Toilet paper alternatives in Hawaii

Down to your last roll of toilet paper and scared of taking a trip to the Grocery store or Costo now? No worries, here In Hawaii we have our back yards filled with a world of green leaves to take for our personal use. Check out these bio-degradable toilet paper alternatives in Hawaii – it’s fantastic that they’re also eco friendly, bio degradable and plentiful in the back yard.

Here’s some TP alternatives to use for free

Banana leaf for Toilet paper use

Got a banana tree?

Bananas leaf is huge for those that have a big deposit to make and definitely covers more ground and you can fold easily if you need to two ply

Mango tree leaves for toilet paper use

What about mango leaf

More thin and longer leaf for those that need precision and targeted clean up, but might be tricky for those that have allergic reaction to this like poison ivy that secrets an oily irritant called Urushiol. So that’s not good for an itchy bum.

Guava leaf for toilet paper alternative

Guava tree leaf

Definitely a great plant that grows everywhere in Hawaii and the leaves are just the right size with a bit of a sand paper feel for those that need a little more traction in their clean up activity. Guava’s especially strawberry guava trees are highly invasive in Hawaii so you’ll never run out of TP if you look around for these trees for your cleanup work.

autograph tree leaf for toilet paper use

Autograph tree leaf

Another tree that is invasive in Hawaii with large pear-shaped leaves that can definitely take a large load. The autograph tree leaf is waterproof and thick for those who need that extra two-ply protection.

schefflera leaf for TP alternative

Octopus or Schefflera aka Umbrella tree

Who knew that the typical Home Depot plant can grow to extremely large and invasive plants here in Hawaii. But that’s a good thing if you really need that instant TP alternative to do your business. The leaves from a schefflera plant are a nice size and paper like for that extra smooth touch but strong enough so you don’t get your hands dirty.

Ti-leaf for toilet paper alternative

Ti leaf

We have a lot of Ti plants in Hawaii and with so many different varieties and colors you can go all out with your TP alternative here and cool choices.  Check these hot red ti leaf for some hot action in your toilet paper needs below.

heliconia leaf for toilet paper alternative

Heliconia leaf

Long and thin shaped for more precision needs, this leaf is a little glossy and slick so better for harder

Deposits that you can package up really fast for clean up

Using dandelion left for alternative TP use

Good old dandelion leaf

Well it turns out that the common dandelion, is a real multipurpose plant from edible greens to clean up dodo in the bathroom. Not only is this weed plentiful in Hawaii but its free to pick up anywhere you find it. You definitely don’t need to stash this in your closet and pick it fresh for daily use.

Mullein for TP substitute

Common mullein or verbascum Thapsus

Found in all the islands along the highways, abandoned lots and backyards, the common mullein is the go to favorite if you can find it. Soft and velvety to the touch, this common plant was used in old times to make your clean up nice and smooth to the touch.

As you can see, toilet paper needs are no problem in Hawaii as long as you keep it eco and green. So do your part in keeping real TP for your back up needs Hawaii.

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Tips for using leaves as an alternate to Toilet paper

Even though this post was meant as a funny article, if you are really in a pinch and have not toilet paper, why not use leaves that have been used in ancient times. Here’s a few more tips for green leaves as an alternative use for real.

Make sure you check each leaf for nasty critters like fire ants that can be a nasty surprise

Don’t throw a all those toilet leaves, they are actually good compost material

Although most of these plants are non toxic, some may be irritating to use like mango leaves which contain a sap that is itchy on the skin

Leaves should be used fresh instead of dried when they are brittle and fall apart

If you might be allergic to different things, try doing a swipe test a few hours before using and see if there are any effects from your initial test.

Any more plants you can add to this collection of plants and trees, share your thoughts below in the comments.

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  1. Jackie Smith

    OMG! I love this one!! I have been saying that because we ‘toss’ instead of ‘flush’ toilet tissue in Greece we also have a vast supply of alternatives such as newspaper, paper towels, napkins, magazine pages. . .just like the olden days. Now you’ve got me thinking about the garden supply as well!

  2. Bola

    The Ti leaf would e my alternative toilet paper.

    Thanks for the humor!

    • emorata

      Glad you enjoyed reading these toilet paper alternatives in Hawaii, serious or humorous depending on the need 🙂

  3. Carole Terwilliger Meyers

    Well, I hope it doesn’t come to this. But I went to my first grocery store today since we became home bound–it’s been about 3 weeks–and there was no TP, tissues, wipes, or paper towels. It’s not looking good.

    • emorata

      well now you know what to use for toilet paper alternatives just in case your in a pinch.

  4. Kemkem

    Thank goodness we have plenty of toilet paper around here, and of course the bidet. If l was in a pinch, I would definitely go for the banana leaf :-). Great fun!

    • emorata

      Yes a good stock pile is good, but in a pinch when traveling, it’s good to have toilet paper alternates in Hawaii.

  5. Jeff & Crystal Bryant

    An interesting read for sure. Who knew there were so many toilet paper alternatives in Hawaii? Thanks for the entertaining article.

    • emorata

      With a jungle in the backyard, its easy to find toilet paper alternatives in Hawaii any time.


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