Things to do in Kona

Locals call Kailua Kona affectionately as Kona town, a combination of old historic sites mixed in with tourist shops and restaurants along with the natural beauty of its harbor and the small string of inlets and beach areas that make it so unique. The waterfront district contains many of the charms mixed in with the usual tourist garb and souvenir shop and once you get out of this what else is there to see? If you’re visiting, here’s some of the favorite things to do in Kona, beyond the tourist attractions.

Here’s what to do and see in Kona

Here's what to do and see in Kona

An amazing snorkel experience at Kahalu’u

Snorkeling at Kahaluu-beach-park

The marine sanctuary at Kahalu’u is fantastic and this family friendly beach is the perfect spot to do have an amazing snorkel experience just outside of town. The beach park has a life guard, full public bathrooms, food trucks and even volunteers that share their aloha about water safety and protecting the fish and corals in this protected bay. Check out more details to visiting Kahalu’u beach park here for information, parking and best times to visit.

Experience the manta rays

Manta-Ray-dive in Kona

There are a few spots around Kona area that manta rays go feeding and the best way to see them is with a tour outfitter that schedules mostly nightly snorkel and diving experiences that really deliver an amazing experience. One of the most thrilling experiences to do in town and experience this amazing marine life in their aquatic ballet – you’ll remember this as a highlight to your trip to West Hawaii Island.

Check out this local outfitter here for more details about having this once in a lifetime experience with manta rays

Enjoy a tiki bar experience and music

Tiki bar experience in Kona

It doesn’t get more kitschy with a tiki experience and the best one is at Don’s Mai Tai Bar on Ali’i drive at the Royal Kona Resort, just south of Kona’s bay front area. Best time to go is at happy hour with live local entertainment from top Hawaiian performers in the area performing for free.

Exploring the historic district of Kona

Explore historic Kona town

Historic Kona town lies along the bay front area with the harbor and there are a few cultural and historic sites that are worth visiting if you love Hawaiian history and tradition. Next to the Kamehameha hotel is a reconstructed heiau (Hawaiian temple) sitting right on the harbor and represents Ahuena Heiau which is a temple on the register of National Historic Landmarks. Kamehameha 1st spent the later part of his life at Kamakahonu Bay fronting the heiau.  Next to the beach part of the harbor is the Hulihe’e Palace, which was passed on through different generations of Hawaiian royalty. They offer a wonderful guided tour of the inside with fascinating stories of the time and collections in the mansion. Across from the palace is the Mokuaikaua stone church built during the time of the Baptist settlers on the island – it is a classic stone and coral structure with an eastern colonial influence. A little further down the road is the historic Kona Inn with its shopping arcade and covered outdoor dining area. You can check out more of the historic attractions of Kona here for more background and information to old Kona town.

Visiting the art village at Holualoa

Visit the art community at Holualoa

Just above Kona town about three miles mauka or uphill is the small art community of Holualoa with its small village appeal, cool art galleries, cafes and even coffee farms to attract you to visit the cooler climate up country. It’s a fun art community worth exploring and meet some of the local artists and gallery owners living in the area. You’ll find some of the most talented Hawaii artists here featuring wood, ceramics, fine art, furniture and sculpture. clothing and jewelry design. Check out all the unique art, coffee farms and other unique must visit places around Holuoloa here for seeing all the cool things happening in town.

Visiting the famous coffee farms in Kona

Check out the famous Kona coffee farms

Kona coffee is grown in different parts of Kona, specifically the Holualoa area above Kona and further in south Kona all the way to Captain cook. There are many small family run farms that also do tours and tastings for visitors to explore and see and entire operation and processing. You can easily do a self-drive and visit to these places, check out the list and review of public coffee farms with tours and or tastings here for a list of Kona farms for you to plan a visit.

Shopping at the farmers market in Kona

Enjoy a local farmers market experience

There are seven farmers markets in Kona town and surrounding areas – they are relatively small in size and there are three regular markets that happen right in Kona. On a daily basis the Kona Village farmers market just off Ali’i and Hualalai road close to the Kona public library combination of tourist shops, produce and some finished goods/foods to sell. There is also a nice farmers market in Keauhou at the shopping center that happens weekly Saturdays from 8 to 12 noon. A nicer craft and art market, the Ho’oulu Community Farmers Market also sells local produce and finished goods. The market is every Wednesday at the Sheraton Keauhou on Wednesdays from 9 to 2pm. You’ll find artisanal foods, hand made art and craft souvenirs for sale and a nice way to really meet locals from the area.

