Mango Season in Hawaii: A Tropical Delight of Juicy Sweetness and Vibrant Flavors

Mango season in Hawaii is a time of year that locals and visitors alike look forward to with great anticipation. It’s a time when the sweet and juicy fruit is at its peak, and the islands are abuzz with excitement over the bountiful harvest. From farm stands to farmers markets, restaurants to food festivals, mangoes take center stage in Hawaii during this season, and the islands come alive with a celebration of this delicious tropical fruit. So, get ready to savor the taste of Hawaii’s most beloved fruit as we take you on a journey through mango season in the islands.

Kamaaina, locals and visitors anxiously look for them at their favorite farmers market, grocery store or even at a roadside stand selling fresh fruit when mangoes are finally in season on the islands. One of the popular Hawaiian fruit, mangoes are everyone’s favorite fruit in season.

When Hawaiian mangoes are in season from summer to early fall all around the islands, everyone goes mango crazy and wanting to try mangoes raw or in a popular Hawaiian food dish! You’ll want to try everything mango when mango season in Hawaii happens soon.

Hawaii mango and mango season
Hawaii mango and mango season

When is mango season in Hawaii?

Mangoes have a long harvest season that starts May until October with the peak happening around July and you’ll find them in all the markets and fruits stands around the islands. Did you know that there are over 60 varieties of mangoes growing in Hawaii?

Not only are they eaten fresh but used in many sweet and savory dishes including meats, fish, vegetables and even incorporated into delicious breads and pastries.

I have included some sweet and savory dishes and recipes for you to check out below when you want to try something delicious and unique with your Hawaiian mangoes.

Mango varieties in Hawaii and Hawaii mango season
Mango varieties in Hawaii and Hawaii mango season

What are the best Mango varieties grown in Hawaii?

Even though there are over 60 varieties of Hawaiian mangoes grown around the islands, the most common mangoes grown for commercial mangoes grown on the islands are the Hagen, Pirie and Rapoza varieties. These three top the list with all the extra flavor, good size and minimal fiber on each fruit.

Mangoes thrive in hot environments with loose and loamy soils, and they do prefer places with humidity above 50 percent. In good growing conditions, mangoes can start producing fruit between 4 – 8 years. In cold and wet environments, mangoes tend to just leaf out but not produce good or sizeable fruit.

Growing season and flowering mangoes Hawaii mango
Growing season and flowering mangoes Hawaii mango

What is the typical growing season for mangoes in Hawaii

Mango trees start to flower winter time from December to April with the first signs of fruit developing in May with the peak in July and even as late as October. You’ll find mangoes in many backyards, but they prefer dry and hot environments to fruit the best tasting mangoes on the islands. The growing season in Hawaii is nice with a good production cycle which gives us plenty of mangoes to eat from early summer until early fall.

Where to find the best mangoes in Hawaii

When they are finally in season, you’ll find the best mangoes at a local farmers market, roadside stands or popular grocery stores. In Hawaii this includes popular stores like Foodland, KTA, Sack and Save and even Whole Foods selling the best locally grown versions.

Besides eating mangoes fresh from a market, there are so many local favorite dishes that use mangoes in sweet or savory dishes. Check out some of the favorite recipes below to inspire you to try some of delicious mango recipes.

Tip – if you see a lot of mangoes growing on a tree and just falling to the ground, if you’re bold, knock on the door and ask if you can just take a few from the owner.

Hawaii mango when is mango season in Hawaii?
Hawaii mango when is mango season in Hawaii?

Basic nutritional value of mango fruit

Mangoes are highly nutritious and filled with vitamin many vitamins and nutrients to include:

Mangoes contain vitamins A, C, E, potassium and magnesium.

They have powerful antioxidants

A mango is a great source of carbohydrates. Just one cup of sliced mangoes will supply 45mg or about 100 percent of your daily vitamin C needs.

Mangoes are also low fat, low calorie and a cholesterol free source of the many nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. This fruit helps in keeping you healthy and helps in preventing disease.

Here’s more health benefits below

Mango season Hawaii with mangoes growing bigger daily
Mango season Hawaii with mangoes growing bigger daily

Here’s some fun Mango trivia

This well loved fruit is the most popular fruit in the world than any other fruit, you’ll love hearing about some of these facts and other trivia on our favorite mango fruit.

