Plant a garden in Hawaii

Plant a garden in Hawaii

Plant a garden in Hawaii

If you love tropical fruits and veggies, it’s so easy to plant a garden in Hawaii, get back to the earth and reap the benefits of growing a garden here. There’s so much joy in reconnecting with the land, no matter how small – it can even be a group of small pots with fresh herbs, tomatoes and easy to grow vegetables. Learning how to plant a garden in Hawaii is fun outdoors, getting your hands into the soil and so good for your mind, body and soul.

It’s surprising how fast it is to start a kitchen garden and learning to growing your own fruits and vegetables here in Hawaii. A good part of the process is inspiration, knowing what you want to grow and the learning process. Now is a great time to start and here are some of the tools you need below to get going quickly in growing your own fruits and veggies.

Plant a kitchen garden in Hawaii

If the thought of being able to start growing your own garden sounds too intimidating, it really isn’t and you can always start small at first and control the entire process on your own time. You’ll definitely love the sense of accomplishment and seeing something growing from your efforts and yes love. Amazing to think that you can actually grow your own and have food ingredients fresh from your own yard to make some delicious and local.

Growing veggies in Hawaii

As inspiration, check out some of the wonderful and simple gardening websites or even You Tube videos of getting a garden started with easy fruit trees that grow well on the islands or even fast growing vegetables that you can harvest quickly here in Hawaii. Here’s some considerations and thought on getting that garden kick started below.

Decide how much area to plant and maintain

There’s a lot of work in prepping an area and making the soil workable and rich along with doing daily maintenance of a garden.  Decide how much area you can really dedicate to take care of including weeding, fertilizing, watering, pest control on a regular basis.

Growing fruits and veggies in Hawaii

Growing with limited space

Check out what you can grow well in pots or a small space that doesn’t take too much space and effort for you to manage. These include herbs, garlic or onions, bak choy, lettuce and radishes that can do well in smaller spaces. If you grow vertically, you can also grow tomatoes, beans, cucumbers or pumpkins if you create trellised support for them to grow tall.

Tips to starting a garden in Hawaii

Tips to starting a garden in Hawaii

Pick the right plants to grow in Hawaii

Pick the right plants that will work for your location

Even though Hawaii is perfect for growing a kitchen garden doesn’t mean all veggies or fruits will grow here. Depending on elevation,  soil condition and tropical climates, you need plants that will grow well in these outside tropical environments. Learning to plant a garden in Hawaii starts with vegetable plants that does well including taro, eggplants, okra, beans, tropical peppers and herbs will do well – check out these hardy and successful plants from UH Hawaii’s best growing plants for a kitchen garden. For fruit trees or plants, check out these wonderful fruit trees like bananas, citrus, pineapples, papaya and this list here for more inspiration.

You can go on the University of Hawaii CTARH website here for seeds that have grown well in Hawaii and you can order by form on the site.

Good soil and preparation is essential

It takes a good base in prepping up your soil, adding good amendments, mulch and drainage for plants to grow well and fast in our sunny tropical environments. In Hawaii we have lava, sand, clay and very poor soils, so you need to learn what type of soil you have and want you can do to add more nutrients and even more soil to build up your beds. Depending on the size of garden you want to build, you can buy bags of good soil and mulch or have delivery service done to help you in building healthy soil and beds for planting.

Make your growing area accessible

Find a spot that is easy to move soil, nutrients your tools and even water that you can do daily in maintaining your garden and finding an easy spot to get to everyday from your home is essential.

maintaining a kitchen garden in Hawaii

Tending your garden

We have so many other conditions to consider here in Hawaii from heat and humidity, wildlife and ongoing pest control to consider in protecting growing starts in the growing process. A diligent process of checking daily on plant health, fertilizing and pest control is important to checking growth patterns and health during this crucial time frame. Plants crave good nutrients from the soil to develop good structure and food for consumption.

Growing tropoical fruit in Hawaii

Plants need 8 hours of sun to be healthy and productive

You need a place that actually gets sun to be able to not have shade, competing plants that take nutrients and other impediments to growing and producing the best produce for you. Make sure you site containers, planting beds in areas that allow for enough sun to grow viable and healthy plants to produce well.

