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Let us show you the most inspiring places to visit around Hawaii’s gorgeous islands now

This Hawaii Life explores the best of island cuisine and local foods, fun adventure tours to experience around the islands, cool road trips to interesting attractions, quirky western towns and some of the best beaches you’ll ever experience in Hawaii. Use these Hawaii guides for your inside trip ideas and planning to your visit to the islands soon.

Things to see and do in Hawaii

Discover Hawaii’s Beauty

adventure travel around hawaii

Top Places to visit

Visit each of the unique islands of Hawaii

The Big Island is big with so much beautiful landscape, national parks, outdoor adventure and unique towns to experience

Maui is the perfect family or honeymoon spot with gorgeous beaches, great snorkeling, outdoor fun and exploring the cool towns and attractions

Oahu is full of life, urban pursuits along with lush jungle and beautiful unspoiled areas worth discovering the rest of the island.

The garden isle of Kauai is lush, rugged and a real slice of nature and paradise combined so unspoiled and fun to explore

Secret things to do in Oahu

Secret things to do in Oahu: Places locals go and hang out (updated 2023) Secret things to do in Oahu (off the beaten path, local or unusual activities on island) For such a populated island, it would be hard to think there are only some local or secret places that...

How to eat cheap in Waikiki

How to eat cheap in Waikiki: Good and cheap places to food shop or eat around town and stay in budget If you are visiting Oahu on a budget and looking for ways to eat around the island inexpensively then check out how to eat cheap in Oahu below. This short guide...

Best sunsets in Oahu

Best sunsets in Oahu ( gorgeous beaches, high up, cliffside, North Shore & unique sunset spots) You’ve finally planned a fantastic visit to Oahu and Hawaii, right? But if you are dreaming about the perfect sunset on the beach or coastline, don’t just leave it to...

Maui is open

Maui is open: you can still visit and enjoy the best of the island The last few months have been extremely difficult for Maui weathering the fires and all the hardships that are involved in the cleanup and process to get the island back in order. What is good to know...


HAUPIA (HAWAIIAN COCONUT PUDDING) to die for and recipes (updated 2023) Haupia is everyone's favorite dessert in Hawaii and who doesn't like eating Hawaiian coconut puddling along with some other riff with chocolate, ube or delicious ingredient that takes it to...

Upcountry Maui

Upcountry Maui: cool places, towns and amazing views to experience around the upcountry areas Upcountry Maui is located on the slopes of Haleakala, a vast area that covers many small towns like Makawao, Haiku, Pukalani and Kula. Mostly rural and agricultural, the...

Malasadas in Hawaii

Malasadas in Hawaii: where to find everyone's favorite places around the islands Everyone craves Malasadas in Hawaii and we all have our local favorite spots to enjoy around the islands. Sweet and sugary plain or more decadent with custards and tropical fillings,...

taste the foods of Hawaii

Looking for the best foods to try on the islands? You have to try the snacks & desserts, traditional foods, farmers markets and fusion flavors

foods to eat in Hawaii

adventure fun on the islands

Outdoor recreation and adventure is easy with fantastic weather and inspiring activites to do on the islands

If you’re into outdoor sports and activity then you’re in look. You can surf, boogie board, snorkel, hike, wind surf, kayak, bike, horse back riding, mountain climbing and so many other recreation to your hearts content around Hawaii.

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Big Island







More Hawaii Fun

Check out the cool things to do and see around each Hawaii destination below for inspiration

Bargains in Hawaii

Bargains in Hawaii

Where to find good deals

Family friendly fun in Hawaii

Family friendly fun

Hawaii and kid friendly

Fun in Hawaii

Fun on the islands

Hawaii Fun, cool & unique 

Hawaiian Canoe Culture

Hawaiian Canoe Culture

Hawaiian Canoe Culture: the history, cultural significance and modern-day enjoyment and competition The Hawaiian Canoe has always been an iconic symbol of Hawaii's past and forward movement where the island nation is always changing utilizing old or ancient belief...

Oahu water adventures

Oahu water adventures

Oahu Water Adventures: Embrace the Splendor of the Hawaiian Waters If you're planning a trip to Hawai‘i, it's easy to have the beach day as your main focus, and dedicating ample time to relax and admire the ocean is certainly a great idea. However, you might want to...

Kona Tours and excursions

Kona Tours and excursions

Kona Tours and Excursions: Explore the Breathtaking Beauty of Hawaii's Big Island on water Welcome to a world where pristine beaches meet majestic volcanic landscapes, and vibrant marine life dances beneath crystal-clear waters. Kona, located on the captivating Big...

Honolulu Food tours

Honolulu Food tours

Honolulu Food Tours: Indulge in a Gastronomic Adventure through the Flavors of Hawaii (updated 2023) Embark on a tantalizing culinary journey on a local Honolulu Food Tour, where every bite tells a story. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors of Hawaii...

Kihei tours and activities

Kihei tours and activities

Discover Exciting Kihei Tours and Activities for an Unforgettable Adventure Unleash your sense of adventure with Kihei Tours and Activities and prepare for an unforgettable experience that will leave you craving for more! Dive into a world of thrilling exploration as...

Hilo tours and excursions

Hilo tours and excursions

Discover the Best of Hilo: Unforgettable Tours and Excursions Await! Situated on the eastern coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, Hilo is a peaceful town that offers a glimpse into the enchanting charm of Old Hawaii. Nestled against the captivating backdrop of Hilo Bay,...

Oahu Museums

Oahu Museums

Exploring Oahu Museums: Unveiling the Rich Cultural Heritage and Artistic Treasures HIstoric downtown Honolulu in Oahu, attractions, monuments and historic buildings Discover and learn about the world of Oahu through its Museums, where art, history, and culture...

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