Things to do in Paia and Haiku now

Discover the Magic of Paia and Haiku: 18 Must-Do Activities and Experiences (updated 2023)

Wondering what to do in Paia, Maui for fun? Keep reading on for this guide to exploring the entire area. In my experience visiting Maui many times, Paia and Haiki are really fun and so unique to the other areas of the island to visit.

If you’re visiting Central Maui, there’s so many fun and cool things to do in Paia and Haiku. The windward side of Maui, where Paia and Haiku are located add a colorful and hip town vibe that all the locals and tourist love to hang out in the many restaurants, coffee shops, galleries and other fun spots around town.

This is a fantastic time to explore, enjoy the small town bohemian feel, the artsy galleries, grab a bite of a delicious fish sandwich or check out the fun shops and daily buzz around town.

So what’s fun and cool on the windward and north shore of Maui? Check out Paia Maui and Haiku – it’s where you want to explore and experience the authentic local style and artsy vibe of both places along with some cool spots to check out along the way.

Top 18 things to do in Paia and Haiku

Top 18 things to do in Paia and Haiku (A Quick Guide to What’s Cool & Fun)

If you’re looking for more recreation and activity, check out all the cool adventure and outdoor fun just outside of town at the beaches, road trips upcountry or some wave action at the local beaches. Or if you just passing on the way to Hana, Paia is the last stop for gas and provisions before you head out on the road to Hana.

Weather in Paia / Haiku area of Maui

The weather around Paia and Haiku is typically cooler in this area of the island with variable temperatures from the mid 60s to mid 80s depending on the time of year visiting. The best time to visit for warmer weather is from June to September time frame. The area has above normal cloudy to partially cloudy weather that can last at least 7 months of the year.

For current conditions today in Paia, check out the weather channel here for updates.

A Quick Guide to What's Cool and Fun in Paia and Haiku, Maui (updated 2021)
Table of Contents

    A little History on Paia

    A little History on Paia, Maui

    Paia translated means”Noisy” and it still is a noisy town today as a gateway to central Maui and the Hana Highway to Hana town. Noisy actually referred to the loud waves that are often prevalent at all the north shore beaches of Maui which always has windy conditions but event more so in the winter months where swells bring up the big waves to the north shore beaches.

    Paia was bustling center of activity as a sugar cane operation and mill from the late 1870s until the late 1900s. Eventually when the sugar cane industry was going into decline around on the islands, the town eventually started to fall asleep. The 1970s changed the towns landscape when the Hippie culture arrived and started a counterculture vibe with cheap rents and nice beaches to hang out in and hippies from the mainland and other islands flocked to little Paia town.

    Just a bit later, fantastic surfing and wind surfing conditions lured adventure seekers to Paia, turning the town into a hip and funky town with surf shops, art galleries and boutique stores, coffee and bakery spots along with some delicious cafes that were a totally different scene to pricy Wailea and Ka’anapali areas of Maui.

    Eventually Paia became a popular stop for provisions on the way to Hana and more specialty foods, surf shops and then nice restaurants popped up and making Paia and Haiku a destination on its own along with attractions to visit in the surrounding area of Paia.

    Paia FAQ

    Paia FAQ

    How to get to Paia and Haiki town

    The closest airport is at Kahalui (OGG) airport which is located about 5 miles west of Paia. To get to Paia either rent a car for transport or you can catch the local airport bus Line 35 to Paia.

    Kihei to Paia town is approximately 16.9 miles on H-311 N

    Lahaina to Paia town is approximately 29.1 miles on H-30 E

    Is Paia and Haiku worth visiting?

    Yes, this part of central Maui is hip, fun and cool to explore both towns to the coastal areas and then upland parts of Maui. You can go on a road trip to explore both towns, enjoy the coastline and beaches or head upland and enjoy the cooler temperatures and fun things to do in the area.

    What is Paia known for?

    This windy part of Maui at Paia is known as the windsurfing capital of the world with big competitions happening yearly. There’s also gorgeous white sand beaches to enjoy along with the bohemian and laid back country vibe of the area.

    Top 18 things to do around Paia and Haiku town now

    Top 18 things to do around Paia and Haiku town now

    Check out some of the local attractions and activities you can do around town and easy to get to places that are a short drive from Paia and Haiku town and worth visiting.

    Let’s start with all the fun things to do in Paia Maui below.

    Explore Paia town

    1. Explore Paia, Maui

    A little funky and bohemian, Paia is now cool and artsy, fun to explore and shop or spend more time in the coffee shops, bars, restaurants and other popular hangout spots around town.

    Originally started as a hippy getaway spot in Maui, Paia has become gentrified with hip coffee shops and cafes, surfing shops and art galleries, yoga studios and health food stores – it’s all here in Paia town to explore.