Hang out at a craft brewery in Kona

Taste some local brews and ciders in Kona

Local craft beers are a fun way to experience the local brews and pau hana (after hours) lifestyle in Kona. There are two breweries relatively close to each other and located in the industrial part of town, Kona Brewing Company and new comer Ola brewing company. Both of these breweries have nice tasting rooms and also offer food. Kona brewery has a nice indoor and outdoor venue and Ola has a very nice indoor dining room area and serves mostly appetizers with their beers. Either place is great to enjoy or both. If you love ciders, Ola has some nice tropical infused ciders that are really spectacular along with their delicious beers.

snorkel tours on the Big Island coast

Go on a cruise and snorkel coastal experience

One of the best adventure experiences to do in Kona is to be on the water and take a cruise to some of the fantastic snorkel spots around the coastline. There are a few good outfitters that take you to some of the wonderful snorkel areas along with any whale or dolphin touring through the coastal areas. Part of the fun of doing a cruise is seeing the fantastic coastline around Kona, checking out the marine life like dolphins and whales and then getting to snorkeling areas that aren’t as easy or accessible getting to on your own to these special snorkel areas.

You can check out all the outfitters snorkeling tours here to find out which fit your needs and timeframe while visiting the west side of the Big Island.

Explore the Place of Refuge in the Big Island

Check out the Place of Refuge – a national historic monument

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the South Kona area is the Place of Refuge or Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Historic Park. A place of refuge for commoners, defeated warriors or rule breakers in ancient times where citizens can go and be safe from any harm. The park contains ancient heiau (Hawaiian temples), reconstructed village and cultural sites, fish ponds and other important monuments you can explore within the park. Just off to the right of the park is an area called Two Step which is a very popular snorkeling spot to check out marine life, corals and amazing tropical fish in the protected bay.

Kayaking at the Captain Cook monument at Kealakekua bay

Go on a popular kayaking experience

There are plenty of experiences to be on the water and tour some spectacular coastline around the west side of the Big Island. You can do a canoe and manta ray snorkel experience, visit the famous Captain Cook Monument and snorkel, flume the ditch on inflatable kayaks in water flumes built in the early 1900s. These unique and fun experiences offer some of the best landscapes combined with easy adventure fun for you to enjoy. Check out these choices of ooutfitter tours and experiences here for more details and tours available around the island.

Thrift shopping around Kailua Kona

Go antique and thrift shopping

Thrifting and antiquing are a fun pastime for locals and visitors to the island with a few places that you can explore in Kona town, but the majority of antique and thrift shops are located in the various communities of South Kona at Kanaliu and Kealakekua towns. Some of the thrift places are located in those towns, but you’ll find the various shops sprinkled along the main highway doing down Kona and all the way to Kealakekua area and Captain Cook. Check out this top ten antique stores in South Kona area here for planning your next treasure hunt in the area.

Take a helicopter ride around the Big Island

If you’re looking for a special one of a kind experiences to see the island from above, there are plenty of helicopter outfitters and tours that will fit your needs and type of tour around the island. You have your choice of waterfalls and cliff tours, Volcano and East side experience or West side and the Hamakua coast and cliff areas. Check out all these different helicopter tours here for booking your special trip above the Big Island and get ready for a special treat!

Enjoying sunset in west Hawaii Big Island

Enjoy sunset at Kona town

The evening time in Kona is magical strolling the waterfront areas, checking out shops or just enjoying a nice tropical drink and views of the harbor and coastline. A highlight to visiting Kona is to enjoy Sunset on the water anywhere in town and its always these simple moments that have a lasting impact on your visit to the west side of the island. It doesn’t matter if your right on the water, a balcony enjoying the views or right on the harbor – take the time to watch a spectacular sunset in Kona and then you can enjoy a great meal or even some drinks right in town.

Deep sea fishing in kona

Go on a fantastic fishing charter from Kona

With so many amazing big fish just off the Kona coast, there are many different outfitters that offer a fantastic fishing tour to do some amazing sport fishing on a shared boat or private charter customized to fit your needs and time line. Check out all these fantastic local charters below with details to each charter and itinerary and sample schedule. Some of the charters do offer special tours and prices for booking directly on the site.

Kona-Atlantis submarine cruise

Explore the underwater world in a submarine or glass bottom boat

Exploring the deep blue Pacific Ocean just off of Kona’s coastline and seeing the beautiful corals, tropical fish and marine life in the area is a cool way to enjoy the water without getting wet. There are a few options submarine or glass bottom excursions here and some with a luau that is a great complement to this adventure and combined entertainment experience. You have your pick of easy and fun tours here to choose from.

Hawaii-horseback-riding-on the Big Island

Horseback riding on the Big Island

With so many different options to explore the gorgeous landscape of the Big Island, you can travers rolling hills, lush forests, stark cinder cones or wonderful coastal views on horseback. You can check out all these fantastic horseback outfitters here on the Big Island to see the hidden paradise you’ll encounter on horseback for this nature inspired experience.

