Things to do at home with Coronavirus in Hawaii

Coronavirus is already on all the Hawaii islands with positive cases showing and community spread already happening in Oahu. The CDC has advised that staying at home in a self-imposed quarantine is the best way of prevention and social distancing. But what can you do at home all day and night to keep busy? Here’s a list of top things you can do at home with Coronavirus in Hawaii to keep busy and some other creative ideas for fun and safety in mind.

Ideas and tips on what to do at home during the Coronavirus pandemic

There are so many good things and busy activities things to do at home with Coronavirus in Hawaii. Take a look at all these suggestions below and hopefully you’ll be able to incorporate many of these ideas into your daily routine.

Growing a garden in Hawaii

  1. Do some spring cleaning – might as well get an early start on your spring cleaning in all the rooms, throwing away junk, clearing out the garage of storage boxes of unknowns and doing a deep clean of all interior surfaces, floors to the wall and ceiling.
  2. Plant a veggie or fruit garden – for those wanting to really get back to nature and growing your own food there are many fast growing veggies that will reward you rather quickly with your efforts from salad greens, kale, beans, and a slew of other veggies that will also save you on your pocketbook
  3. Start your movie list must sees or binge watch a series – there’s a lot of good stuff to stream from the many providers to enjoy.
  4. Streaming some free culture – you can stream Broadway, Opera or even visit a museum collection at the convenience of your own home
  5. Read a book – time to catch up on all those books you have on your must-read list to finally whittle down
  6. Call someone or have a virtual date – now’s a great time to reconnect with someone online and spend some quality time online.
  7. Start a personal journal – if this is affecting you personally write it down, your feelings, vent it out, daily affirmations and what you can do about this personally.
  8. Go out for a walk and get outside with social distancing – if you are allowed to walk out somewhere for short time frame with human distancing do it.
  9. Listen to podcasts on your favorite topics – there’s nothing like hearing a voice talking about a favorite topic, its very soothing and reassuring.
  10. Check out some new cooking recipes and try them out – if you’re hungry and you want to try something different Google a new recipe or check out a You Tube video to a recipe that you’ve always wanted to try out.
  11. See a concert with artists holding live streaming events – music artists are offering free live streaming or archived events and videos, go check them out.
  12. Work on a puzzle or game – if you’re into puzzles or games, you can play to your heart’s desire now.
  13. Learn a new language – using various apps like Duolingo, xxxx you can teach yourself a new language
  14. Meditate – try your own meditation, chanting, focusing on your breath and visualizing positive affirmations
  15. Do some Yoga at home – keep your mind and body in check and good health with basic to more advanced moves that you can learn from You Tube, video DVDs or other online websites
  16. Write actual letters to friends or loved ones – postcards, simple cards or even Facebook messages to keep in touch and keep up spirits with those you love.
  17. Learn how to bake – check out Pinterest, Your Tube videos and some of those delicious foods your friends are posting on Facebook with all their free time.
  18. Learn a new hobby – into ceramics, knitting, photography or something fun you’ve put aside because of time restrictions. Now you have plenty of time at home to explore and learn a new hobby with online resources
  19. Learn how to make some delicious cocktails and make something new for you to make.
  20. Try writing some poetry, short stories or even try starting that novel you’ve been thinking and putting in the back burner
  21. Try and create something from Pinterest that you’ve bookmarked to someday do or make
  22. Make a photo book from your camera roll or order a framed version of some of your favorite images
  23. Learn to fix broken, leaking or damaged things that you can try to do yourself
  24. Make a list of positive things or affirmations happening in your life and review them daily to get your day kick started the right way
  25. Work on some financial planning, do your taxes, review your stock options and 401K with an advisor
  26. Try some new wines, beers or alcohol beverages that you’ve only read about or heard from friends to try
  27. Play some board games or do online game challenges like Scrabble, Zoom and other things you can do online with social distancing
  28. Dye your hair a wild color – why not try something a little out of the ordinary and fun
  29. Clear out some old and dusty clothes in the closet that don’t fit or just collecting dust
  30. Match all your unmatched socks in the sock drawer
  31. Do a spring room makeover or just rearrange furniture in boring rooms around the house
  32. Do a free trial of a streaming service and binge watch during that free time frame
  33. Order some new glasses online for a good price
  34. Do some morning stretches – start top down from your head, eyes, mouth to mid-section, arms, shoulders and down to your toes
  35. Get online and donate or volunteer online to do something worthwhile
  36. What about donating money to your favorite charity
  37. Invite your friends to donate to a charity in your honor in place of birthday events
  38. Do some art or learn how to do something creative or a craft project that you can try
  39. Grow some indoor plants or how about a small kitchen window herb garden
  40. Try doing things with your left hand or your non-dominant hand from writing, signing your name to brushing your teeth.
  41. Update your will and organize your own affairs – take the time to get most of this always down the road activity to now when you have the time to concentrate on it.
  42. Get your taxes done now and ahead of schedule
  43. Take your pets out for a walk with some social distancing
  44. Beaches and parks closed – look for trails and other outdoor places you can enjoy, meditate and just enjoy being in Hawaii
  45. Keep abreast of Coronavirus in Hawaii, local and state updates but don’t let it dominate your life.
  46. Recently unemployed – get those applications to file immediately
  47. Get your finances in order – make sure you eliminate all unnecessary expenses to control your cash flow
  48. Have an emergency supply ready – Don’t hoard but have enough for two to three weeks supply of accessible foods, ready to eat canned items, fruits and veggies and other necessary supplies. Consider this list for your basic needs and what you can add to it.
  49.  Stay healthy – be creative in the time of social distancing with in home work outs, cardio fitness, some outdoor activities and other activities you can do to keep your health in check and active.
  50. Get plenty of sleep – there’s nothing better in staying healthy then regular then a good night’s sleep that is at a set time frame that you can stick to. Enjoy your sleepy time.

baking banana bread in Hawaii

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