Secret Kehena Black Sand Beach in the Puna Coast of the Big Island, Hawaii

Kehena beach is one of those special places on the Puna coast that locals and visitors love to enjoy a whole day on the black sand beach along the rugged Puna coastline. If you’re driving the scenic Red Road and exploring beautiful places like Pohoiki (another black sand beach) and MacKenzie State Park, make sure that you also have some time to visit Kehena beach, an alternative and off beat spot on the Puna Coast. Off beat in terms of funky, free and open-minded spirits and alternative lifestyles people enjoy here which is also clothing optional.

Secret Kehena Black Sand Beach in the Puna Coast of the Big Island, Hawaii

How to get to Kehena Beach

Located on the Red Road or the Kalapana – Kapoho road, Kehena beach can be reached from Pahoa town from Hwy 130 and left right at the Junction Hwy 137 towards Pahoa area. The Beach is about another 4 miles northeast and you’ll start seeing a smaller housing community of Kehena, you’ll notice that there is a parking spots and viewing area and cars parked alongside the road, this is where you should stop and park.

How to get to Kehena Beach

Trail down to Kehena Beach

Walk back on the street a short distance and you’ll notice a small trail that leads to the ocean, the trail leads to the cliffs and there is a small pathway down the rocky areas onto the beach is quite steep and dangerous (be extremely careful on the rocks because they are jagged and sharp, walking shoes is advisable on the climb down). There is a final drop that during high tide the waves actually go right up to so timing is important on the landing and not to get wet when you enter the beach area. Just note that gatherings on the other side tend to be more of the alternative and clothing optional groups. (although the entire beach is pretty much naked and people are friendly)

Trail down to Kehena Beach

How did Kehena become a clothing optional beach?

Partially with Pahoa town starting as a hippy place in the early 70s and the areas around Kehena and Sea View being mostly bohemians, gays and alternative lifestyle groups living in the area, Kehena beach naturally became a regular hangout spot and actually only clothing optional beach on the Puna Coastline. If naked beaches aren’t your thing, there is also a large black sand beach at Pohoiki further down the red road with some hot ponds that are more family friendly. Sundays are the big Sunday gatherings with drum circles, chanters and singers and the typical naked dancer and fire dancer. Most other days are relatively low key and quiet on the beach area.

Trail down to Kehena Beach

Trail down to Kehena Beach

The walk down the cliffs is short but also very jagged and dangerous so wear solid shoes climbing down the rocks.

There are no bathroom facilities on the beach so prepare ahead of time before or after you go to the beach area.

Take out the trash that you bring in.

This is an alternative beach so don’t go if you have an hang ups with clothing optional beaches.

There are a few vendors above the cliffs that sell coconuts and other refreshments or snacks if you didn’t bring any.

The beach is rough at times and has strong undertow, watch and see how locals get in and out of the beach safely before you try to get into the water.

Other places to visit in the area

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Have you visited Kehena Beach?

Have you visited Kehena Beach?

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