Growing veggies in Hawaii

Consider succession gardening

For plants that can last longer seasons or can have seasonal crops that can be prepared in different beds for transition. Longer surviving plants like tomatoes, herbs and eggplant can be grown in one area while other plants staggered that produce at a certain time frame like corn, lettuce, beets, turnips and other seasonal crops.

Pest control in Hawaii

There’s a lot of pests that love to devour plants and fruit so being diligent in your daily inspections is necessary to plant health and creating produce for consumption. Things you can typically use including insecticidal soaps, traps or sprays are needed or organic treatments or even water spraying is what you may consider for producing healthy plants and produce. Check out these typical pests in the Hawaiian garden and effective treatments to maintaining plant growth.

Gardening resources for Hawaii

Garden video inspiration

Gardening 101 basics

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More gardening resources

University of Hawaii Master garden growing links from CTAHR

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Yard and garden nutrient management

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Gardening in Hawaii is a matter of learning what grows best in Hawaii, education, daily chores and inspection and just getting your hands dirty. Hopefully with all this care and fun in the process, you’ll also end up with some wonderful fruit and vegetables to enjoy from your own gardening pursuits when you plant a garden in Hawaii.

Pineapple season in Hawaii

Pineapple season in Hawaii

Pineapple season in Hawaii

Pineapples are grown year round in Hawaii but really come into season from March to through July on the islands. It’s a great time to get your first taste of the delicious yellow and white pineapples coming into season. Pineapple season in Hawaii is a fantastic time to enjoy some locally grown and delicious fruits grown and sold on the island and try it with some of the recipes you love or recipes below.

Enjoy Hawaiian delicious pineapples in season

Long recognized as a fruit of the islands and a symbol of hospitality, Hawaiian pineapples are grown in everyone’s back yard and you’ll find yellow, white and even wild red pineapples in home gardens, community gardens to more commercial production of the yellow/golden variety.

Hawaiian pineapple in season

When is a pineapple ripe and ready to eat?

Fresh pineapples are what you should look out for at your local farmers market, grocery store or even a fresh fruit stand selling them in season. The most commercial variety is the Maui gold pineapple known for being extra sweet and juicy.

When the fruit is starting to ripen, the outside turns from green grey to yellow. You want to buy a pineapple that is a golden yellow color when it is ready to eat. Stay away from orange, reddish brown with any cracks or wrinkled skin which is overripe at this point.

Use your sense of smell, it should have a strong aroma and sweet smelling with the skin firm but still be pliable and the pineapple should be heavy and bursting with delicious fruit.

Not only are pineapples delicious but they are loaded with nutrients, contains disease fighting anti-oxidants, helps with relieve symptoms of arthritis and boosts your immunity and suppress inflammation. This wonder fruit is has an impressive array of health benefits and can also be used in making some amazing sweet to savory dishes or eaten raw.

tropical pineapples from Hawaii

Hawaiian recipes using fresh pineapple

There are so many ways to prepare sweet or savory dishes with pineapples as a side dish or even the star ingredient to any meal. Check out these wonderful recipes below for inspiration.

Hope you get to try some of these delicious recipes above or even just eat fresh pineapples grown on the islands. Pineapple season in Hawaii is a fantastic time to enjoy these tropical fruits that you can get anywhere on the islands.

Other fun pineapple trivia

When early European explorers reached the Americas and saw pineapple, they saw a resemblance to their own pine cones with the fruit and the name stuck.

You need to buy the fruit at its ripest stage because once it is cut, it doesn’t ripen any further and is perishable unless refridgerated.

Pineapples take about 18-20 months to harvest from initial planting

Pineapples are actually a cluster of hundreds of fruitlets.

Pineapples contain enzymes that are useful for tenderizing meat.

Part of the bromeliad family, pineapples are the only edible fruit from this genus.

Each pineapple has over 200 flowers produced by a single plant on each eventual fruit.

You can only produce one pineapple at a time on each plant

You can actually regenerate a new plant by cutting off the pineapple top and plant it.

The first cultivation of pineapples in Hawaii started in the 18th century and is the only state in the USA to produce pineapples.

