Puna District in Hawaii: Where Natural Wonders and Aloha Spirit Flourish (updated 2023)

This comprehensive guide to the Puna District on the Big Island of Hawaii shows you all the best of travel and lifestyle in the area with the cities of Keaau and Pahoa as the hub centers to this vast area of Puna Hawaii.

The lands around the Puna district consist primarily of wild and lush forests, agriculture farmlands and growing subdivisions that is making Puna the fastest growing area in the entire state of Hawaii. Why do you ask, probably because real estate for raw land or resale homes are the most affordable here in all of the districts in Hawaii at the moment.

Where is the Puna District located on the BIg Island?

The Puna District is located on the eastern side of the Big Island of Hawaii, USA. It is known for its lush rainforests, volcanic landscapes, and coastal areas. Puna is situated to the southeast of Hilo, the largest city on the island, and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the south and the districts of South Hilo and Ka’u to the north and west, respectively.

Generally, Puna starts just to the southeast of Hilo, so the distance from central Hilo to the beginning of Puna is relatively short, typically around 10-15 miles (16-24 kilometers). However, if you’re traveling to a specific town or area within Puna, the distance can vary. For example, Pahoa, a town within Puna, is about 30 miles (48 kilometers) south of Hilo. The exact distance will depend on your starting and ending points within Hilo and Puna.

Puna Hawaii on the Big Island
Exploring the Untamed Wonders: Puna District Awaits with lush jungles and wild coastlines

Why visit the Puna district in Hawaii Island?

Discover Puna District’s Hidden Gems by exploring this lush and untamed area that is quickly changing and you need to see this captivating place.

Natural Beauty: Pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and volcanic landscapes showcase Hawaii’s diverse beauty.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures: Hike scenic trails, witness lava flows, snorkel vibrant reefs, and dive into thrilling outdoor activities.

Eclectic Communities: Engage with friendly locals, embrace art and music scenes, and savor farm-to-table cuisine.

Hot Springs and Healing Centers: Relax in therapeutic thermal pools, steam baths, and rejuvenating spas.

Sustainable Living: Discover eco-friendly initiatives and alternative communities promoting a holistic lifestyle.

Explore Puna District for an unforgettable journey of nature, culture, and adventure.

Overview of the Puna District in East Hawaii

The area of Puna, Hawaii covers over 320,000 acres which is equivalent to around 500 square miles. This is almost comparable to the landmass of Kauai alone. You’ll notice all the wild vegetation amid farms and then major subdivisions like Hawaiian Paradise Park, Orchid land, Hawaiian Beaches, Ainaloa and so on until your reach the coastline.

The lush nature, expansive and quiet, winding old roads on the coastline, tree tunnels and secret coves and beaches makes Puna so attractive to back packers, bohemians, health addicts and yoga enthusiasts and of course, adventure seekers that want to see unspoiled and as natural as you can experience Hawaii to be on the east side of the island.

But the Puna district also covers a vast area of land in the upland areas of the district leading towards towards the Volcano area and national park and that includes areas like Mountain View, Hawaiian Acres, Kurtistown, Volcano Village, Eden Roc and Fern Forest.

Here, locals love the cooler and more open areas of Puna Hawaii and up country all the way to Volcano Village. The landscape here is wild, isolated and more natural and you really do feel connected with the land.

Puna District Hawaii - tree tunnel roads
Puna District Hawaii – tree tunnel roads

History of the Puna District

The land around the Puna district is always evolving and changing with lava eruptions, developments in population centers and growth in the many subdivisions around Puna because of affordable prices. But this also comes as a risk as the district is volatile with earthquakes and even lava intrusions as early as the 2018 Lerz eruption that created drastic effects to the region and devasted many subdivisions, attractions and favorite places for locals and visitors to enjoy on the east side.

The Puna district captured the attention of the world with this lava eruption that devastated the entire region and destroyed hundreds of homes, landmarks and beautiful places that will take a long time to heal and turn into lush areas again.

The result of all these changes has enticed visitors to explore the area and also people from around the country to move and live in the Puna district. Despite all the challenges and infrastructure needs in this large area, Puna still maintains that quality of old Hawaii and Aloha that permeates the entire district and is so attractive to see.

Why visit the Puna district of Hawaii?

The old wild, wild west vibe of the Puna district and the fastest growing area of the entire island chain is slowly changing from its slow and quiet vibe. But there’s still a lot of wild areas, beautiful coastline drives and nature to inspire you to visit this part of East Hawaii in its raw and rugged appeal.