Live music in Kona town
Live music in Kona town

Live music and entertainment in Kona

If you’re looking for live music and entertainment visiting Kona there are a few fun places to enjoy in town when you visit. Many restaurant venues do offer local performers during the dinner hour but following are the most popular places to find entertainment in the Kona area.

Huggo’s on the Rocks offers live entertainment with happy hours and peak hour happening from 7 to 10 with a regular appetizer and dinner menu.

Don’s Mai Tai Bar at the Royal Kona Resort has a cool tiki bar, live music and fun happy hour crowd while enjoying the coastline views around Kona

Gertrudes Jazz Bar – each night is a different theme with Salsa, Jazz, West Coast Swing and other fun nightly events at this lively bar with tapas and specialty drinks

Dinner cruise in the Big Island

Enjoy a gorgeous sunset dinner cruise

A dinner cruise around Kona and the scenic coastline is fun especially when you get to enjoy a beautiful sunset on this tour. There are two different tour outfitters offering sunset cruises with a coastal cruise down to Kealakekua Bay and the Captain Cook monument.  Both cruises include a complimentary cocktail, buffet dinner and live entertainment on the cruise. Check out the details to either tours here for more details, prices and docking location.

visiting the Captain Cook Monument in South Kona

Visit the Captain Cook Monument at Kealakekua Bay.

The famous monument showing the place where English seafaring Captain Cook was slain by local tribesmen in the southern district of Kona marks a small monument where he died. The rocky coastline is probably one of the best snorkeling spots worth visiting on the Big Island with colorful tropical fish, vivid corals and abundant marine life in the bay. There are three ways to get to this monument, by kayak across from the cement piers three miles on the coastline (Kayaks can be rented by various outfitters on the highway or even right at the Kealakekua Bay cement pier area off Captain Cook. You can hike down a trail that takes a few hours with a strenuous hike back uphill or you can go with a snorkel cruise outfitter that does a coastal tour and extended visit to the Captain Cook area with lunch and other fun water activities.

If you are opting to go with a snorkel outfitter, check out these local tours here for details and prices that can fit your schedule and budget.

Jogging on Ali'i drive in Kona

Morning walk or jog with the locals

You’ll find locals waking early to do their morning walks or jobs along the coastal beaches on Ali’I drive for their morning ritual. Why not join them for your morning exercise and explore the sweet coastal areas, expensive homes and secret inlets all the way into town. This popular morning ritual is both loved by locals and tourists visiting Kona town and wanting to do a local run or walk in the coastal areas outside Kona.

Diving around the kona coastline

Go scuba diving in the Big Island

You have your pick of scuba diving experiences on the Big Island from beginner experiences to diving with gorgeous manta rays or some at spectacular night time dives to see the big fish and other marine life. Check out all these Big Island outfitter tours here offering a variety of different tours and diving experiences on the west side and other parts of the island.

visit a sea horse farm in Kona

Check out an actual Sea Horse Farm in Kona

You can visit one of the most unique attraction in the Kona area and check out an actual Sea Horse Farm close to the airport area. You’ll see sea horses grown in special tanks and also get to play with sea horses in the hour long tour of the farm.

Doing a golf excursion in Kona area

Do a fantastic golfing experience in Kona

Many people visit the Big Island just to enjoy some of the challenging and stunning golf courses on the Kona side of the island. You have so many amazing courses to choose from around Kona and the Kohala coast region. Check out all these fantastic golf courses and current prices here for more information to booking a gold experience in the Big Island.

zipline experience on the Big Island

Go on a zipline tour on the Big Island

If you are an adventure seeker, then you’ll have your pick of excellent zip line experiences all around the Big Island from the Kohala coast and through the Hamakua area, zipping through canyons, waterfalls and lush landscapes below you. Check out these fantastic zip line tours here for a comprehensive look at all the zip line locations around the island with different thrills in store.

Where to stay in Kona area

Where to stay in Kona

There are so many different price points of places to stay around Kona town from 5 star to air Bnb’s and hostels. Here are some of the best reviewed hotels with high rankings in the Kailua Kona area and images.

Holiday Inn Express Kona – Great location, free breakfast, wifi, pool and gym and no resort fee, make this an affordable option in Kona.

Kona Coast Resort – sitting on 21 acres with swimming pools, jacuzzis, tennis courts and outdoor recreation areas, the villas at the resort are spacious, comfortable with lanais and full kitchens.

Sheraton Kona Resort – located just south of Kona town with lush gardens, swimming pool lagoons and slides, the rooms are updated, soothing and comfortable. great coastal views, manta ray viewing and other close by attractions in the area.

Check out these other topped ranked Trip Advisors hotels here for more images and reviews of places to stay in Kailua Kona

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