    Paia Farmers Market and farm stands

    2. Paia Farmers Market, farm stands and nearby farmers markets

    One of the fun things to do in Paia is to check out the cool farmers markets and farm stands in the area.

    There are a few farmers markets located close to Paia and a farm stand located in the area. Also in the works is a new farmers market that is opening soon in town.

    Paia Fruit and farm stand open 7:30 to 5pm daily

    Following are the other farmers markets that are close to Paia area

    La’akea Village market open Tues to Saturday 10-5pm

    Rowena’s produce along the Hana Highway 8am -6pm daily

    Up Country Farmers Market – located at Pukalani/Kula town center on Saturdays from 7am to 11am

    One of the best farmers markets is located Up Country at Pukalani, check this tour of the highlights below.

    Visit Haiku, Maui and up country

    Haiku, Maui is the place to hang out up country and explore the area. There are plenty of fun things to do in Haiku and the surrounding areas up country to explore on a road trip through the area.

    Haiku Maui is more relaxed and upcountry casual, plus you can explore more of the up country vibe from Haiku town.

    3. Visit the Haiku Marketplace

    The central hub of Haiku activity and buzz, the Haiku marketplace are convenience and grocery stores, health, Pilates and fitness center, restaurants and food truck vendors, bike and various gift shops, post office. You can enjoy local take out at Fukushima’s store, grab a coffee at Colleen’s or have some fresh sushi from Maui’s popular sushi spot at Nuka.

    Shop at the Pauwela Cannery in Haiku

    4. Shop at the Pauwela Cannery in Haiku

    Originally a working pineapple cannery and now turned into a variety of local surfboard shapers, art studios, carpentry shops, an Ace Hardware and Baked on Maui Café, an outlet store at Dakine outlet and fun plate lunch counter spot for locals.

    Historic Haiku Mill

    5. Historic Haiku Mill

    Upcountry (towards the mountain) in Haiku is the Haiku Sugar Mill with its beautiful garden setting and used mostly for events, photo shoots, extravagant dinners and a popular wedding venue. If you are looking for something historic and fun to take some IG selfies or get images professionally done is a gorgeous setting., check out the Haiku Sugar Mill here for more details to visiting this cool and interesting venue.

    A visit to La’akea Farm

    6. A visit to La’akea Farm

    Just outside Paia town on Baldwin road, La’akea offers a community farmers market and crafts studios for the public to visit. This non-profit is operating with community spirit in mind and offering education and farming programs, arts and community lead programs to the local community, Maui locals and visitors to experience.

    One of the more popular things offered is their weekly farmers markets that supports local foods, vendors and prepared foods from the area.

    Experience the Paia Peace Stupa

    7. Experience the Paia Peace Stupa

    Located at the Maui Dharma Center, the Paia peace stupa is dedicated to the Lama Terzin a spiritual leader of the center and dedicated in 2005 and consecrated with the visit of the Dalai Lama in 2007. The stupa is 27 feet in height and nicely decorated inside and outside with a decorative Mani prayer wheel and is a symbol of peace and love throughout Maui.

    The Dharma center is a place to practise Tibetan Buddhism and offers daily to weekly prayer, classes and programs in Tibetan art and culture and visitors are welcomed to visit the center.

    The Sacred Garden of Maliko

    8. The Sacred Garden of Maliko

    This wonderful spot located in Haiku is an off the beaten path treasure on Maui that offers sanctuary for all faiths and invites the public to explore the gardens, an outdoor labyrinth, nursery, a medication garden with a “Mother Shrine”, boutique store, classes like essential oils and energy medicine and spiritual retreats and massage services for the public to enjoy.

    Check out more details to visiting the Sacred garden here for more information.

    Here’s a quick look and tour of the Sacred garden below

    The Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center

    9. The Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center

    This fantastic visual non-profit arts center located in the North Shore of Maui and is a beautiful historic estate and surrounding grounds that promotes creativity in the visual arts with artist studios and art gallery on site, classrooms and classes, outdoor art installations and a beautiful garden for all to explore and enjoy.

    Check out the details to visiting the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center, a calendar of events or classes at their website here for more details. Even with no events happening currently, you are welcomed to visit the center and galleries or any open studio and the gardens and views from the center to the landscape below is beautiful and nice to take some photographs.

    Here’s a video tour of the visual arts center below

    Check out the Twin Falls

    10. Check out the Twin Falls

    One of the cool and fun things to do in Paia is to explore the Twin Falls. Located about a twenty minute drive outside of Paia, Twin Falls has a variety of different hikes that end up at the waterfall with an accessible swimming hole. The dirt path leads you to twin falls and a swimming hole that is fun to enjoy. Further down is another set of falls that is stunning with ferns and wild plants that drape down through a lava rock cascade. Wear good sturdy shoes, bring mosquito repellent and your swimsuit or not.

