Surfing fun at Honolii Beach in Hilo: Surf, beach, scenic vistas and a fun beach day in Hawaii (updated 2023)

The only major surfing area in Hilo and the east side of the Big Island, Honolii is a very popular beach park for boogie boarding and surfing fun on the beach area. Very busy during the weekends, it you are in boogie board or surfing fun on the east side, then check out Honolii Beach Park.

The beach is more pebble, black sand, broken coral and smooth glass more so than sandy beach, but that’s fine for the many locals that come here primarily for wave action. The waves are strong during the winter months and constant, during the summer it is more intermediate to beginner waves that are easy enough to practice on.

Where is Honolii located in Hilo area?

Honolii Beach is located on the eastern coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, near the town of Hilo. Specifically, it’s situated approximately 4 miles (about 6.4 kilometers) north of downtown Hilo. This beautiful beach is easily accessible from Hilo and is a popular spot for surfers and beachgoers looking to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Hilo coastline.

Surfing fun at Honolii Beach in Hilo, Hawaii

Directions on getting to Honolii

Just two miles west of downtown Hilo is Honolii located at Mile Marker 4 in the Alae subdivision, Make a right turn on Nahala street and then left turn at the Kahoa street.

Parking is on the street and go down the short flight of stairs to the beach park area.

Directions on getting to Honolii

Inside tips to visiting and surfing Honolii beach in Hilo

Visiting and surfing at Honolii Beach in Hilo can be a fantastic experience, but it’s important to be prepared and aware of the local conditions which are always changing. Here are some inside tips for making the most of your visit to Honolii Beach:

Check the Surf Conditions: Honolii Beach is known for its consistent surf, but conditions can vary. Before heading out, check local surf reports or ask locals about the current wave heights and tide conditions.

Rent Equipment: If you don’t have your surf gear, you can rent boards and equipment from surf shops in Hilo. Make sure to choose the right board size and style for your skill level.

Respect Local Etiquette: Be respectful of the local surf culture. Wait your turn, follow proper surf etiquette, and be courteous to fellow surfers.

Mind the Reef: Honolii Beach has a rocky reef bottom, so be cautious when paddling out and riding waves. Familiarize yourself with the surf break’s layout and potential hazards.

Wetsuit Recommended: The water in Hilo can be cooler than other parts of Hawaii due to its location on the windward side. Consider wearing a wetsuit, especially if you plan to surf for an extended period.

Lifeguard Presence: There may not always be lifeguards on duty, so be extra cautious. If you’re a beginner, consider surfing when lifeguards are present or with a more experienced friend.

Park Considerately: Honolii Beach has limited parking spaces, so arrive early to secure a spot. Be mindful of local residents and park in designated areas.

Pack Essentials: Bring essentials like sunscreen, water, and snacks. There are picnic tables at the beach for a post-surf meal.

Enjoy the Scenery: Take some time to appreciate the lush green surroundings and the scenic beauty of the Hilo coastline. It’s a unique and tranquil setting.

Be Mindful of Wildlife: Honolii Beach is also known for its sea turtles. If you encounter them while surfing, keep a respectful distance and do not touch or disturb them.

Know Your Limits: If you’re a beginner or unfamiliar with the surf break, consider taking a lesson from a local surf instructor. They can provide valuable guidance and ensure your safety.

Tide and Timing: The best time to surf at Honolii can vary depending on the tide and swell. Ask locals or check surf reports for optimal conditions.

Remember that while Honolii Beach offers great surfing, safety should always come first. Enjoy the waves, the scenic beauty, and the aloha spirit of Hilo as you explore this iconic surf spot on the Big Island.

Wave action at Honolii

Attractions and Amenities

There are picnic areas and barbeque spots around the beach

Restroom and showering facilities at the park

Life guard station to oversee the safety measures on the beach

Swimming is not suitable on the beach but further towards the Honolii stream that feeds into the beach park on the north end of the beach

A popular non-surfing activity is to beach comb and look for shells, polished glass and interesting rocks on the beach

The beach is also a popular fishing area

Drive through the back road areas with waterfalls, lush jungle and quiet roads

Attractions and Amenities
Back road areas past honolii

Honolii Beach Park 7
Quiet roads past Honolii

It’s fun to explore the back roads around the Honolii beach area

Waterfalls and bridges past Honolii

Other attractions in the Hilo area

Explore one of the most scenic waterfalls in town at Rainbow Falls

Enjoy some fun at Coconut Island in Hilo Bay

Check out the Hilo Farmers Market for delicious produce, snacks and take out foods

Experience the aquamarine pools and lagoons at Carlsmith Beach Park

Go kayaking, Sup or water fun on family friendly Reeds Bay Beach Park

 Richardson Ocean Park – A local popular beach with sandy and rocky inlets and lots of turtles.

Enjoy some cool and fun Things to do around Hilo town

Check out the impressive Waterfalls of the Big Island

Explore the cool caves above Hilo at Kaumana Caves State Park

Visit Lili’uokalani Garden in Hilo – a beautiful Japanese garden that is ocean front on the Hilo Bay.

Have you been to Honolii Beach?

Have you been to Honolii Beach?

Please share your thoughts and other recommendations in the comments below with your recommendations.

Conclusion to visiting Honolii Beach in Hilo

In conclusion, visiting Honolii Beach in Hilo promises a memorable Hawaiian adventure, especially for surf enthusiasts. With consistent waves and stunning coastal scenery, it’s a must-visit destination on the Big Island. Just remember to check surf conditions, respect local etiquette, and prioritize safety during your visit. Whether you’re catching waves or simply enjoying the serene beauty of this coastal gem, Honolii Beach offers a taste of paradise and a true taste of the aloha spirit in Hilo.

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