Ko Olina Guide: Exploring the Beauty and Luxury of Hawaii’s Premier Resort Destination (Updated 2023)

Ko Olina translates from Hawaiian as a “Place of Joy” as an area on oceanfront land that faces the Waianae Mountain range and gorgeous Pacific Ocean and four large man-made lagoons and miles of white sandy beaches that Hawaiian royalty enjoyed in the past and now visitors to the island can also relax and enjoy at the many resorts in this development. Use this Ko Olina guide to show you the best things to do and activities to experience here or just enjoy a fun and easy beach day out here at Ko Olina.

This gorgeous sunny and dry area is warm, friendly and fun to explore the lagoons, enjoy a meal or shopping and stay at any of the fantastic resorts located in this development.

Ko Olina Guide (Sunny West Hawaii, what to do, eat, play and stay)
Ko Olina Guide (Sunny West Hawaii, what to do, eat, play and stay)

What is Ko Olina?

Ko Olina is just 17 miles west from Honolulu International airport to the sunny leeward side of the island, a Sunkist spot that receives the bulk of sunny weather and sies on the island. This ideal beachfront development is home to four- and five-star resorts, shopping center and restaurants that cater to guests that want a different scene and vibe to the downtown Honolulu and Waikiki district.

If you are looking for the alternative to busy Honolulu or Waikiki, Ko Olina offers a better relaxed environment that is quieter, warmer and definitely more pampered at the resort areas.

What is Ko Olina?

A brief Introduction to Ko Olina

Ko Olina with its four gorgeous and popular beach lagoons was a development vision that was started in the mid-80s and takes advantage of the sunny and drier leeward side of Oahu with over 642 acres of planned resorts and development. The master planned community features these almost perfect man-made lagoons with these pristine crescent shaped beaches that lead to sandy bottom swimming coves that are protected with strong rock barriers and making it safe and kid friendly.

Along with four high end resorts in the development, Ko Olina also features world class golfing, a deep draft marina, shopping center and luxury residences in the development for visitors and locals to enjoy the best weather, beaches and accommodations on the island.

Outdoor activities are popular here where you can SUP board, Kayak, catamaran and even do some hiking nearby.

If you’re looking for something to eat, there’s plenty of restaurants available at the Ko Olina Station or go to each of the resort areas for their own cafes, bars and restaurant offerings.

A brief Introduction

Where is Ko Olina and how far is it from Honolulu?

Ko Olina is located on the west or leeward side of Oahu and about 24 mile west of Honolulu and about 17 miles from Honolulu International Airport. Heading west traffic is pretty direct when you are heading west off-peak commute hours and can take about 30 minutes. But at commute times this can take longer depending on the time of the day.

Being on the dry and sunny side of the island, Ko Olina offers almost perfect conditions on the island to enjoy the best weather here in Oahu.

Transportation to Ko Olina can be arranged by personal pick-up services, rental cars or taxi and Uber services to the area.

Where is Ko Olina and how far is it from Honolulu?

Activities and recreation around Ko Olina

You can easily spend the whole day at Ko Olina, enjoying the beach and lagoon areas, do some shopping or outdoor experiences and later enjoy a nice meal and sunset walking the trail or a nice spot on the beach areas.

Ko Olina Lagoons

Ko Olina Lagoons

There are four lagoons located at Ko Olina with pathways that connect all of them. Soft powdery sandy beach was imported from Lanai. Large barrier rocks are placed fronting each lagoon acting as shield barriers and a sea wall but allowing some ocean to enter the lagoons while protecting the waters from the turbulent nature of the ocean from this region. The sandy bottoms and shallow water lagoons make it a perfect and safe swimming area for most children visiting them including the entire family to enjoy.

The resorts at Ko Olina are connected to each other with over 5 miles of walking path along the waterfront area and the beachfront lagoons making it a fun or more active workout along these routes to enjoy the views, lagoons and even sunset here at Ko Olina.

Away from the busy vibe of Honolulu and Waikiki Ko Olina Lagoons are very popular as a resort destination. The public is allowed to visit the lagoon areas and to also enjoy the waters and swimming at the beach areas. Also, with fantastic dining and shopping options, there plenty to enjoy without having to be a guest at any of the resorts of Ko Olina.

