Growing Mushrooms in Hawaii: Unlocking the Fungal Bounty of the Islands

Yes, there are wild mushrooms growing in Hawaii but majority of them are poisonous and not edible. Experts say to never take a risk with all the wild mushrooms growing here, but why not trying growing some on your own? Mushroom growing kits or bricks of mushroom with spawn are easy to buy online and packed in wood chip bricks that are easy to grow in the humid condition around the islands. For anyone looking for a fun and easy gardening hobby, growing mushrooms using blocks is a fun and easy growing experience here. Check out this growing mushroom experience with tips in Hawaii and you’ll also be hooked to growing mushrooms on the island.

Learning to grow Mushrooms in Hawaii
Growing Mushrooms in Hawaii: Cultivating Fungal Delights Amidst Tropical Paradise

Why grow your own mushrooms here in Hawaii?

Fresh mushrooms here on the island are limited in production, types and definitely more expensive for fresh mushrooms on the island. growing your own is a great alternative with minimal effort and a small upfront investment. The growing experience is fun, educational and an easy process to do and checking out the progress every day is quite addictive. Not only are you creating food with your own efforts, growing mushrooms is a fantastic learning experience and it really is fun to watch mushrooms grow to delicious food that you can cook into wonderful meals.

Learning to grow mushrooms with easy kits below are the way to go and produce quickly in the right environment. Hawaii has the right humidity and filtered conditions that you can find to easily grow from mushroom kits and can give 2 -3 flushes of mushrooms.

Buying a kit is not only fun but economical compared to purchasing fresh mushrooms per pount.

Why grow your own mushrooms here in Hawaii?
Grow your own mushrooms here in Hawaii

Commercially grown mushrooms in Hawaii

With only one large commercially growing venture on the Hamakua coast and a few small island mom and pop growers of mushrooms and kits for sale, there a relatively small market to source good quality mushrooms even though there’s a lot of interest in people in growing their own mushrooms.

Hamakua mushrooms Farms located in Hawaii Island – offers tours of their facilities and also cooking demonstrations on site. You can also buy mushrooms for sale at the farm along with other souvenirs from their shop.

Check your own local farmers markets growers on the various islands that sell fresh mushrooms, they tend to also offer mushroom grow kits along with selling their Hawaii grown mushrooms.

Growing mushrooms in kits

Grow your own mushrooms in kits

You can purchase local grow kits from Hawaii growers selling these kits below for reference to purchase and have them shipped to you locally.

Volcano Mushrooms – from the Big Island you can purchase grow kits of Lions Mane, Reishi and oyster mushrooms

Mermaid Mushrooms – Big Island Keahou order mushrooms and kits sold from their website.

Honolulu Mushrooms – Oahu based mushroom seller and kits sold on their website

Puna Mushroom Company – based in the Puna district, you can order on their website or some outlets they sell to.

growing mushrooms in Hawaii 2

How to create more flushes of mushrooms to your kits

You definitely can get more production on your kits with 2 or more flushes of mushrooms from each brick you have prepped. After the last groups of mushrooms have been cut from the brick, it’s time to let the brick hold for a bit and then do a shock treatment effect to get the spawn reactivated inside and start producing a new flush of mushrooms.

Check out this fantastic video on how to get more flushes from your mushroom kits

Here’s what to do with your kit when it is all spent but can be reuse again

After you have cleaned the block out and washed it clean so you can reuse the block for growing more mycelium or break it down more and use for compost in your garden.

Delicious mushroom recipes

Delicious mushroom recipes

There are so many inspiring recipes and dishes you can create using mushrooms as the main ingredient for a spectacular meal with friends and family. Check out some of the easy to follow mushroom recipes below for your inspiration.

Make this savory and delicious Hungarian mushroom soup

Savory garlic mushroom and spinach

Stuffed cheese mushrooms

Creamy Beef and mushroom

Other tips for growing mushrooms in Hawaii

You can buy mushrooms from small mom and pop growers around the different islands, they also offer growing kits to grow your own.

Many Big Box retailers like Home Depot sell mushroom kits in the garden sections.

If you’re looking to embark on the exciting journey of growing mushrooms in Hawaii using grow kits, here are some valuable inside tips to help you succeed:

  1. Choose Suitable Mushroom Varieties: Hawaii’s climate is well-suited for a variety of mushroom species. When selecting your grow kits, opt for varieties that thrive in warm and humid conditions. Some popular choices for Hawaii include oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus spp.), shiitake mushrooms (Lentinula edodes), and lion’s mane mushrooms (Hericium erinaceus).
  2. Consider Local Mushroom Species: Hawaii is home to some unique and delicious native mushroom species. Exploring and cultivating these local varieties can add an exciting twist to your mushroom growing journey. Do some research to learn about native Hawaiian mushrooms and their specific growing requirements.
  3. Create an Optimal Growing Environment: Mushrooms require specific conditions to grow successfully. Provide a warm and humid environment by utilizing a space that can be easily controlled, such as a greenhouse, indoor growing area, or a shaded outdoor spot. Use a humidifier or misting system to maintain proper humidity levels, aiming for around 70-80%.
  4. Follow Grow Kit Instructions: Each mushroom grow kit comes with detailed instructions specific to the variety you’ve chosen. Follow these instructions closely, as they provide valuable guidance on substrate preparation, inoculation, and maintenance. Pay attention to temperature, humidity, and light requirements to optimize the growing conditions.
  5. Practice Good Hygiene: Maintain a clean and sterile environment throughout the mushroom cultivation process. Sterilize your tools, containers, and work area to prevent contamination. Proper hygiene practices reduce the risk of unwanted molds or bacteria interfering with your mushroom growth.
  6. Patience is Key: Growing mushrooms takes time, and it’s important to be patient throughout the process. Follow the recommended timeline provided with your grow kit, as mushrooms require different lengths of time to fully mature. Regularly monitor and care for your mushrooms, and you’ll be rewarded with a bountiful harvest.
  7. Seek Local Expertise: Hawaii has a vibrant and knowledgeable community of mushroom enthusiasts. Attend workshops, join local mushroom clubs, or connect with experienced growers to gain valuable insights and learn from their expertise. Local growers can provide region-specific tips and tricks for successfully growing mushrooms in Hawaii.

Other tips for growing mushrooms in Hawaii

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Conclusion on growing mushrooms in Hawaii

Conclusion on growing mushrooms in Hawaii

Growing mushrooms on blocks is a fun and easy way to experience growing your own mushrooms on the island. Many of the kits you purchase can be used right away and start growing mycelium into mushrooms just a few day from opening. It is an exciting and rewarding process to see this from start to end and hope that you also get a chance to try growing some mushrooms on your own here.

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  1. Sheri Reynolds

    Thanks for the info on mushrooms. Where do you recommend getting the kits?

    • emorata

      You can get kits to grow mushrooms on the post, cannot order from Amazon or mainland places because it is not allowed into Hawaii



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