It’s Merrie Monarch Season competition again (updated 2021)

It’s fantastic news that the Merrie Monarch Festival Competition is slated again to start on the last week of June of 2021. With a limited programming schedule that will allow to viewing online or on tv programs to the competition. Many of the festival events at Hilo including the fairs, separate hula programs and shows and the grand parade will not be schedule for this hula festival due to Covid safety requirements – but the Merrie Monarch 2021 in Hilo will still be happening.

From Merrie Monarch’s President Luana Kawelu, says” The event is scheduled the first week of July, and they’re taking every precaution”.

Merrie Monarch 2021 in Hilo

When is Merrie Monarch 2021 Scheduled?

The Merrie Monarch competition is scheduled to happen on the last week of June to allow the various halau to do their fundraising, and fine tuning their performances when they visit Hilo for the annual competition. There are some favorite things that will be eliminated during the festival with safety features in mind for both the Halau and public to still enjoy the compeitition.

How will the Merrie Monarch Festival be celebrated for 2021?

How will the Merrie Monarch Festival be celebrated for 2021?

Scheduled for the last week of June 2021 only 15 of the hula halau will be invited to compete in Hilo and it will be done with safety protocols in mind. The event organizers are working with local health departments and each halau to ensure that everyone is safe during the competition.

The 2021 competition will include or exclude:

No grand festival parade will happen for the 2021 event

All of the participants will take a covid test and have to be negative

There will only be 15 halau invited to compete and only 20 dancers of each halau can compete on stage. The halaus will be in a group bubble the entire stay at the hotel or just the competition.

All competition halau will be in halau bubbles and need to quarantine before, during and after the competition event.

Music for the competition will be recorded and not live for safety measures

There will be no other hula events or programs offered at Hilo during the competition.

The awards ceremony will also only be virtual

What about those Merrie Monarch Craft fairs?

What about those Merrie Monarch Craft fairs?

The craft fairs are not scheduled at this time for this event but the organizers are in the planning stage to see what can be done to help support the beautiful arts and crafts of local artisans in the area to help celebrate this wonderful festival celebration.

Check out these gorgeous group winner highlights for the 2019 festival below.

Also to be missed is the colorful grand parade, check the 2019 highlights below

Check out the powerful Men’s Kahiko 2019 performances below

Here’s a beautiful performance of Miss Aloha 2019 in Kahiko style

For more video highlights, check out the Merrie Monarch You Tube page here for more hula inspiration.

Any other updates for 2021?

Even though the venues and activities are limited, the spirit lives on for hula and the love of hula to be perpetuated on the islands. Updates to the Merrie Monarch festival 2021 will be shared on this post for anything to do with the competition or ways of Celebrating safely in June.

The Merrie Monarch competition event in Hilo came off without any major problems or issues even though the event was just televised with pre-recorded music. Here are some of the video highlights from the event.

Miss Aloha 2021 in her Auana performance

Kane Kahiko 2021 winners

2021 Wahine Kahiko competition compilation

Merry Monarch Parade with horseback riders

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The organizers of Merrie Monarch wanted to continue to legacy of keeping hula alive and in the hearts and minds of those that love the music, dance and paegentry of this special event. Even though the program will be limited, it will still be a fantastic event to celebrate in the Hula world.

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