Mangoes are related to the cashew and pistachio trees

Giving someone a basket of mangoes is considered a gesture of friendship

The nutritional value of the mango really depends on the variety and the maturity of the fruit. Unripe mangoes have more vitamin C content and when they ripen, they have more vitamin A

Mangoes are considered the king of fruits

The leaves of a mango are toxic so feeding animals and pets the leaves is not a good idea. Or even brushing up against the leaves can bring up allergic reactions from human contact.

Mangoes are thought to prevent insomnia and provides for better sleep

The Guinness World Records noted that the sweetness mango is the Philippine Carabao Mango as the tastiest, fiber free and sweet fruit.

The color of a mango is not always an indicator of ripeness since there are varieties that are ripe when they are still green in color.

The largest producer of mangoes are from India and followed surprisingly by China and then Indonesia and Pakistan.

Check out the popular mangoes to grow below

Mango season Hawaii and mango recipes with tropical ingredients and cooking ideas
Mango season Hawaii and mango recipes

Enjoy these delicious Mango recipes

Hope you get to try some of these delicious recipes above or even just eat fresh mangoes grown on the islands. Mango season in Hawaii is a fantastic time to enjoy these tropical fruits that you can get anywhere on the islands.

Check out these delicious and easy to follow recipes below

Hawaiian style mango bread

Mango pickles

Delicious local mango pie

Fast and easy mango mousse

Fresh mango shrimp ceveche

3 Savory mango recipes

Inside tips to Mango season in Hawaii

  1. Know the Season: Mango season in Hawaii typically runs from late May to September, with peak ripeness occurring in July and August. Familiarize yourself with the specific timing of mango season to ensure you don’t miss out on the freshest and most flavorful fruits.
  2. Visit Farmers Markets: Explore local farmers markets during mango season, as they offer a wide variety of mangoes from different cultivars and local growers. Engage with the farmers to learn more about the different mango varieties and get recommendations on the best tasting ones.
  3. Choose Ripe Mangoes: When selecting mangoes, look for fruits that yield slightly to gentle pressure and have a sweet aroma at the stem end. Avoid mangoes with bruises or wrinkled skin, as they may be overripe.
  4. Enjoy Different Varieties: Hawaii is home to numerous mango varieties, each with its own unique flavor profile. Don’t limit yourself to just one type—explore different varieties like Hayden, Nam Doc Mai, Pirie, or Mapulehu, and discover your personal favorites.
  5. Get Hands-On: Eating a ripe, juicy mango can be a messy but delightful experience. Embrace it! Peel the skin and savor the succulent flesh, or try the “Mango Hedges” technique—making crosshatch cuts on the mango halves and pushing the skin inside out to create bite-sized cubes.
  6. Experiment with Recipes: Mangoes are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes. Try incorporating them into smoothies, salads, salsas, desserts, or even grilled alongside savory dishes for a burst of tropical flavor.
  7. Preserve the Bounty: If you come across an abundance of mangoes during the season, consider preserving them for later enjoyment. You can freeze mango slices, make mango jam or chutney, or even dehydrate them for tasty mango chips.
  8. Support Local Businesses: Look for local restaurants, cafes, and bakeries that feature mango-inspired dishes and desserts during mango season. Indulge in creative mango-infused treats and support the local community.
  9. Participate in Mango Festivals: Keep an eye out for mango festivals or events happening across the islands during the season. These celebrations often feature tastings, contests, and activities centered around the beloved fruit.
  10. Share the Experience: Mango season in Hawaii is meant to be shared. Invite friends and family for a mango feast or bring a basket of mangoes as a thoughtful gift. Sharing the joy of mangoes adds to the overall experience.

By following these tips, you can fully immerse yourself in the delectable world of mango

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What is lilikoi fruit?

Delicious lilikoi fruit is all the rage when they are in season on the islands and the fruity pulp used on cakes, savory snacks to even fancy cocktail drinks served at the many cool bars and eateries around the islands. Lilikoi or passion fruit is eaten raw or used as an ingredient to the many sweet or savory dishes you’ll find around the islands.