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Pineapples from a farmers market in Hawaii

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Big Island hike to Ha’ena Beach

Big Island hike to Ha’ena Beach

If you’re looking for a fun hike that’s also a little challenging on the east side of Hawaii Island with a nice ending to spend in the water then Ha’ena aka Kea’au beach is a fantastic choice. Take a look at the details to this Big Island hike to Ha’ena Beach and you might want to plan a discovery tour in the near future for yourself.

The start of hiking through Shipman/Ha’ena Beach

The tropical hike to the secluded Shipman property (one of the earliest missionary families on the Big Island) and beach has been called Ha’ena, Kea’au and also Shipman beach. It’s a very photogenic black and white sandy beach – the only one for miles of rugged coastal terrain and lava rocks. The trail starts from the quiet subdivision of Hawaiian Paradise park on the end of Beach road with limited parking in the lot. It is the start of the Old Puna Trail where early inhabitants had created a trail through this rain forest along the coastal Puna region of Keaau. The Old Puna Trail is part of a statewide public Na Ala Hele Trail and Access System to beach areas open to the public even though it is surround by private Shipman property.

The hike is less then ninety minutes (each direction) and around 5 miles round trip and traverses old lava flows and into dense jungle (mosquito spraying is definitely a good idea before you start) and often muddy and challenging spots to cross through. You definitely have to be careful in many spots with challenging stone crossings and slippery areas along with muddy spots to walk around.

Parking lot area of the Ha'ena beach hike

Parking and start of Old Puna Trail

Take Kaloli road from the main highway 130 to the end and make a right on Beach road all the way to the parking lot and there is a marker that shows the start of the trail. Parking is limited, but you can also park on the street if the lot is full.

Most of the trail is fairly flat or some rolling areas in exposed sun to dense tropical jungle with areas that are purely lava rock zones that you need to be very careful. Depending on rain in the area, this zone definitely has a lot of wet spots and muddy areas to go through so there are a lot of detours you need to look for in crossing the area to get back into the trails.

Large trunks along the Ha'ena hiking trail

Enjoying the serenity and jungle

Along the trail, you’ll see many stone walls that show the entire length of the original Kings Highway that was a trail and then carriage trail running from Hilo along the coastline to Kalapana. There used to be a village Paki in the area that is not there anymore but in place are the rock walls, tall banyan trees, strawberry guava, Ironwood trees and local Ohia forests and miles of ferns and other flora.

While walking along the trail, don’t forget to also look down and around – it’s really magical!

mossy roots in the Haena hike

Ferns and jungle on the Ha'ena hike

Look out points along the trail

There are a few side trails that leads to the coast with fantastic cliff views along the entire rugged coastline.

Ha'ena beach trail and lookout points

There’s also a fantastic lava tube about 2/3’s of the way to the beach with a small side trail to the right where you can explore the opening in the shallow lava tube below.

Small exposed lava tube on the hike to Ha'ena beach

Rugged puna lava coastline on the Ha'ena Keaau hike

Arriving Ha’ena beach

The trail starts to bend towards the ocean and you’ll see some Kapu signs on cattle fences. This trail at the time we visited had a stream going through the trail – if you continue towards the ocean, you’ll find some dry spots to cross over. You finally get to a small lookout point to view the lovely Ha’ena beach and protected lagoon like bay. Closer to the beach is the private property of the Shipman estate which has Kapu signs not to enter the grassy area because it is also a nene (Hawaiian goose) breeding ground. The large three acre estate contains large fish ponds that are a breeding habitat for the native Hawaiian goose. Famous celebrities were hosted at Ha’ena including Amelia Earhart, Paul Newman, Cole Porter and local legends like the Beamer family and other important artists and dignitaries from the islands visited.

Fish pond at Ha'ena beach Big Island

Beach and lagoon area of Ha’ena beach

View of Ha'ena beach and lagoon area

The beach and lagoon is the big draw at the end with suprisingly very cold water that is fed from the underground aquifers that open directly into the lagoon. If you are in luck you’ll find wildlife like honu, monk seals and even the endangered nene around the beach areas. The inviting and safe lagoon is a nice ending to the hike and you’ll see some beautiful impressions of the beach with the ebb and flow of the tide creating beautiful mixtures and instant art that changes with the next wave.