    Check out our post on visiting Twin Falls here for more inspiration and images.

    Here’s a heads up video on getting to the falls and exploring around the area with some inside tips.

    Check out the beach parks around Paia

    The beach parks at Paia are the main draw to visiting this part of Maui with gorgeous beaches and sport/recreation activity. During the summer months, the beaches are calmer and a good place to swim and snorkel in some areas and you can even find lots of turtles sunbathing in one of the popular beaches.

    Winter season brings in adventure seekers that love to watch or participate on the big wave action for surfers, windsurfers and even kite surfing fun here.

    Beach fun at Baldwin Beach park

    11. Beach fun at Baldwin Beach park

    With 17 acres of parkland and beach activity, Baldwin Beach park is located at the 6 mile marker of the Hana Highway. Just a few minutes drive from downtown Paia, Baldwin is the local favorite spot for some swimming and boogey boarding fun on the north shore.

    Check out this fun drone footage of Baldwin Beach and the surrounding landscape in Central Maui

    Surfing and wind surfing action at Ho’oikipa Beach park

    12. Surfing and wind surfing action at Ho’oikipa Beach park

    A fantastic viewing place to watch all the surfing and wind-surfing action on the big wave action at Ho’okipa. Although the waves are huge in the winter months, during summer to fall time you can actually swim and snorkel at Ho’okipa on the far right side of the beach area. This is also a fantastic place to enjoy a gorgeous Maui sunset on the island. Ho’okipa has full amenities on site to include picnic tables, barbeque grills, public restrooms and showers, covered pavilions and life guard stations watching for safety and activities around the beach areas.

    Watching the windsurfers on the surf at Ho’okipa beach is stunning to watch in this video experience below

    Ho’okipa is also known for all the amazing honu or green sea turtles that love to hang out and sun on the warm beaches in this video below.

    13. Tavares Beach

    A beautiful crescent shaped beach next to Paia in kuau. Uncrowded on week days with good parking spots, you can surf, boogey board, snorkel and windsurf. Not on the radar for tourists so it is quiet and local

    Where to eat in Paia and Haiku

    Where to eat in Paia town and Haiku, Maui

    Eating is big in Paia and Haiku with a variety of fast take away food shops to fine dining venues to enjoy in town.

    If you are looking or delicious and wholesome dining venues from local food style to fine dining experiences in Paia and Haiku area, check out all these fabulous dining venues below.

    14. Paia area eateries

    There’s plenty of Paia town eateries to choose from that are family friendly and fits all different foodie types including:

    Paia Fish market – A destination on its own with this classic fish shop, good portions and reasonably priced seafood specialty dishes

    Flatbread Company – pizza done well with locally sourced ingredients, Paia flatbread is a local favorite and must visit to enjoy their delicious flat breads.

    Charley’s – a favorite hang out with locals with great breakfast, American style bistro food and hearty

    Mana Foods – Quality food store with an excellent cafe and bakery on site.

    Thai Spice – Delicious Thai food popular with locals around the island

    Ulalani’s Shave Ice – the most delicious shave ice store with outlets throughout Maui

    Here’s a video tour experience at the Paia fish markets and some shops in the area

    And here’s a visit to Cafe Mambo below

    15. Haiku area eateries

    Nuka – Japanese inspired and fantastic sushi

    Colleen’s at the Cannery – wholesome bistro fare, organic and contemporary

    Baked on Maui Café – a breakfast favorite in Paia, breads, pastries and cakes

    Island Taco – fresh and good sized portions for tacos

    Aunty Sally’s Banana Bread – a popular favorite for local style banana bread

    Mediterranean Grill – truck food serving grilled Mediterranean food specialties

    16. Eat at Moma’s Fish House

    One of the most iconic and scenic restaurants located on the coastline close to Paia town, Moma’s Fish House is amazing with fresh fish and seafood specialties from the local waters and the view is to die for. This upscale eatery is an institution and a special place and meal to celebrate visiting Maui.

    Try some windsurfing fun in Paia

    17. Try some windsurfing fun

    With world class wind and waves, you can also experience a fun class on windsurging here in Paia area. Steady winds, warm water and gorgeous coastlines makes this an ideal place to try some windsurfing and there are some good outfitters that give excellent lessons here.

    You can learn to windsurf, take some basics and start to hone your skills with these fun classes that are offered through this outfitter here.

     Enjoy some local Shave Ice at Paia Maui

    18. Enjoy some local Shave Ice

    What’s not to love with some local shave ice to cool you off with some delicious tropical flavors to put into your creations? At two cool venues in town, you’ll have some good choices between popular favorites like Tobi’s Shave Ice and Ululani’s both right on the main drag and serving up some delicious icy treats.

