum in Honolulu

If you love natural gardens then visit the Lyon Arboretum very close to Manoa Falls. Entrance is free but a requested donation of $5 helps to maintain the expansive gardens in the park.  Large with lush garden areas and an inspiration point that really inspires, it is hard to believe that this is just in the city limits with all this tropical splendor and beautiful landscape to enjoy. With over 6,000 indigenous and other lush tropical flora to get lost in, you’ll enjoy a peace of quiet and solitude not far from the busy metro area. Check out this website here for more details to visiting and their calendar of events.

Experience a Shaved Ice delight in Waikiki

17. Experience a Shave Ice delight

If you are looking for a really good shaved Ice experience in Honolulu then check out the different land delicious shave ice locations on Oahu here. You’ll have a field day trying out all of the most popular shave ice spots around Waikiki and around the island and some of the delicious local flavors worth trying out at these fun vendors in town.

Visit the Honolulu Zoo

18.Visit the Honolulu Zoo

The Honolulu Zoo located at Kapiolani park is the perfect family friendly attraction that is colorful and filled with a fantastic assortment of animals regionally and from around the world. The gorgeous tropical settings and environments make this zoo fun to explore specially to capture over 1,200 animals in photographs with friends and family. Check out the zoo’s website here for more details and information to what’s currently happening or any other special events currently going on.

Take a picture with Duke Statue

19. Take a picture with Duke Statue

The world-famous Hawaiian surfer Duke Kahanamoku has a bronze statue located on Waikiki beach right at the end of hotels. Duke known as the ambassador of Honolulu was a the greatest waterman and the father of modern day surfing in Hawaii.

The statue is in a perfect spot to take pictures with the surfer who is typically adorned with fresh and old leis as a symbol of friendship. With fantastic views of Waikiki beach and ocean in the background, this is the perfect moment to capture with your friends and family along with the Duke of Waikiki.

You can find the duke statue next to the Police station on Kalakaua Boulevard and across from the Hyatt Regency on Waikiki Beach.

Visiting Ala Moana center in Honolulu

20. Dining and shopping at Ala Moana Center

The Ala Moana Center is is the largest open-air shopping mall in the Pacific islands. Filled with high end designer shops, local galleries and art, souvenir and gift specialty vendors and the biggest food court you’ll find around Oahu along with a cool Japanese food walking court. 

There’s plenty of things to see and do at Ala Moana Center and the outdoor venues and even outdoor food venues really complement the Hawaii lifestyle and shopping at its best. Or just window shopping, people watching and enjoying the outdoor spaces here are part of the fun exploring this outdoor mall area.

Things to do in Waikiki Hanauma Bay

21. Snorkeling fun at Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is one of the best snorkeling areas on Oahu in this natural marine preserve sanctuary, Hanauma Bay is quite spectacular and well maintained. You have to go through a video entry to the park first and then have access to the park and beach areas. What you’ll find at Hanauma Bay is a magnificent crescent shaped beach protected by small cliffs with beautiful coral beds, colorful tropical fish and some cool marine life that may unexpectedly show up.

For more information on visiting Hanauma Bay State Park, check out their website here for more details and visiting.

Top things to do in Waikiki like the Waikiki Aquarium

22. Visiting the Waikiki Aquarium in Waikiki

Visiting the Waikiki Aquarium in Waikiki is a fantastic family friendly attraction that caters to young and old alike. Located in close to the Honolulu zoo, the Honolulu Aquarium has lovely tropical fish displays, a small shark tank, and other colorful exhibits to enjoy in this relatively small but fun aquarium. Check out the details to visiting and entry here for more information.

Visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona

23. Visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona

The most popular attraction to visit in the area in Honolulu is a visit to Pearl Harbor which is a short ride you can from do Waikiki or even take a bus from there. This is a must visit attraction to absorb and experience the infamous Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor. You can easily spend an entire morning or afternoon here to get historic insight to the history, culture and military presence in Oahu.

You can also book a nice tour of the Pearl Harbor and visit to the North Shore here for a guided tour of the park and visit to other attractions along the North Shore area.

Visit a local Farmers markets in Waikiki

24. Visit a local Farmers markets

If you want to check out local culture and eating fun, check out a local farmers market in the area. You can find a regular market held every Wednesday on the Lawn at the Blaisdell Center, the farmers market is held from 4 to 7pm. At the KCC farmers market facing the Diamond Head entrance, the market is on Saturday from 7:30- 11am and on Tuesdays evenings from 4 to 7pm.

Check the best 10 farmers markets to visit in the Honolulu area here for details of location and times when the markets are going on.

Visiting the Chinatown district around Waikiki

25. Explore the Chinatown district

Just located on the edge of Waikiki and downtown Honolulu, Chinatown is part of the historic and old part of Honolulu and a fun place to explore. Now a more hip and cool place to visit in Waikiki with hip bars, pop up shops, galleries and restaurants, Chinatown still maintains all it’s classic Asian charms. Filled with Lei flower shops, dim sum parlors and cheap souvenir stands, you’ll find a variety of quirky, fun and kitchy things to explore at Chinatown.

Japanese food experience at Shirokiya’s Japan Village Walk at Ala Moana

26. Japanese food experience at Shirokiya’s Japan Village Walk

If you are looking for a fun and unique food experience close to Waikiki, check out the Shirokiya’s Japan Village Walk at the Ala Moana Center. This mini village modeled after a typical old Japanese style village has over 30 kiosks serving typical and favorite Japanese foods and local beers. There is a cool set up buddhas in the back that serve as guardian spirit for the area.

Sunset cruise in Waikiki beach

27. Take a Sunset cocktail cruise around Waikiki at night

If you are looking for a romantic or fun evening experience try a sunset cruise here. This is a great experience to enjoy sunset on the water and fantastic views of Waikiki and the golden hour. Many cruises do offer cruises with dining or drinking options to compliment the cruising experience.  