Black and grey sands create patterns at Ha'ena beach Big Island

Beach area at Ha'ena beach Big Island

Heading back to the parking lot

You can choose to head back to the parking lot the same way you came from or you can also take a detour route along the coastline and walking through lava rocks over the rugged and scenic coast. There’s a lot of fantastic photo ops along the way, but if you decide to head back to the main trail, there are connecting paths that can lead you back to the main trail and directly to the parking lot.

Coastal views from the trail leading to Ha'ena beach

More tips on hiking to Ha’ena Beach

Bring water and snacks for your own needs

Bring some mosquito spray for the entire trail hike through the Old Puna Trail.

This is a popular local hike so the parking lot is filled quickly but you can park on Beach road and walk to the trail head.

Please pay attention to the Kapu (do not enter signs) for private property.

There are no public toilets on site – so prepare accordingly.

There are many rocky areas and muddy spots so take your time in going through these difficult spots.

If you do go swimming, make sure you have no cuts or scrapes and clean yourself immediately after swimming.

Walking from the parking lot to Ha'ena beach trail

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Big Island hike to Narnia

Big Island hike to Narnia

Big Island hike to Narnia

Probably one of the coolest and not so well known Big Island hikes is going to Narnia. (No Hawaiian or common name was known for this hiking spot). Located on the east side of the island just above Hilo and the Boiling pots park, the hike to Narnia is spectacular with 5 waterfalls converging into one beautiful lookout point and swimming spot.

Hiking to Narnia above Hilo

starting point to Narnia hike
starting point to Narnia hike on a fire road

Starting your hike to Narnia in East Hawaii

The hike is not so well marked and not noted of Big Island hikes and the broad name of Narnia has no historic references to the area. But that isn’t necessary since the hike experience makes this all worthwhile and is a relatively easy spot to get to above Hilo.

There are no trail markers and the small parking area is located about a mile down from the Boiling pots parking lot. If you go further uphill from Boiling pots on the main road, Wainuenue, you’ll find some parking spots on the left side of the road (don’t pass the bridge passing through the Wailuku river or you’ve passed the parking area)

Wild bamboo orchids on the trial to Narnia pools
Wild bamboo orchids on the trial to Narnia pools

From the parking area, head uphill on the fire road to the end and a the T is a small trail on the right side that goes uphill. Go take that small trail which will eventually merge into the fire road and you go left and you continue uphill.

Small trail to the right side of fire road
Small trail to the right side of fire road

** you can also take a 2nd route from the parking area and go down Wainuenue road through this neighborhood and when you see the first small paved road (on the left side) going uphill through this neighborhood which eventually becomes a fire road heading up through the area and to Narnia.

Passing an abandoned home on the main fire road
Passing an abandoned home on the main fire road

Continue about a mile uphill on the fire road which has a slight slope but is relatively easy to do. Once you approach a very large catchment water tank on the left side, you will see a trail on the right side going through some tall trees. Head right in that direction all the way to the end and you will eventually get to the main vantage point at Narnia.

Walking through tall trees at Narnia pools above Hilo

Turn right at the large water tank

From here, you can walk the shorter trails for different viewpoints of the waterfalls and reservoir. There are some access to the water for swimming in the reservoir (please do not go into the water on rainy days when the water flow is rushing and unpredictable – it is very dangerious) which is perfect on sunny days when the water is calm. You can actually swim to a few of the waterfalls directly against the water flow which is a challenge and a fun work out.

waterfalls and pools at Narnia

More views of the Narnia pools

Large reservoir at Narnia pools

small waterfalls at Narnia

Beautiful ferns and fern grottos are everywhere along the waterfalls and shady areas.

Wild ferns along the water pools at Narnia

A Fun Video Highlight to Narnia

Extended hike from Narnia

If you want to extend your hike, you can also hike to the main dam and reservoir which is about a 3 mile uphill walk on the main fire road. You will eventually see the river and dam area and reservoir. If the water is calm, you definitely can get in below the dam area for swimming. Or you can walk across the dam and follow a small trail to where the canyon areas of the Wainuenue river pass through which is quite spectacular to explore.

Narnia hike back to Hilo area

Returning back to parking area

The hike back is easy and you will get nice views back into Hilo area. You can actually take the fire road directly down to Wainuenue and turn right to walk back to the small parking area.