    Here’s some more inside tips to visiting and other cool places to explores

    Explore Baldwin Avenue: Take a leisurely stroll down Baldwin Avenue, the main street of Paia. Discover charming boutiques, local shops, art galleries, and unique stores that showcase the local culture and creative spirit of the town.

    Visit Paia Bay: Spend some time at Paia Bay, a beautiful beach known for its windsurfing and kiteboarding conditions. Even if you’re not into water sports, it’s a great spot for relaxing, picnicking, or simply enjoying the ocean views.

    Indulge in Local Cuisine: Paia is renowned for its diverse culinary scene. Sample delicious dishes from local food trucks, cafes, and restaurants that offer a range of options from fresh seafood to vegan delights. Don’t miss out on the famous Mama’s Fish House, a must-visit for seafood lovers.

    Shop at Mana Foods: Mana Foods is a health food store in Paia that offers a wide selection of organic produce, specialty items, and delicious snacks. Browse through their aisles and stock up on unique and healthy products to enjoy during your stay.

    Take a Surf Lesson: Paia is a great place to learn how to surf or improve your skills. Sign up for a surf lesson with one of the local surf schools and ride the waves in the warm waters of Maui’s North Shore.

    Visit Ho’okipa Beach Park: Just a short drive from Paia, Ho’okipa Beach Park is a world-famous spot for windsurfing and kiteboarding. Even if you’re not participating in these activities, it’s worth a visit to admire the incredible skills of the athletes and enjoy the beautiful coastal views.

    Experience Bamboo Forest: Embark on a hike through the enchanting Bamboo Forest in nearby Haiku. Follow the trail as it winds through towering bamboo groves, creating a serene and otherworldly atmosphere.

    Discover Twin Falls: Take a scenic drive to Twin Falls, a picturesque waterfall located in Haiku. Enjoy the refreshing water, go for a swim, and take in the natural beauty of this hidden gem.

    Attend Paia Town Parties: Check the calendar for Paia Town Parties, held on the last Friday of each month. These lively events feature live music, food vendors, local artisans, and a festive atmosphere that brings the community together.

    Visit the Paia Contemporary Gallery: If you appreciate art, don’t miss the Paia Contemporary Gallery. This gallery showcases contemporary works from local and international artists, providing a unique perspective on the artistic scene in Maui.

    Explore the Makawao Forest Reserve: Located near Haiku, the Makawao Forest Reserve offers picturesque trails for hiking and exploring. Immerse yourself in the lush greenery, enjoy the peaceful surroundings, and marvel at the beauty of the native flora and fauna.

    Attend a Yoga Class: Paia is known for its yoga and wellness community. Join a yoga class at one of the local studios to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit amidst the serene beauty of Maui’s North Shore.

    Take a Road Trip to Hana: Paia serves as the gateway to the famous Road to Hana. Embark on a scenic road trip, exploring waterfalls, black sand beaches, and stunning vistas along the way. Make sure to plan ahead and be prepared for a full day of adventure.

    Engage with the Local Community: Strike up conversations with locals, shop owners, and fellow visitors in Paia. The community is friendly and welcoming

    Any other inside places we missed on Paia? Please share in the comments below

    We shared some of our favorite places to explore in the area and even eat. If you found some other cool attractions or places to eat, please do share those in the comment section below.

    Where to stay in Paia town and Haiku area

    There are no hotels in this area but mostly small inns, rental homes and Bnbs to choose something that is family run or individual owners. Check out the best options for staying in the Paia and Haiku areas below.

    Paia Inn – A boutique hotel located in the center of Paia combining modern aesthetics with European and Hawaii style, sophisticated and comfortable rooms, dining and friendly service

    kohea Kai Maui – An ocean front property located in Kihei with comfortable surroundings, gardens and rooms. Good breakfast service and front desk services

    Courtyard by Marriott Kahului Airport – Located next to the airport is the perfect spot to be in town and access to Paia, Hana, Up country and rest of Maui, with service, room style and comfort of the Courtyard Marriott brand.

    Check out these highly rated hotels reviewed from Trip Advisor here for images and details.

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    Thanks for visiting and checking out this post on Things to do in Paia and Haiku, Maui.

    If you are exploring the east side of Maui or heading out to Hana, Paia is a fun place to explore and hang out for a bit with it’s cool shops, eateries and other fun places to enjoy in town.

    Hope these one of kind places and mom and pop shops are at the top of your places to visit in Paia and Haiku along with some of the outdoor landscapes and beaches to explore here.

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      Once again you fill our dreams with amazing temptations. It never ceases to amaze us at just how much there is to see and do (and eat) on the various islands. We especially like the idea of putting an old pineapple cannery to use as an artist studio and shops.

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      Paia and Haiku look like great places to visit, with all that history and countryside. And what an amazing variety of places to eat!

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