With the old western town of Keaau and Pahoa, the rest of the area is open country with subdivisions tucked into dense forest that open up to rugged cliffs and gorgeous landscape that inspires everyone that visits and still holds a slice of old paradise that everyone imagines Hawaii to really be like.

Check out my video highlight tour visiting the Puna district

Here’s the best things to explore in the Puna district now

Check out these attractions and places to see around the Puna district and some other fun experiences you can have in the area.

Explore Pahoa town - Puna District Hawaii
Explore Pahoa town – Puna District Hawaii

Explore Pahoa town

In the heart of Puna, Pahoa is funky and old town combined with new shopping centers and conveniences. This juxtaposition of old vs new works for the downtown district with its collection of quirky shops, vintage stores and amazing restaurants and two shopping areas that focus primarily on shopping needs and fast-food take-out choices.

The old town of Pahoa is still charming with its colorful buildings and western style downtown area to explore and find a nice meal to enjoy locally made foods from the area. The newer parts of the town at Malama Market area and the New Puna Kai shopping center have that Hawaiian western motif architecture but still focus on daily needs like gyms, banks, grocery stores and dining.

Here’s a quick drive through to Pahoa town

The Red Road (Kapoho-Kalapana Road)  - Puna District Hawaii
The Red Road (Kapoho-Kalapana Road) – Puna District Hawaii

The Red Road (Kapoho-Kalapana Road)

One of the most scenic areas of the Puna coastline, the locals favorite named “Red Road” is actually the Kapoho – Kalapana Road and was entirely of red asphalt and one lane back in the days.

Even though the road is paved black nowadays, it still is stunning with winding roads and tree tunnels, hidden beaches and coves and stunning views of the coastline that you want to stop at every bend to take a photograph so you can capture all the moments of driving down this gorgeous road.

Popular places to stop on the Red Road include Kaimu and Uncle Robert’s, Kahena black sand beach, Seaview lawn area (for whale watching and picnics), Secret Beach and Malama Keys, MacKenzie State Park and Pohoiki Black sand Beach.

Here’s a look of the old Red Road or the Kapoho / Kalapana road

The Painted Church at Kapalana The Red  - Puna District Hawaii
The Painted Church at Kapalana The Red – Puna District Hawaii

The Painted Church at Kapalana

This sweet primitive and Hawaiian styled folklore hand painted church was moved from its present spot and saved from the lava eruptions that devastated the entire village close by in 1990. Officially name the Star of the Sea Painted Church, the church sits majestic and surrounded by some beautiful tropical plants and flowers.

When you tour the inside, you’ll see some of the lovely primitive style hand painted details on the walls and altar along with some stained-glass panels of the Saints of Hawaii, Father Damian and Sister Marianne of Molokai.

Check out the interiors to the Painted church below

Kaimu Beach and the hiking trail to the beach

Kaimu and Uncle Roberts

The Kaimu area has a new black sand beach developing from recent eruptions to the area that is constantly shifting sands into the bay area.

Most of the beautiful black sand beach is accessible through a small cliff and if there are rough waves and undertow developing, it is not advisable to try to enter the beach, but you can hike around the areas and cliffs with gorgeous views. This is a fantastic spot to enjoy sunrise with hardly anyone one else on the beach.

Uncle Roberts, a Kava and bar at Kaimu -Puna coast Hawaii
Uncle Roberts, a Kava and bar at Kaimu -Puna coast Hawaii

Close to Kaimu at the end of the block is Uncle Roberts, a Kava and bar that hosts fun Wednesday jam sessions and also a lively farmer’s market on Saturday mornings that are busy and fun to explore.

You can drop by Uncle Roberts daily for a drink and some impromptu musicians performing on the stage some nights and some lively band performances that they plan on having regular events again.

Alternative beach scene Kehena Beach

Alternative beach scene at Kehena Beach

Kehena Beach on the Puna coastline is a popular local beach and alternative lifestyles with clothing optional on the beach. Secluded by small cliffs you have to climb down to, the black sand beach is striking and if you are okay with clothing optional on the beach then this is the place to hang out with people of like mind.

Here’s a look at quirky and alternative Kehena Beach

Kalapana in Puna

One of the most scenic parts of the Puna coast with a legendary black sand beach and Queen’s bath, the devasted area of Kalapana that was overrun by lava eruptions in the area and down to the sea and buried the town and homesteads under 50 feet of lava.

