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Visiting Hawaii: A slice of Paradise at your doorstep

Living in Hawaii is about connecting with the aina (land), culture & history, foods, adventure and traveling to experience the unique environment and lifestyle of the islands. We present new stories and information on a weekly basis along with video, fun things about Hawaii and even learning to speak Hawaiian slang or Pidgin.

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Adventure experiences in Hawaii

There’s so many different outdoor activities that you can do year round in Hawaii and many of them are free. Come and check out our wonderful Adventure and recreation activities here for more inspiration and activities that you can do today.

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Do you love to explore?

If you love to travel and visit all the islands, there’s so much to see and do in Hawaii. From cool road trips, adventure experiences, visiting historic sites or just finding a perfect and quiet beach to hang out in, you will really enjoy visiting the many islands of Hawaii. Check out some of the best travel experiences to the Big Island, Maui, Oahu and Kauai for more inspiration and places to visit on each island.

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Taste some amazing Hawaiian foods of Hawaii

The food in Hawaii is ono mean delicious! With so much influence of Hawaiian and plantation settlers from Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Mexican and American cuisine, no wonder Hawaii is an International foodie spot. With so many different local food and Indigenous food to try, eating is an enjoyable discovery experience here on the islands. Check out these favorite foods of Hawaii here for more information and what types of foods you should try.

Locals on the island love to eat good food whether it comes to eating more traditional Hawaiian food, Hawaiian style desserts, or even Hawaiian snack foods . You’ll find the best farmers markets in Hawaii with such a variety of Hawaiian fruits that are delicious and exotic.

Honomu on the Big Island of Hawaii

Looking for bargains in Hawaii

If shopping for good deals, hotels, food and adventure experiences are what you’re looking for, check out the best Hawaii deals and bargains here for more information about visiting or even living in Hawaii better and cheaper. You can even find fantastic places to eat cheap in Hawaii here but do splurge for all the fun things you really want to do and have budgeted to do on the island.

Family friendly activities in Hawaii

Family friendly fun

There’s no place like Hawaii for so many fantastic family oriented and kid friendly venues to explore and enjoy throughout all the islands. With perfect weather, beaches, parks and outdoor fun that is geared towards children you’ll have a fantastic time here in Hawaii. Check out all these family friendly fun experiences here for more inspiration and things to do in Hawaii.

There’s so much to experience on the islands and enjoy – please check out the Hawaii blog here for more inspiration and updates.

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