Lagoon 1 – Kahola lagoon

Fronting the Four Seasons Resort and the Aulani resort tends to the be busiest lagoon because of both resort locations sharing the lagoon area. It is the largest lagoon with an also large grassy area to enjoy. But with only 20 parking stalls, parking is limited so it is better to drive to the other lagoons and walk here if you want to hang out at Lagoon 1. and the Aulani resort

Beach facilities includes restrooms and showers, there are no lifeguard stations

Lagoon 2 – Honu Lagoon

Fronting the Beach Villas, Honu Lagoon has a nice beach area with permanent beach palapas but parking is also very limited here. The beach is great for kids and snorkeling and beach fun.

Beach facilities includes restrooms and showers, there are no lifeguard stations

Lagoon 3 – Nai’I Lagoon

Fronting the Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club is also a good beach for swimming and snorkeling fun.

Beach facilities includes restrooms and showers, there are no lifeguard stations

Lagoon 4 – Ulua Lagoon

The furthest of the Ko Olina Lagoons and lest crowded, you’ll find better parking karma here (100 parking spots) and less crowds. There are no resorts located on this beach park

Beach facilities includes restrooms and showers, there are no lifeguard stations

Ko Olina Lagoons Hours

These Oahu lagoons are open from 8:00 am until sunset. During peak season, the parking lots fill up by mid-morning, so plan to come early or wait a bit for a spot. Or you can plan on coming later in the afternoon for a swim and maybe dinner and sunset stroll in the area.

Check out this walking tour around Ko Olina and the lagoon areas below

Snorkeling fun

Outside of beach fun and swimming, snorkeling in all the lagoons are also pretty good and safe. For the best spots to snorkel, go towards the rock areas but stay clear of the openings where the water channels into the lagoon areas. Considering all the popular snorkeling spots around Oahu, the Ko’Olina lagoons suprisingly have a decent snorkeling presence with tropical fish that enter and hang out in the beach areas.

Surprisingly, you find a lot of tropical fish diversity that hangs out in the lagoon areas so don’t forget to bring your snorkeling equipment.

Water rentals / activities

All the resorts offer rentals of any water toys including SUP boards, kayaks and floatation devices. You can rent them easily and check in with the outfitters for daily to hourly rates.

Ko Olina Golf

Ko Olina Golf

The golfing grounds and sunny weather makes it a perfect time, anytime to enjoy a round of golf at the Ko Olina golf course. Rated as one of the best golfing courses in Hawaii you’ll enjoy putting, walking and sinking your holes in one on the greens here.

Check out the course, rates and grounds here for more details.

Walk / Hiking around Ko Olina

Walk / Hiking around Ko Olina

Outside of the 5-mile walking trail around the resorts and lagoons which is fun and relaxed, you can challenge yourself to more real trails to do around the area and enjoy nature and natural landscape on the leeward side.

If you are into hiking or walking, check out the waterfront trail here at Ko Olina below

Here are some fun recommendations on where to hike around the Ko Olina area

Here’s a few more interesting hiking trails in West Oahu to explore in the areas outside Ko Olina.

Ma ili Pillbox – a fun hike to a military bunker that was created for World War II defense of the islands, this hike is about 2 miles round trip and has amazing coastline views to enjoy along the hike. The Drive from Ko Olina takes about 15 minutes to the hiking trail head

Kaena Point – located about 40 minutes from Ko Olina, the western tip of Oahu at Kaena Point has a striking and dramatic 3.5-mile hiking spot along with fun tidepools to explore and a gorgeous sunset if you are in the area.

Barbers Point Lighthouse – this is an easy walk to a beautiful lighthouse and views and an easy 15-minute drive from the development.

Marina Activities

Marina Activities

The Marina at Ko Olina is the perfect spot for you to take advantage of water and recreation fun on the leeward side. You can enjoy a sunset sail, charter fishing experience or a wonderful dinner cruise experience around the waters of Ko Olina area.

Catamaran Sail and snorkel

Here are some fun options for you to consider:

Catamaran Sail and snorkel

On board this 16 meter sailing catamaran on this half day tour and snorkel experience includes a Hawaiian style lunch and a fun sail looking out for marine life and gorgeous coastline views on board.

Check out the highlights to this catamaran cruise here for more details.

Small group sunset sailing and dinner tour

Get on board this luxurious sailing 45 foot ship to enjoy an intimate sailing experience with an open bar and dinner experience. Enjoy views of the coastline while looking for dolphins, whales and other marine life in the area and after docking in a channel, get set for a chefs tasting menu of short ribs and ahi steaks and other chef’s specialty dishes.

Check out the highlights to this sailing cruise here for more details.