Most of the experiences launch right on Waikiki beach with catamarans that offer a typical 1 ½ to 2-hour tour cruising the coastline and passing through popular attractions in the area. A more unique experience combines fireworks and a night sail here for a one of a kind experience in Waikiki on catamaran sail around the bay.

things to do in Waikiki at Iolani Palace

28. Tour the Iolani Palace

The royal Iolani palace is where the last queen, Liliuokalani was living prior to the US coup that overthrew her government and installed an interim colonial government. This once royal palace built in 1882 was at its time, the most innovative and outstanding royal palace and only one in the USA of it’s time frame. Filled with magnificent furniture, artifacts, memorabilia and even fashion of the royals during that time frame, you’ll get to see all of these wonderful collection within the palace rooms.

You can visit the palace with a docent tour by registering for a set tour on their website here for more details and instructions to the tour.

Experience Hawaiian history at the Bishop Museum

29. Experience Hawaiian history at the Bishop Museum

Visiting the Bishop Museum in Honolulu will give you a fantastic insight to the history, tradition and cultural heritage of the ancient Hawaiians. The Bishop Museum at Kahili represents the most expansive collection of Polynesian artifacts, historical treasures, artwork even royal adornments and fascinating exhibits to explore. It’s a great space to explore and see the history of the early voyagers and Polynesian settlers, Hawaiian and cultural beliefs or exhibits and folklore along with features on Volcanoes, different cultures, even early sporting events on the Hawaiian Islands.

To visit the museum, check out the details on their website here for more information, prices and other events happening soon.

Tropical drinks in Hawaii
West Hawaii on the Big Island by NOel Morata

30. Enjoy a classic tropical cocktail in Waikiki Hawaii

What’s more enjoyable then ordering a tropical cocktail on the beach or with a view from above looking into Waikiki and the bay. There’s so many cool and popular places in Waikiki to hang out and order a tall Blue Hawaii, Mai tai, Pina Colada or any other popular drink that would quench any thirsty soul looking for entertainment, people watching and just enjoying a perfect tropical drink in Hawaii. Check out all these popular and unique bars here to enjoy a perfect tropical drink in Waikiki for more inspiration.

31. The Aloha Swap Meet

If you are looking for cheap souvenirs or unique treasures from Hawaii then head out to the Aloha Swap meet located at the Aloha Bowl. You’ll find this flea market with inexpensive souvenirs mostly made in china and a few local crafters, snack vendors, pop up food vendors and ad hoc mix of sellers plying something odd or cheap on site for you to take home. Entrance is just a buck (free for kids under 11) on Wednesdays and the weekends at the swap meet and you can check their website here for updates and events.

32. Enjoy a meal or drinks in a classic hotel by the beach

Want to do something extra special in Waikiki? How about planning a delicious dinner with sunset views or maybe a wonderful tropical drink at the bar with a music combo or some hula performance? Then head to the classic signature hotels at the Royal Hawaiian (Azure restaurant or the Mai Tai Bar), Dinner at the Halekulani (Orchids or House Without a Key) or the fabulous Moana Surfrider (The Veranda Beach House or Beach Bar Lounge)

Where to eat in Waikiki

There are so many amazing food choices of places to eat around the tourist district of Waikiki including the Ala Moana food court, Chinatown and various farmers markets. Check out these top choices from the video clips below.

Cheap eats around Waikiki

More cheap eats in Waikiki

A food tour in Chinatown

Where to stay in Waikiki

Where to stay in Waikiki

If you are planning to spend more time exploring Waikiki and Honolulu, you should base yourself in Waikiki for easy walking and access to most of these attractions located around the district.

Hotel La Croix

The number one rated hotel in Waikiki has affordable rooms and many different room categories with large terraced suites, comfortable rooms and excellent customer service.

Outrigger Waikiki Resort

Located right on Waikiki Beach, this beautiful property is an oasis of calm but still in the heart of beach, shopping and dining venues. Nice pool and outdoor amenities and comfortable rooms, many with ocean views.

Sheraton Waikiki

The hotel also located on the beach is know for comfort, great customer service, good location to shops, dining and easy access to Waikiki Beach. With ocean views and clean modern lines, the stays here are effortless and comfortable.

Looking for more reviews? Check out the most popular and well rated hotels through Trip Advisor here for more details, rates and availability.

Conclusion on Top things to do in Waikiki Beach

You’ll have a great time visiting and hanging out in Waikiki with these cool and fun activities and places to visit around the area. Whether you love being out doors and doing adventure activities or easy things like happy hour on the beach and finding some interesting foodie venues, Waikiki has all the right things for everyone to experience. Enjoy your visit and hopefully you’ll get to visit all these places and fun things to explore in the area.

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What to see and do around Waikiki
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Conclusion of best things to do and see in Waikiki Beach

For Waikiki fun, you’ll love explore all fun activities and attractions around this easy and walkable district of Honolulu. Hope this gives you some great ideas of things to do and see around the tourist district here.

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    Thx for this wonderful post about Waikiki, Noel. I’ve been to many of the ones on your list, but I’ve not previously heard of Kaka’ako, so it’s now atop my list of things to do next time I visit Honolulu.

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      Come visit, there’s plenty of fun and cool things to do in Waikiki now

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    What a great range of things to do in Waikiki! I have visited 49 states. The only one left for me is Hawaii! I’m so eager to go. And now I’ll know what to do once I get there. I’m dying to try a malasada right now!
    Thanks Noel.

    • emorata

      Oh yes, Malasadas are yummy and is one of the my favorite top things to do in Waikiki post.



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