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Pineapple season in Hawaii

Pineapple season in Hawaii

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Delicious avocados in Hawaii

Delicious avocados in Hawaii

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Have you visited Hawaii during mango season?

With a long growing season on the islands, you’ll get a chance to always have fresh mangoes here. What’s you favorite type of mangoes to eat on the islands?

How many types of mangoes are there?

In Hawaii there are over 60 different varieties grown on the islands.

how long is mango season?

Mango season in Hawaii typically from late May until October timeframe depending on the variety.

What is the sweetest mango in Hawaii

Hagen is the favored mango variety in Hawaii for its vibrant skin colors of red, yellow, and green and its firm, sweet flesh, which is most delicious when consumed fresh.

Conclusion to Mango season in Hawaii

In conclusion, mango season in Hawaii is a time of pure tropical bliss. From the sweet and juicy flavors of the fruit to the vibrant cultural celebrations, this season offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience for visitors and locals alike. Whether you’re indulging in a fresh mango smoothie or enjoying a mango-inspired dish at a local restaurant, the taste of Hawaii’s mangoes will leave you longing for more. So, don’t miss out on the excitement of mango season in Hawaii. Plan your trip, immerse yourself in the festivities, and savor the flavors of this beloved tropical fruit. Mahalo for joining us on this mango-filled journey!

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  1. Susan

    I visited the Hawaiian Islands on a cruise about 12 years ago. I went on a rain forest tour and the guide picked a mango off a tree for us to sample. I had never tasted anything like it, so I picked up the pit and saved it. When I got back to Florida I germinated it and planted it in my yard. I have been harvesting mangoes from it for years and it is just as delicious as when I first tasted it many years ago. I think it may be a Pirie judging from it’s shape and color. I call it Lulu, after Honolulu where I think it came from.

    • emorata

      Wow, that is amazing that you got fruit from this, most mangoes here only give the best fruit from grafted varieties because the seeds are unpredictable.

  2. Suzanne Fluhr

    When my husband did his sabbatical in Hawaii (on Oahu) in 2014, we had the good sense to be there between from February until May, so I was able to take advantage of mango season. I’m afraid I never got past using mangoes for smoothies and in stir fries. I guess we’ll just have to return to try out your other recipes.

    • emorata

      Definitely Mango season in Hawaii creates so many fun ways of preparing sweet or savory dishes

  3. Wendy Elliott

    I love Mangoes. If the world was different now, we would have been there to enjoy the mangoes in season. Actually one of my favorite things to do when we travel is enjoy the local fruits in season. Perhaps in 2022, after a vaccine, we will attempt to visit Hawaii again.

    • emorata

      Hope you get to visit Hawaii some day and enjoy mango season in Hawaii

  4. Karen Warren

    I love mangoes but I’ve never had them fresh. And I didn’t know there was more than one variety!

    • emorata

      Yes so many varieties, you need to experience mango season in Hawaii some day

  5. Jeff & Crystal Bryant

    What a delicious article you have presented on mango season in Hawaii. We never realized just how versatile this fruit was. Perhaps it is time to quit skipping over them at the market and give that Mango Bread recipe a shot.

    • emorata

      Mangoes are perfect eaten raw or incorporated into sweet or savory dishes especially mangoes from Hawaii

  6. Irene S. Levine

    Your mango photos look like still lifes! And the bread looks absolutely yummy!

    • emorata

      Thanks, mango madness season is really popular here in Hawaii

  7. Cathy Sweeney

    Had no idea how many varieties of mangoes — and in such beautiful colors. If I can get some mangoes I’ll have to try the pie recipe since I happen to have a frozen pie crust in the freezer (I know, I should make my own).

    • emorata

      A pie recipe sounds good especially when mangoes are used from Hawaii

    • emorata

      Mango anything is amazing and mango season in Hawaii is just around the corner.

      • Doreen Pendgracs

        Wonderful post! I truly love mangoes. Thx for the recipes as well. I’ve pinned them for future reference.

        • emorata

          Hey Doreen, hope you can use the recipes and even visit for mango season in Hawaii some day



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