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Best luau to choose in Maui

Best luau to choose in Maui

Best luau to choose in Maui
Photo credit – A Maui Blog

For a fun and unique experience to enjoy in Maui, you need to go to a luau on the island. But with many different luau to choose in Maui, you’ll have a tough time to decide. To make it easier here are you options below on the best luau to choose in Maui.

Many of the Maui luau celebrate the early ancient Polynesian settlers to Maui, Polynesian lifestyle and culture and transition to more local celebrations, culture and tradition featuring the demigod Maui, an ancient god. Along with Polynesian dance, song and music, Hawaiian dance and music is also featured and predominant in most of the luau on the island.

A lovely Maui luau ocean front setting
Photo credit – A Maui Blog

Check out these different luau in Maui

Aha’aina – The Grand Wailea luau

This wonderful Luau held on the grounds of The Grand Wailea grounds which is a lux experience in Wailea. The four hour production is elaborate and beautiful to experience with fantastic local Hawaiian and local foods to try in this luau.

The luau celebrates the early voyagers to the island and shares the history and culture of the early Hawaiians on the island along with sharing the traditional Hawaiian foods like Kalua pork and poi, macadamia crusted mahi mahi, and other local favorite foods. Along with the elaborate show, you can also participate in doing some local games, crafts and even learn to hula dance.

Details to participating in the show

This luau is popular and does book up early so do plan ahead

This is open seating dining at the luau and show

The luau is family friendly

The event is held at the Grand Wailea Grand Astoria Resort

on Mondays, Thursdays, Friday and Saturday

For more details check out this site for more information, availability and prices.

Te Au Moana – Marriott Wailea Luau

Located at the Marriott Wailea, this fabulous luau translates into “the Ocean Tide” and early Hawaiians living aloha and love of the “Aina” or land they lived in. The luau located on the coastline on grassy lawn with spectacular views along with a dynamic show and dining experience. Prior to dinner you get to see and participate in various traditional Hawaiian rituals like tapa making, coconut husking, making leis, other crafts and showcasing weaponry and fishing demonstrations in this best of Maui Luau.

Dinner service includes local and traditional fare including Molokai sweet potatoes, Grilled teriyaki steak and kalua pork, pineapple coleslaw and seafood pasta along with other local favorites.

Details to participating at the Marriott Wailea Luau

Shows happen on Mondays, Thursdays, Friday and Saturday

Cultural interaction and participation is family friendly

Free for children under 5

Located at the Wailea Beach Resort and Spa

For more details check out this site for more information, availability and prices.

Myths of Maui – Royal Lahaina Resort

A gorgeous oceanfront luau at the Royal Lahaina Resort at Ka’anapali beach starting with a lovely luau lei greeting. The luau offers an authentic luau experience with an presentation with a pig imu unearthing or pua’a, exotic tropical drinks like mai tais and delicious buffet cuisine of traditional and local favorites from the island.

The nights entertainment presents the best of Polynesian music, dance and storytelling combining both Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures and traditional dance.

More details to the Myths of Maui

This is a family friendly luau experience.

Seating is pre-assigned depending on early booking, for the best seats consider the VIP bookings that will allow up front seating.

Shows occur daily and starts at 6pm for general seating

For more details check out this site for more information, availability and prices.

Hyatt Regency Luau – Drums of the Pacific

A conch shell and beating drums followed by Hawaiian chants start the beginning to this wonderful luau along with a torch lighting ceremony. You get all the nice touches of a luau including lei greeting, exotic mai tais, an authentic imu ceremony (steamed pig unearthing), and traditional arts and crafts demonstrations. Along with wonderful Hawaiian music, there’s a unique Polynesian fashion show with creative and unique tropical styles of dress.

This is followed by a buffet feast with traditional favorites including huli huli chicken, Kalua pork, lomi lomi salmon, grilled fish, ahi poke, poi and many other local favorite dishes to try.

Next is an all tribute Polynesian show experience of the Drums of the Pacific showcasing the traditional music and dance of the region. This includes Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti, Tonga, New Zealand and Rarotonga’s best music and dance.

Details to attending the luau Drums of the Pacific

Open bar with beer, wine, mixed drinks and tropical punch

An elaborate dessert bar is also featured with the buffet portion of the meal.

