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Let us show you the most inspiring places to visit around Hawaii’s gorgeous islands now

This Hawaii Life explores the best of island cuisine and local foods, fun adventure tours to experience around the islands, cool road trips to interesting attractions, quirky western towns and some of the best beaches you’ll ever experience in Hawaii. Use these Hawaii guides for your inside trip ideas and planning to your visit to the islands soon.

Things to see and do in Hawaii

Discover Hawaii’s Beauty

adventure travel around hawaii

Top Places to visit

Visit each of the unique islands of Hawaii

The Big Island is big with so much beautiful landscape, national parks, outdoor adventure and unique towns to experience

Maui is the perfect family or honeymoon spot with gorgeous beaches, great snorkeling, outdoor fun and exploring the cool towns and attractions

Oahu is full of life, urban pursuits along with lush jungle and beautiful unspoiled areas worth discovering the rest of the island.

The garden isle of Kauai is lush, rugged and a real slice of nature and paradise combined so unspoiled and fun to explore

Kaloko Honokohau National Historic Park

Visit to Kaloko Honokohau National Historic Park Located just south of the Kona International Airport, the Kaloko Honokohau National Historic Park used to be an early Hawaiian settlement that covered over 1160 acres in the coastal area of Kona. The area is filled with...

Sharks Cove Oahu

A visit to Sharks Cove along the North Shore of Oahu One of the most popular and family friendly attractions to visit on the North Shore of Oahu is Sharks Cove. This fun beach area and swimming spot is the snorkeling spot that is protected from the ocean with rock...

Lanikai Pillbox Hike

Experience the Lanikai Pillbox Hike in Oahu's windward side One of the most thrilling experiences to do on the east side of Oahu outside of the spectacular beaches is to actually view them from above. The Lanikai Pillbox hike is one of the most thrilling and fun hikes...

West side Oahu

Visit to the west side Oahu The west side or leeward side of Oahu is often overlooked for a travel destination on the island. Although the resort development at Ko’olina is quite a nice destination on its own and the public is allowed to visit the lagoons and shopping...

Easy to grow tropical fruit trees in Hawaii

Easy to grow tropical fruit trees in Hawaii Growing some tropical fruit in Hawaii is part of the enjoyment of living on the islands and enjoying the bounty of fruit you can grow on your land or even a rental property with just a few large pots. Without major effort,...

Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden

Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, an iconic garden in Oahu (updated 2022) Many visitors know about Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden as that insta famous garden in Oahu lined with palm trees and the iconic Ko’olau mountains in the background. They see this version of paradise...

Valley of the Temples

Valley of the Temples - serene, beautiful must visit Japanese temple in Oahu (2023) The Valley of the Temples is so serene and quiet, it is almost easy to miss the turnoff here on the eastern coastline Highway to the entrance of the valley. A quiet respite and...

taste the foods of Hawaii

Looking for the best foods to try on the islands? You have to try the snacks & desserts, traditional foods, farmers markets and fusion flavors

foods to eat in Hawaii

adventure fun on the islands

Outdoor recreation and adventure is easy with fantastic weather and inspiring activites to do on the islands

If you’re into outdoor sports and activity then you’re in look. You can surf, boogie board, snorkel, hike, wind surf, kayak, bike, horse back riding, mountain climbing and so many other recreation to your hearts content around Hawaii.

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More Hawaii Fun

Check out the cool things to do and see around each Hawaii destination below for inspiration

Bargains in Hawaii

Bargains in Hawaii

Where to find good deals

Family friendly fun in Hawaii

Family friendly fun

Hawaii and kid friendly

Fun in Hawaii

Fun on the islands

Hawaii Fun, cool & unique 

Banzai Pipeline Oahu

Banzai Pipeline Oahu

Banzai Pipeline in Oahu: Where Surfing Dreams Become Reality pipeline beach action The Banzai pipeline in Oahu is known throughout the world as the legendary waves of the North Shore in Oahu. The winter season brings up these monster waves with barreling waves that...

Top beaches in Oahu

Top beaches in Oahu

Top beaches in Oahu (beautiful beaches to swim, snorkel, water adventures) Oahu has come of the most beautiful beaches to explore and enjoy on the island. You have your choice of soft sandy beaches, gorgeous aqua colored ocean that transitions to deep blue, fantastic...

Top beaches in Oahu

Waikiki Beach guide

Explore Waikiki Beach - stroll, swim, adventure activities and entertainment (updated 2023) Everyone visiting Hawaii always have this perfect vision of Waikiki Beach is all about with that gorgeous stretch of beach on the southern side of the island. But, did you know...

Kuhio Beach Park

Kuhio Beach Park

Kuhio Beach Park (swim, water sports, landmarks and free hula on the beach) One of the more popular sections of Waikiki Beach area is Kuhio Beach. Although most tourist cannot really differentiate where Kuhio Beach in relation to Waikiki, Kuhio does have a lot more...

Best restaurants in Waikiki

Best restaurants in Waikiki

Best restaurants in Waikiki (some favorite spots from divey good to upscale dining) With a melting pot of cultures, sharing foods at potlucks and gathers, this fusion of flavors and sourcing fresh ingredients for meals has created a bevy amazing dishes and places to...

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