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Escape to Paradise: Explore Maui’s Hidden Gems on a Thrilling Kayak and Snorkel Tour

A perfect way to enjoy the water and coastline and even have a bonus experience of seeing marine life in my experience, you should get on the water and do a kayak experience.

If you want to have an independent exploration of Maui’s open waters and reef, kayaking is a perfect option. Refer to our guide below to plan your kayaking excursion!

As humpback whales come to visit every winter, it would be an excellent idea to spend a day kayaking. When the weather was lovely and clear, you might get the privilege of witnessing whales swimming right along the coastline along with sea turtles, reef sharks and various marine life.

Many of these outfitters offer a fantastic kayak and snorkel experience around the island to get into the water and connect with the underwater world and gorgeous coastline areas.

Why take a guided kayak and snorkel tour in Maui?

Why take a guided kayak and snorkel tour in Maui?

Here are some reasons why taking a guided kayak and snorkel tour is beneficial for visitors

I. Safety

  • A guided tour provides safety instructions and equipment, which is crucial if you are new to kayaking and snorkeling or not familiar with the area.

II. Knowledgeable guides

  • Experienced and knowledgeable guides can offer information about the local ecosystem, wildlife, and history, which enhances the experience.

III. Access to hidden spots

  • Guides know the best places to visit, including hidden coves and secret snorkeling spots that are not easily accessible to the average traveler.

IV. Equipment provided

  • Guided tours typically provide all the necessary equipment, such as kayaks, paddles, life jackets, and snorkeling gear, which saves you the trouble of bringing your own or renting it.

V. Fun and social

  • A guided tour is a fun and social way to explore the area, as you will be with a group of like-minded individuals who share your interest in kayaking and snorkeling.

Overall, a guided kayak and snorkel tour provides a safe, educational, and enjoyable experience that may not be possible if you go on your own.

Maui Kayak Tours to experience around the island

Maui Kayak Tours to experience around the island

The ultimate kayak experience with Aloha Kayaks

Discover the beauty of South Maui’s crystal-clear waters with Aloha Kayaks Maui. Visit Makena Landing, the heart of Turtle Town, and witness the abundant Hawaiian Green Sea turtles. With diverse marine life and clear waters, it’s the ultimate Maui experience.


$135Adults Ages 5 and above

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The Ultimate Maui Whale watch and kayak

The Ultimate Maui Whale Watch

Embark on a channel paddle to spot North Pacific Humpback Whales and snorkel among the coral reefs, home to Hawaiian Green Turtles. Observe mother whales teaching their calves under the watchful eye of escorts and listen to the melodic songs of the whales. Experience the awe-inspiring majesty of these graceful creatures while tapping into guide Griff’s vast knowledge of the whales and their habitats.


$135Adults Ages 5 and above

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Turtle reef and maui kayak

Kayak and Snorkel Turtle Reef at Olowalu

Join a guided kayak and snorkel tour at Olowalu’s Turtle Reef to discover Hawaii’s underwater world. Certified Marine Naturalists will provide narration on marine ecology, whale behavior, Hawaiian history, and more. All necessary equipment is provided, including life jackets, snorkel gear, bottled water, and healthy snacks. HD underwater digital cameras are available for rent. No experience necessary, but basic swimming skills are required. The tour runs from Monday to Saturday, from 7:30 am to 11:00 am, and departs from Olowalu Beach on Honoapiilani Hwy 30 at Mile 14.5.


3.5 Hours
2 Snorkel Stops


$109Adults Ages 18+
$99Youths Ages 12 -17
$89Children Ages 0-11
$89Seniors Ages 65+

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South Maui Premiere

South Maui Premiere

Our team of full-time guides at Maui Eco Tours is dedicated to providing you with the best possible snorkeling experience. Unlike other snorkeling outfitters, we guarantee that our staff will get right in the water with you. They’ll anchor the boats, gear you up, and provide a reef tour, pointing out marine life and sharing some tales of yesteryear and Hawaiian legend throughout the tour. With our personal attention and first-class service, you’ll be able to relax and fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Makena Bay, one of Maui’s best kayaking locations.

Makena Bay is a paddler’s dream, with great ocean conditions, excellent reef systems, and exceptional scenery all around. With Molokini in the distance and the island of Kahoolawe as a backdrop, there are miles and miles of beautiful ocean to explore. Popular with SCUBA divers, stand-up paddlers, OC1 and kayak fisherman, this area has something for everyone. And let’s not forget the turtles – the Hawaiian green sea turtle is everywhere here! As a very popular snorkeling destination, Makena is a gem found in South Maui that is our very favorite spot. Our kayaks have zero emissions, don’t disturb the marine life or their environment, and allow us to access unique spots that you normally can’t get to. It’s a peaceful and beautiful way to start your day on Maui. Let us show you how we do it at Maui Eco Tours – we guarantee you’ll love it!