The luau event happens every day and starts at 5:30pm

For more details check out this site for more information, availability and prices.

Old Lahaina Luau

The Old Lahaina Luau only showcases the best of Hawaiian culture, history, music and dance which sets it apart of the other Luau’s that features a pan Polnesian experience. Held on ocean front grounds with breath taking views of old town Lahaina and coastline. The luau offers fascinating imu pig unearthing, story telling and cultural demonstrations and island crafts.

The buffet also sets the food apart with an elaborate menu that features local favorites like Kalua pork, island chicken, Maui style Mahi Mahi, Ko’ala steak, lomi lomi salmon and poke, poi and assorted island desserts.

The entertainment portion Hawaiian production shares the best of Hawaii centric tradition, history and culture. Starting with migration from Polynesia to Hawaii, encompassing traditional chants, dance and ancient hula performed for respected family and guests. This follows with the entry of the missionaries and Merrie Monarch revival of the hula and into contemporary Auana style dance and music.

Details to attending the Old Lahaina Luau

Luau events happen daily and advanced reservations are required.

Guests may choose from our Traditional Hawaiian Mat seating, or our regular Conventional Tables and Chairs

Luau hosts greet you and guide you to reserved seating tables and acquaint them to the grounds features

There are premium open bar available during the entire event

Professional photographers are available with no purchase necessary

For more details check out this site for more information, availability and prices.

The Feast of Lele

An oceanfront ocean front luau in Lahaina, the Feast of Lele is the ancient name of Lahaina and celebrates Polynesian culture, music, dance through Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa and Aotearoa.

The feast features a sit-down dinner showcasing five epicurean courses from the Pacific island nations of Aotearoa, Tahiti, Samoa, and Hawaiʻi that you can choose from a set menu. There is also an open bar of exotic drinks, beers, wine and other local favorites for the entire show.

Details to attending the Feast of Lele

Open daily from 6:30 to 9:30 pm

Photographers are on sight to take sunset and luau photographs with no obligation

Fine dining style with reserved and private tables – no buffet service

Location: Along the beach in historic Lahaina Town
505 Front Street, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 96761

For more details check out this site for more information, availability and prices.

Maui Nui Loa – Sheraton Maui Resort Luau

Located ocean front at the Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa – the luau is a tribute to Maui and Kaanapali history, culture and folklore along with a Pan Pacific event. You’ll enjoy a traditional lei and cocktail greeting with casual craft demonstrations, hula basics and other Hawaiian games right when you enter the grounds. The highlight at the start is the unearthing of the Kalua pig from an imu (underground steaming pit) and is unearth from all the covered dirt and banana leaf. The torch lights are lit and the actual buffet gets started.

The grand buffet covers local favorite foods like Kalua pork, lomi lomi salmon, Molokai sweet potato, BBQ chicken, steamed opakaka and so many other delicious foods from the island.

Details to the Maui Nui Loa Luau

Happens on Mondays, Wednesday and some Fridays starting at 5pm

Family friendly venue with crafting classes, temporary tatoos and Hawaiian games

You can opt for just a drink option and show without food

For more details check out this site for more information, availability and prices.

The Feast at Mokapu at Andaz Maui

A luxury luau experience with only 150 guest seating for this limited luau event at the Andaz is stylish and refined dining. Greetings start with green and gold shell necklaces and escorted to private dining seats. A gourmet three course menu is served at the table along with craft signature drinks served.

In the entertainment segment, you get a beautiful show with live ukelele performances, singing, beautiful hula to Tahitian dancing and high energy Samoan fire dances at night.

Details to the Feast at Mokapu

Limited seating available on Sunday and Tuesday evenings from 5 to 8 pm

Complimentary 8 x 10 souvenir photo is included with the event

Craft cocktails are prepared for each drink

For more details check out this site for more information, availability and prices.