The rugged outlying area of Kalapana Gardens is where you see some lonely shacks and people living in creative construction in this lonely outpost that is fascinating to see.

What you see now is mostly large acreage of exposed black lava hills and jagged outcrops from the top of the eruption in the mountains all the way down to the ocean. But with the advent of very cheap real estate and no infrastructure, many locals and others moved back to build a very simple lifestyle collecting water on their roof for use, building their own sewage needs and living off grid with solar panels. It’s a fascinating place to visit and see how people live simply and off grid in this new and revived part of Kalapana.

Pohoiki Black Sand Beach
Pohoiki -Puna beach

Pohoiki Black Sand Beach

Before the lava eruption of 2018, this popular surf spot, boat launch and swimming hole area at Pohoiki was a popular gathering spot and family friendly play area off the boat ramp on the east side.

With the devastation to a large part of the park and covering the boat ramp with thousands of acres of new black sand, the new black sand beach at Pohoiki is now a popular spot to relax on the beach and check out some of the hot ponds in the area to soak in.

Even though there are lifeguard stations on the beach, the waves and undertow are heavy most times that swimming is not always advisable.  But you can enjoy a nice large beach to walk through and check out the devastating lava flow on the far-left side of the beach as a reminder of the devastation of the 2018 Lerz Eruption to the Puna District.

Checking out Pohoiki Black sand beach below

Kapoho Black Sand Beach

Kapoho Black Sand Beach

The other newly formed beach on the other side of Pohoiki Back sand beach is this one in Kapoho with no official name.

There are no facilities, lifeguards and water here, plus you have to hike about an hour to get to this gorgeous beach. That’s what makes it enticing that few are willing to hike to this off the beaten path beach in the Puna district.

The new black sand beach at Kapoho, exposed and fine black sand

Lava Tree State park and monument

Lava Tree State park and monument

Just outside of Pahoa town on the Pahoa – Pohoiki Road is Lava Trees State Park and very unusual place with trees that were buried with lava and creating these strange looking lava molds of the tree stumps around the landscape.

You can explore the area and take a .7 mile loop trail through lush forests and tropical plants and enjoy this quiet and wild space. It’s a fantastic space to see the natural work of lava left into these vertical molds of the ohia trunks that grew there and are still growing around the park.

Here’s a visit to Lava Tree State Park below

Government Beach road loop to a new Kapoho black sand beach

Government Beach road loop to a new Kapoho black sand beach

This scenic loop road travels along the coastline and connects to the new Pahoa-Kapoho Road back into Goverment Beach Road through a lush coastal area. Even though the road is newly paved it still feels very old with the windy roads, gorgeous coastlines and huge mango trees that you’ll find along with lush jungle areas.

There are many other sweet local spots to visit here including the Mermaid Ponds, Black Sand dunes and the nurseries and tropical fruit stands at Papaya Farms Road, but you’ll have to ask locals about how to get there since that’s just how the locals like it.

The new black sand beach around the light house and Kapoho actually has no name to it yet and the hour hike to get there makes this still an unknown beach to even locals in the area.

Here’s a look at the old Government Beach road the lush forest canopy below

Maku’u Farmers Market

Maku’u Farmers Market

The Maku’u Farmers Market lively and fun to experience every Sunday (except for extreme weather conditions) just west of Pahoa town, entrance and parking to the market is free for the time being and is a fun way to shop, buy local produce and some delicious food prepared by vendors creating some delicious local sweets and breads and an international flavor of food choices.

In addition to the wonderful foods, you can find some good souvenirs and take-aways from hand crafted goods, local goat cheese, honey, macadamia nuts, jams, chocolates to a whole list of locally made and delicious foods you can purchase for gifts or your own consumption.

The Market is open from 8am to 2pm on Sundays and parking is $2 per car. No pets/dogs are allowed except for service guide dogs.

Here’s a visit to Maku’u market, the largest market in the Puna district

Here’s a visit to Maku’u market outside of Pahoa area

MacKenzie State Park - Puna coast Hawaii
MacKenzie State Park – Puna coast Hawaii

MacKenzie State Park

This state park of mostly 13 acres is both haunting and gorgeous with sheer cliffs that protect the rugged coastline and huge surf swells that create a spectacular display ocean and raw power of waves pounding the coastline and surrounding cliffs.