Private tour of the Mermaid caves and Kaena Point area

Explore these two beautiful and natural areas in West Oahu on the leeward side exploring the Mermaid caves, a visit to a bird sanctuary and touring the western tip at Kaena Point. If there’s extra time, there might be time for some detours or suprises in this private full day tour of the area.

Check out the highlights to this special west Oahu tour here for more details.

Shopping and dining at Ko Olina

Shopping and dining at Ko Olina

There are a variety of shopping and dining venues around the Ko Olina area with two shopping areas at Ko Olina Station and Ko Olina Center. You can check out both venues here for a look at the different shops and restaurants you will find both places.

Here’s a quick walking tour highlight of the shopping venues around Ko Olina below

The main resort developments located at Ko Olina

The four resorts located at Ko Olina are typically four and five start resorts and few nights stay here creates such a lasting impression on this beautiful resort area on the leeward side of Oahu.

Check out the main resorts below:

The Four Seasons Resort Ko Olina – A luxury five-star resort, check out the details and reviews on staying at the Four Seasons Resort here for updates and pricing.

Ko Olina Beach Villas Resort – A Ko Olina beach resort, check out the details and reviews on staying at the Ko Olina Beach Villas here for updates and pricing.

Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa – This is Disney’s first family destination resort located in Oahu, check out the details and reviews on staying at the Aulani Disney Resort and Spa here for updates and pricing.

Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club – a popular vacation club residence. Check out the details and reviews on staying at the Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club here for updates and pricing.

Ko Olina visiting FAQs

Ko Olina visiting FAQs

Here’s some more information to visiting Ko Olina whether you are a guest or just visiting the area for the day.

Are the Ko Olina Lagoons open to the public?

Every beach and park area in Hawaii is open to the public and that includes the Ko Olina lagoons. The public is allowed to visit the lagoons, eat at the restaurants, shop and participate in any type of activity offered by the resorts.

If you are just visiting for the day, come arrive early because the parking areas are limited.

Also, just bring your own beach towels and don’t use the resort beach chairs because attendants check the areas regularly and will ask you to leave if you do not have a wristband from each resort area.

Parking situation

The top three lots with the resorts have limited parking stalls so if you want to hang out at those lagoons get to the beach early. The next option is to drive to lagoon 4 which has 100 parking stalls and is the furthest away from all the resort areas.

All the beach parking areas at Ko Olina are totally free.

Are the Ko Olina beaches worth visiting?

If you want nice soft beaches, sandy bottoms with minimal rocks or corals and safe swimming areas that are protected from the open ocean then the beaches at Ko Olina are great. Family friendly with amenities and places to eat around the development, this is a great option for a fun beach day on the west side of the island.

Which is the best lagoon to visit at Ko Olina?

All of the lagoons are great but unless you are staying at any of the resorts, the best lagoon for easy access with parking and less crowds are Lagoon 4 which is furthest from all the resorts at Ko Olina. But if you like less crowds and resort vibe, then head out to this lagoon area.

Can you bring your umbrella to the beach?

Unfortunately, the development rules do not allow for umbrellas due to their requirements and windy conditions that can happen on the beach properties.

You can rent a cabana at any of the resorts for covered spots on the beach.

How deep are the lagoons?

In the entry to the lagoons the water is fairly shallow but towards the middle can go as deep as 10 to 15 feet which is clear enough to spot the tropical fish despite the sandy bottoms.

Does Ko Olina get crowded?

The beaches at Ko Olina are very popular especially with families that want safe and easy kid friendly beaches to enjoy. They are typically busy on weekends and the long summer holidays so if you can visit any other time or come early then that would be the best option.

Also, keep in mind that there are no resorts on Lagoon 4 and is less busy than the other Lagoons.

Are there sunset views?

Yes you can get some great views here at the beach lagoons or any other outdoor spaces like the bar at the Marriott Ko Olina Beach Hotel. In any case pick your favorite spot, have some picnic fare and drinks and enjoy a gorgeous sunset view from Ko Olina.

Are there sunset views?

Weather and best time of to visit Ko Olina

Ko Olina offers a delightful tropical climate year-round, with the dry season from April to October which tends to be the best time to visit. You’ll enjoy all the perfect weather, relaxation, outdoor adventures and fantastic beach time around the Ko Olina Lagoons in this resort area.

