Experience Summer Paradise: Tips and Recommendations for Visiting Hawaii in July (updated 2023)

Visiting Hawaii in July is a very popular time to visit the islands with summer vacation, 4th of July celebrations and other summer activities that make this a busy time to be in Hawaii. When School is out, everyone’s mind and vacation mode is in Hawaii. If you are planning on visiting Hawaii in July here are some things to consider when visiting the islands.

Visiting Hawaii in July

Why Visit Hawaii in July?

Visiting Hawaii in July can be a great experience, as the weather is generally warm and sunny, with average temperatures ranging from 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. July is also peak tourist season, so expect larger crowds and higher prices for accommodations and activities. However, this also means that there are plenty of events and festivals to attend, such as the Honolulu Festival and the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival.

July is also a great time for outdoor activities, such as hiking, swimming, and surfing. Just be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and stay hydrated in the heat. Overall, visiting Hawaii in July can be a wonderful and memorable experience for those who enjoy warm weather and lively events.

Hawaii weather in July

Weather conditions are fantastic throughout the islands in July with the warm summer weather hitting all the islands from the windward to leeward sides with typical sunny skies and hot weather. Next to June, rainfall in Hawaii is at their lowest with maybe some occasional storm patterns that happen with hurricane season. What you get for most of July is near perfect weather with average temperature ranging from the low to mid 80s letting you spend more time outdoors exploring, doing some adventure activities or even enjoying a nice outdoor café or bar all day long.

Night time temperatures are very comfortable in the mid-70s and balmy allowing comfortable shorts and tank tops or comfortable evening wear for night time activities which doesn’t require a sweater or sweat shirt. However higher elevations will always be on the cooler side if you want to catch sunset or bright stars from above and definitely require some layering.

If you are into water sports and activities, you’ll enjoy being in the water all the time with average temperatures also in the 80s most days. It’s a perfect time to hit the beach and do some kayaking, surfing or snorkeling without much outside of a rash guard to protect you from other ocean elements outside of the hot sun.

Hawaii weather in July

Crowds in July post covid

Hawaii is definitely open and business as usual post covid but you will still be required to take a pre-covid test and arrive with negative results even if you are fully vaccinated. For inter-island travel, if you are fully vaccinated, then you can travel around the islands with no covid test and have the vaccine verification. Check out the updated details here for more Pan Pacific and Interisland travel.

Crowds at all the typical tourist attractions have picked up and are busy again which includes the July season.  The peak summer season is upon us and July is one of the three months from June to August that brings in the most tourists to all the islands. If you want to avoid all the crush of visitors, consider staying outside of the main tourist cities and avoiding most of the typical places, shopping venues, food courts and popular towns to visit with tourist attractions that draw in the most visitors.

Just like other tourist destinations, arriving early to a site or later in the afternoon avoids most of the crowds visiting and you can plan ahead to beat all of the visitors that tend to come and see the main attractions all at the same time after a leisurely breakfast and late start to visit these attractions.

Crowds in July post covid

Cost of visiting in July

Since this is the peak of summer season, things like food venues, hotels, rental cars and entertainment are in demand and expect to pay full price a premium to guarantee being accommodated or getting reservations.  

Flights, hotels, booking tours and restaurants will all be in demand during the July time frame so plan accordingly because everything will be booked and busy for the month. If you are on a tighter budget, consider visiting a few months out or during the shoulder season when rates will fall for flights to entertainment and activities.

Events Happening in July

Starting with 4th of July events happening around all the islands, the month of July will see more events happening Post Covid with outdoor restrictions relaxed on some activities or maintaining the required guidelines to operate.

July 1st 3-day Kapa making workshop at McBride Garden in Kauai. An immersive kapa making, inking to finish kapa workshop from start to end. Check out the details here for more information.

July 2nd Beyond Van Gogh at the Convention Center, Oahu. An immersive experience with Van Gogh’s masterful paintings projected to full scale walls at the center. For more details to visiting, check out the details here for more information.

July 3rd Pineapple Festival in Lanai at the Dole Park. Details for the upcoming event scheduled here for more information.

July 4th Celebrations are may be happening on every island but due to covid may be cancelled, check out all the activities on each island calendar for July 4th celebrations here

July 18th Hawaiian Host Ukelele Festival to be held virtually. Check for all the current details here for more information

Month of June 3rd to July 23- Apo A Noeau (grasp until mastery) Maui, traditional crafts featuring lauhala weaving, Kapa, Ohe Kapala, feather work, wood working and other specialized crafts will be featured in this special exhibit. Check the details on their website here

July 25th Aloha Home Market in Oahu. A pop-up market with artisans, furniture makers, jewelry designers and other specialize arts and crafts. Address: 340 Ulunui Street, Kailua 9 am to 2pm

July 31st – August 1st. Heiva I Kauai Tahitian festival 2021 in Kauai – A two-day Tahitian hula and drumming competition from keiki to elders in age range.   Check the details to this event here for more information on the event.

Events Happening in July

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Conclusion to July in Hawaii

July tends to be the one of the priciest timeframes to visit the island but with weather being ideal and with more events starting to open up on the islands, this is definitely an attractive time to visit Hawaii.

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