Exploring the cliff areas is fun along with the jungle areas and hidden caves at Mackenzie or visiting for a fantastic sunrise experience here on the Puna Coast.

Here’s a look at Mac Kenzie State Park

Hiking venues in Puna

There are a few short and easy hiking places to explore the gorgeous Puna coastlines, forests and unique areas of the district below.

Hike to Ha’ena (Shipman Beach)

Botanical garden and hike around Lava Tree State Park

Hike the Kings road and cliffsides at MacKenzie State Park

Explore and hike the new Kapoho black sand beach

Here’s a look at Ha’ena beach, AKA Shipman beach below

Visiting the devastated areas of new lava eruptions to the Puna District

With large fields of Lava left from the Lerz Eruptions in Puna in 2018, you’ll find some areas are accessible from the new roads that you can travel including Pohoiki beach and through the gravel roads set directly on the newly formed lava beds and also the paved loop road of the Pahoa-Pohoiki road from downtown Pahoa around the coastal areas into the Hawaiian Shores/Beach area.

You can also visit the Leilani estates subdivision and drive down Leilani Boulevard to the end when you can see the actual Fissure eight that created lava flows all the way down to the ocean and devastated a large swath of the lower Puna district.

Check out the lava devastation in Leilani Estates below

Off beaten path Beaches and coves of the Puna District

There are several hidden beaches and coves along the Kalapana – Pohoiki road to stop and enjoy the water safely or at least with some public access.

The most popular places to visit are Kaimu Black sand, Kahena Beach and Pohoiki Beach areas. Not as well-known are secret beach, Malama ponds and so many of the smaller coves with tiny play beaches perfect for families.

You’ll have to ask a local or drive some of these places slowly to see what is safe and doable, because that’s just how the locals like it here in Puna.

Keaau town on Highway 11

The little town of Keaau off Highway 11 is mostly used for conveniences with the Keaau shopping center, fast food stores, coffee shops and gas stations in the town center area. There is also a small farmers market located by the MacDonalds and behind the Shell gas station. Other things to note in the area is the Puna Honwanji and the newer Longs Drugs store that services the Puna district which this one large drug store.

Places to visit along the Highway 11 corridor to Volcano

Along the Highway 11 corridor are smaller communities including Kurtistown and Mountain View with small convenience stores, gas stations and eateries along the way. Popular places to visit on this route includes:

The Hilo Coffee mill – A coffee and tea plantation

Farmers market at The Mill – happens every Saturday from

Akatsuka’s Orchid Nursery – a fanastic nursery you can visit for the many different types of local cattleyas, dendrobiums, Phaps and other species of orchids you can visit on a self tour.

Volcano Village stay and visit
puna big island

Volcano Village – the village is where most of the accommodations, restaurants and conveniences are for the National Park, there’s a lot of cool hikes, art galleries, golfing and other attractions to visit in the village.

Volcanoes National Park visit

Volcanoes National Park – The main attraction to visit in East Hawaii to view the active lava eruptions at the main caldera called Kilauea. Volcanoes National Park is located in the Kau district and is distinct as a Unesco World Heritage site and also a USA National Park.

Seeing the lava eruptions at Volcanoes National Park is a life in a lifetime experience to see nature coming into full view especially at night is amazing experience to do in the park.

Other details to visiting the Puna district
where is Puna Hawaii – the eastern side of Big Island

Other details to visiting the Puna district

Little Fire Ants

They are everywhere on the trees, shrubs and jungles of Puna and are so minute that you cannot see these fire ants. A word to the wise is not to climb trees, shake the plants for fruit to get off the trees or be in the vicinity of any dense plantings or you may get some nasty and unexpected bites that are extremely itchy and painful

Weather in Puna

The weather in the Puna district ranges depending on your location from sea level up to the mountain areas at over 1000-foot elevations to the district. Weather is always variable but the rule of thumb is that along the coastal areas it is more sunny and cloudy and cold conditions in the upper areas of the district.

But this changes daily with ongoing weather patterns and it’s always advisable to bring layers or umbrellas if you are visiting the area. Also bring sunscreen and insect repellant to the more exposed to forested areas of Puna that you visit.

Seeing the aftermath of the Lava Eruptions in Puna

Seeing the aftermath of the Lava Eruptions in Puna

There are many areas along the Kalapana – Pohoiki road and also the Pahoa – Pohoiki road where you will be passing through newly formed lava fields. You can also drive to Pahoa to check out the Pahoa Lava Zone museum for education and stuff collected from the lava eruptions.