$129Adults (9+ years old)
$796Private Tours


4 Hours

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West side snorkel discovery

West Side Snorkel Discovery

Explore the beauty of Maui’s marine world on our 3-hour Discovery tour, which combines kayaking, snorkeling, and a chance to encounter the magnificent sea turtles. Whether you choose Olowalu in West Maui or Makena in South Maui, our small-group tour guarantees an intimate and personalized experience. You’ll be amazed by the clear, warm waters, which are home to an abundance of marine life, including colorful tropical fish and the majestic sea turtles. With the stunning backdrop of the West Maui mountains and Haleakala, the Discovery tour is a true feast for the senses.

Don’t just take our word for it – the Discovery tour has been featured on as a Family Travel Favorite, and was even highlighted on MSNBC! And when the tour ends, you can enjoy some shoreline snacks and beverages before heading back to shore. So pack a bottle of water and bring your appetite, as the Discovery tour promises to leave you with unforgettable memories of Maui’s natural beauty and adventure.


$99Adults (9+ years old)
$99Children (5-8 years old)
$676Private Tours


2.5 – 3 Hours

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Lahaina Paddle

Lahaina Paddle

We’ve received many requests for a paddle-only tour, so we’ve created a brand-new adventure just for kayakers who want to stay on their kayaks without snorkeling. Our tour begins with a simple launch from the calm and protected shores near downtown Lahaina, where we paddle through the nearby reef.

You’ll experience beautiful weather all day and enjoy a relaxing paddle on calm waters, surrounded by the towering West Maui Mountains. Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are a common sight, and you may even catch a glimpse of the elusive Monk Seal, Spinner Dolphins, and Eagle Rays.

This 2-hour kayak tour includes a lesson on the beach, a peaceful paddle along the coastline for 2 hours, close-up views of moored boats and the Lahaina Marina, frequent sightings of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, whale watching (in season), and views of Shark Pit reef and the West Maui Mountains. This spot is an excellent location for whale watching during the season (January-March).

All of our eco-adventures are guided and include kayak gear, life jackets, a bottle of water, and a light snack. Our groups are usually limited to 6 people or less to ensure a high-quality and personalized experience. We are honored to have been voted Maui’s favorite and winner of the Maui Choice Award!


$69Adults (Ages 12+ years old)
$59Children (Ages 5-11 years old)

What Is Not Included?

Gratuity for tour guides is not included.

Meeting Location

Front Street in Lahaina (Maui, HI)
(Exact meeting location details will be provided immediately upon purchase of tickets.)

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Turtle town and Molokini cruise

Makena/Wailea Explorer Eco-Adventure

Experience the serenity of south Maui’s clear waters while kayaking and snorkeling on this eco-adventure. Glide through Turtle Town and encounter an abundance of green sea turtles, dolphins, and tropical fish. The tour also includes snorkeling at Skylight Caves, where you can explore the caves from the surface or swim down for a closer look.

You’ll explore the historic Pu’uolai coastline, where unique species of marine life thrive amidst a variety of coral reefs and geological formations. During this 4-hour adventure, you may also see Manta & Eagle Rays, Octopuses & eels, Dolphins, and Whales (seasonal). As a bonus, you’ll also catch a glimpse of movie star homes in the area.

All of our eco-adventures are guided and include kayak gear, life jackets, snorkel gear, a dry bag for keys, wallets, and cell phones, bottled water, and a light granola bar snack. Group sizes are typically held to 8-10 people or less to ensure a personalized experience. The tour has been voted Maui’s Favorite for 6 years in a row.

Please note that gratuity for tour guides is not included. The meeting location for the tour is Makena Landing (Kihei, HI), and the exact location details will be provided upon purchase of tickets.


$114Adults (Ages 12+ years old)
$94Children (Ages 5-11 years old)

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Tips to taking a guided Kayak tour

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your guided kayak and snorkel tour:

I. Research the tour company

  • Prior to booking a tour, conduct research on the tour company and read reviews to ensure they are reputable and offer quality services.

II. Dress appropriately

  • Wear comfortable clothes that are suitable for getting wet, and bring a towel and a change of clothes. Additionally, wear sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

III. Bring a waterproof camera

  • Bring a waterproof camera or a phone with a waterproof case to capture your underwater adventure.

IV. Listen to the guide

  • Pay close attention to the safety instructions and follow the guide’s directions during the tour. They are knowledgeable about the area and can provide valuable insights.

V. Stay hydrated and bring snacks

  • Bring plenty of water and snacks to stay hydrated and energized during the tour.

VI. Respect the environment

  • When snorkeling, be mindful not to touch or disturb the marine life, and dispose of any trash properly.

VII. Have fun

  • Lastly, remember to have fun and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. Make the most of your time on the tour.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe guided kayak and snorkel tour.

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Conclusion to doing a Maui Kayak

A Maui kayak tour is an experience not to be missed if you want to immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of Hawaii. There are few better ways to explore the island’s crystal-clear waters, vibrant reefs, and marine life than by kayak. And with a guided tour, you can ensure that you make the most of your adventure while staying safe and informed.

Not only will a guided kayak and snorkel tour provide you with essential safety equipment and knowledgeable guides, but it will also give you access to hidden spots that are not easily accessible to the average traveler. With the added benefit of provided equipment, you won’t need to worry about bringing your own gear, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying the experience.

So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable way to experience the beauty of Maui’s coastal regions, don’t hesitate to book a guided kayak and snorkel tour. You won’t regret it.

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