Lahaina ocean front Luau
Lahaina Luau photo credit – A Maui Blog

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Beautiful Maui luau at Lahaina
Beautiful Maui luau at Lahaina Photo credit – A Maui Blog

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Big Island hike to Polulu Valley

Big Island hike to Polulu Valley

Big Island hike to Polulu Valley

A gorgeous hike from the top to the gorgeous black sandy beaches of Polulu Valley, the drive alone and panoramic views of the cliffs and coastlines impresses the moment you park on the end of road. This is a relatively short hike to the bottom and nice to explore the slowly rambling stream that ends at the ocean or just amble from one end of the black sand beach to the cliffs on the other side and maybe do a climb to another gorge beyond if you feel challenged to do more exploring. Check out all the fun details of this Big Island hike to Polulu Valley.

Hiking to Polulu Valley and beyond

VIew of Polulu and other gulches Big Island

The hike down is mostly gravel and soil and relatively easy to climb down depending on temperature and wetness factor. You should hike down with sturdy shoes or boots for the variable rocks, steps and slope factor.

A lookout view to Polulu Valley

Arriving Polulu Valley and parking

Parking is just at the end of road with most day trippers coming to take pictures and leave, so there is a lot of turnover for the parking spots. You can also park further out and then walk to the end where the trail begins.

The hike downhill on the trail is rocky and wide with some nice spots for views and picture taking. The roundtrip hike goes down about 420 feet to the valley floor and is only about a half hour hike to the bottom of this .6-mile hike.

It is wide enough for both uphill and downhill traffic to the bottom but give some clearance to people struggling uphill.

Black sandy beach at Polulu valley

The black sand beach of Polulu

Once you get to the bottom, head for the black sandy beach (the small trails that follow the stream inland ends and is mostly private lands that are off limits to explore. Views of the beach with the impressive 500 foot cliffs make for a fantastic photo opportunity in the area.

The expansive black sand beach is fantastic to walk through and check out the rock sculptures and enjoy the beach. There are no lifeguards on the beach and the surf breaks and the beach with undertow is treacherous so swimming is not encouraged on the beach.

strolling the black sandy beach at polulu

Along the river bank are tall ironwood trees with swings set up for some casual fun and really high swinging.

Swing ropes at Polulu Valley

Swing ropes at Polulu Valley

You can take a short stroll along the river bank before it stops with warning signs of private property beyond the trail areas.

Polulu river running through Polulu

Extend your hike to Honokane Nui trail

If you’re challenged to extend your hike, consider going beyond to the next valley on the Honokane Nui trail to reach the Honokane gulch. The trail is located about a hundred feet from the shoreline with a small trail located with low lying ferns and on the eastern ridge of Polulu. You climb over 750 feet with many switch backs for about one mile. You’ll finally get to a high ridge with magnificent views of Honokane and the other cliffs of the Kohala mountains. Currently, there are no trails leading to the valley floor of Honokane so you return back to Polulu and up to the Polulu lookout point.

Gulches of Polulu valley

More details to hiking Polulu

The trail is steep with 13 percent grade going down to the valley floor and is only .6 miles to reach the bottom

On rainy days, it is muddy and extremely slippery

Look to visit on sunnier days when the trail is dry and easy to hike below

There are no public services or lifeguards at the beach

Bring plenty of water with you on the short hike and sun screen for hot days

Trail and rocky and rough so hiking shoes or tennis shoes are necessary

Other things to do in the Kohala area

If you’re done with your hiking adventure, check out all these other fun things to explore and see in the area.

Keokea Beach park – a beautiful park with nice views of the coastline with picnic grounds and public services.

ATV tours in Kohala – ATV outfitters take you on tours on private lands for 1.5 to 3-hour scenic tours and outdoor ATV experiences between Hawi and Polulu. Check out the details here for more images and inspiration to doing this tour.

Check out the Kamehameha statue in Kapaau – at the Kohala civic center sits the original statue of Kamehameha 1st who united all of the Hawaiian Islands. You can find more details about the original Kamehameha stature here for more information. The small town of Kapaau has many unique galleries and shops worth exploring while you are in the area.

Explore the western town of Hawi and try some local food and snacks. Also, home to some unique art galleries, boutiques and restaurants located in old plantation style buildings, you can easily spend a few hours exploring and eating your way through town.

Overlook views to Polulu Valley

Directions to Polulu Valley

Drive down the Akone Pule highway 270 and past the small town of Hawi. From there its s another 8 miles until you hit the end at the Polulu Valley Look out point.

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