Visiting the actual areas of devastation in subdivisions like Leilani and still very raw and emotional that touches at the heart of locals and they do not like the intrusions to their privacy and neighborhoods to be invaded with tourists wanting to see the lava fields started in the area.

Culture and off limit areas

There are still a lot of areas that are cultural sites and very sensitive areas to locals in the area. When you see signs that say stay out or Kapu, that means stay out because locals do not want you to intrude into their privacy or special places of gathering.

Where to eat in Puna

Where to eat in Puna

There are plenty of good dining options around the Puna district depending on what type of food you are interested in trying

Ning’s in Pahoa – fantastic traditional Thai food in a semi open area in the old town area serving fresh and delicious Thai cuisine

Kaleo’s – (Pahoa area) open air and inside dining room areas serving Pan Asian and innovative Hawaii style cuisine with live music. There is also a new Kaleo’s restaurant in Orchidland off Orchidland drive.

Loquins – (Pahoa area) Mexican food in a fun environment and large portioned sized meals

Island Natural Deli and Grocery – (Pahoa area) take out deli counter with organic salads and other vegan offerings perfect for picnic food

Tin Shack Bakery – (Pahoa area) A healthy food alternative with delicious baked goods, sandwiches and breakfast meals

Pahoa Fresh Fish – at the Malama market area with delicious local fried fish and chips

Coco Cantina – (Pahoa area) at the Puna Kai Center with typical and authentic Mexican fare

Thep Thai – (Pahoa area) at the Puna Kai Center with innovative Asian style foods along with traditional Thai specialty dishes

Pho 19 – (Pahoa area) Across from the 7/11 with authentic Pho, appetizers and over rice plates that are hearty and delicious

Under the Bodhi Tree (Puna Kai Center), healthy and wholesome food of salads, sandwiches and plant based foods.

Sushi Bowls (Puna Kai Center) sushi rolls and bowls, bento meals. for take away service

Malama Market, there is a beer/wine station and a fantastic deli counter and poke stand in this nice grocery store.

Dining in the Volcano area

Kilauea Lodge – (Volcano Village) European inspired with fresh Hawaiian ingredients

Cafe Ono – (Volcano Village) locally grown and organic fresh salads, sandwich and lunch fare

Ohelo Cafe – (Volcano Village) Hawaiian, Italian, pizza and fusion style

Aunty Pon’s Thai food truck – (Volcano Village) cheap delicious and fast Thai food at the community center.

Where to stay in Puna-Puna coast Hawaii
Where to stay in Puna-Puna coast Hawaii

Where to stay in Puna

Most of the places to stay in the area are in Volcano area or down in Hilo, towards Pahoa and the coastline most of the accommodations area with small Bnbs, Air Bnb and VRBO which you can rent out rooms or whole homes from both sites.

In Pahoa area

There are small inns and mom and pop cottages in Pahoa and you can check these TripAdvisor reviews here for the best rates and availability in the area.

You can check places to stay on the VRBO site here for more listings of private homes and rooms to let in the Pahoa to Kahena area of Puna.

Or Check with Air Bnb listings here for more properties or rooms you can stay in the area.

In the Volcano area of Puna

There are smaller inns and Bnb style places to stay in Volcano, check the best reviews here with current prices and availability on Trip Advisor.

Puna District Hawaii FAQ

What does Puna mean in Hawaii

Puna translate many different means including spring of water, the cuttle bone of a squid or between the nodes of bamboo or sugar cane

How large is the Puna District?

The entire district contains over 320,000 acres of land covering most of East Hawaii, South Hilo all the say to the Kau district.

Is Pahoa a safe place to visit?

Although there is a higher rate of petty crime in Pahoa town, the overall crime involved tends to be on property crime and not visitors coming into the area to visit.

Why does Puna have such a hippy vibe?

The convergence of cheap rent, bohemian lifestyle and live and let live along with eco awareness and holistic lifestyles gives Puna a very free spirited vibe and more liberal in general.

Conclusion on Visiting the Puna District in East Hawaii

You’ll love exploring Puna, the Old town district of Hilo and the surrounding attractions and fun places around this huge district. Stay in Puna as your base and enjoy some of the fun things to do in the Puna district to be easy and fun in this unique and colorful district of East Hawaii

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