The dry season from April to October is a popular time to visit with warm and dry weather that ranges from the mid 70s to low 90s and offers fantastic weather to be outdoors and enjoy a variety of activities including hiking, swimming, snorkeling or just enjoying the beach.

The shoulder season are the best times to void crowds and still enjoy pleasant temperatures. The Shoulder season starts from April to may and then September to October and typically has less crowds visiting the island.

The winter season from November to March is typically the wet season with unpredictable weather patterns that change. There is occasional rain showers with humidity but this typically is short lived with scattered clouds and showers.

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Ko Olina guide
Ko Olina guide

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  1. Bhusha

    Oooh. Ko Olina sounds super cool. As someone who likes quite, secluded, peaceful beaches, Ko Olina is perfect for me. Good to know that in spite of it, it is not too far from the Honolulu airport! Doing some shopping, outdoor experiences, a nice meal and sunset walking sounds like the perfect break I need! Interesting to know that this place also has a military bunker for WWI times.

    • emorata

      Yes Ko Oliina is a very popular resort area and just as important is that locals can also visit the beach park for free as part of local laws allowing beach access here.

  2. Ossama Alnuwaiser

    If one thing I would take from this post is that, the Ko Olina is incredible. It is full of sceneries and ample with activities. I would love to visit the Lagon and snorkel by the beach.

    • emorata

      Ko Olina is a destination resort area to visit in Oahu without all the hassles of city destinations and just pure enjoyment and resort lifestyles

  3. Pilar

    “Place of joy” is such an enticing name to make you book a holiday trip there. The hiking around the lagoons looks pretty interesting.
    Those soft powdery sand beach and sandy bottoms are ideal for a relaxing holiday. I find it amazing that the tropical fish enters the lagoons and you can snorkel in there. It looks like the perfect place for a relaxed holiday.

    • emorata

      Yes it is a nice development at Ko Olina away from all the busy aspects of Waikiki and Honolulu

  4. Maria Veloso

    Everyone adores greenery and the beach! I can tell from the photographs that the ambience at Ko Olina is really beautiful and serene. I believe that spending a day here is full of enjoyment as there are so many activities. I’d also like to visit each lagoon and go snorkeling or simply sit back and admire the sunset.

    • emorata

      Ko Olina is just that type of destination as a planned development that caters to all the enjoyment of sun, beach, lodgings and food / hang out spots to enjoy and Ko Olina delivers on all those needs.

  5. Linda (LD Holland)

    We definitely plan to spend some time in the water. A visit to Ko Olina beaches looks like a spot of us to try snorkelling, kayaking or maybe do a catamaran trip. Good to know we can get there by Uber as we don’t plan to rent a car in Honolulu. Very cool to wander along the 5 miles of beach through the 4 lagoons. And really good to read that the beaches in Hawaii are open to the public. Since we have Marriott status, Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club might be a stop for us.

    • emorata

      Oh Yes Marriott Ko Olina, that would be an excellent stay and a visit to all these Ko Olina lagoons.

  6. Renee

    Any place whose name translates to a “Place of Joy” wins me over! The fact that there are 4 lagoons in Ko Olina makes me think this is the main draw to go to this area. I would take advantage of the hiking tours you recommend as a best way to explore.

    • emorata

      Yes Ko Olina is definitely a place of Joy and perfect for family friendly places to visit

  7. Joanna

    It looks like Ko Olina offers everything a tourist looking for relaxation would look for. The almost guaranteed sunny weather is definitely a plus, as well as the proximity to the airport and to Honolulu. I like that there are so many lagoons to choose from.

    • emorata

      Ko Olina is the opposite of a busy Waikiki and Honolulu for visitors that want easy, total relaxation and a vacation lifestyle that delivers.

    • Pamela Mukherjee

      I never been to Hawaii and Honolulu. Theseplaces are in my bucket list since ages. Thanks for the detailed guide of Ko Olina, now I am planning for Hawaii and would surely add Ko Olina in my bucket too.

      • emorata

        Awesome, I hope you get to visit Ko Olina in Oahu some day

  8. Jan

    Ko Olina seems to be the perfect place for me. While I am not a fan of beach and sun, I would love to visit the Ko Olina Lagoons and enjoy spending time there. Lovely turquoise and blue-green colors! The little waterfalls look awesome. The lighthouse and Marina sound like fun. I have to make a plan to visit this part of the world soon. 🙂

    • emorata

      Ko Olina is definitely a different type of place from Honolulu and Waikiki and set more on the luxury end although locals can also enjoy the beach and a good meal here.



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