A visit to Sharks Cove along the North Shore of Oahu

A visit to Sharks Cove along the North Shore of Oahu

One of the most popular and family friendly attractions to visit on the North Shore of Oahu is Sharks Cove. This fun beach area and swimming spot is the snorkeling spot that is protected from the ocean with rock barriers and making it a safe swimming and snorkeling area on the coastal area. Officially named Pupukea Beach Park, Sharks Cove is relatively safe from the open ocean and a great place to snorkel for all age groups.

The sandy bottom is filled with rounded rocks, coral and small caves for the abundant tropical fish to hide and thrive in this environment. Part of the Pupukea Marine Life Conservation District, the snorkeling area is bountiful with many tropical fish to see.

If you are looking for a fun beach day and snorkeling fun, then check out all the details to visiting Sharks Cove below.

** Winter time conditions on the North Shore is variable and always changing, so do pay attention to weather and surf conditions if you visit during this time frame.

A visit to Sharks Cove along the North Shore of Oahu

Best time to visit Sharks Cove

The spring to summer months are perfect when the ocean is fairly flat, winter time is unpredictable with swells that can happen regularly in this area so big swell days should not be a time to visit the area to snorkel and enjoy some beach time.

Since the tide pools are filled with rocks and unstable areas, care in entering and snorkeling the area should be supervised for children.

Best time to visit Sharks Cove

Layout of Pupukea beach park

There is a parking lot area that fronts the beach park with toilets and shower areas but there is no lifeguard on duty here. There is a sandy beach area you can lounge in and the lagoon areas are rocky and sometimes tricky to get into. Once inside the bay area, the water reaches 8 to 15 feet deep and gets progressively getting deeper closer to the open waters.

Try to stay away from the deeper areas and opening of the cove area to the ocean which is more dangerous with changing wave patterns and currents around the opening.

Across the highway from Sharks cove is a food truck court with more parking spots, you’ll find a grocery store (Foodland) also in the same area for getting more snacks and drinks or foods to go.

tip – the parking lot does get full early so make sure to get to the beach park from 9am to 10am to secure a parking spot.

Layout of Pupukea beach park

What you will find in the tide pools of Sharks Cove

With over 80acres in this marine life conservation park, the area is made up of reef and volcanic rock that spans a large pond like area and tide pools and giving it with many great nooks and crannies to explore the local tropical fish and marine life including green sea turtles and monk seals.

There’s two areas with a large pond like area perfect for snorkeling and more tidepool areas on the east side of the park grounds and adjoining Three Tables Beach.

Typically there is abundant tropical fish and coral that you can find in the tide pools this includes: local tang, wrasse, parrot fish, butterfly fish, goat fish, trigger fish, perch, jacks,big eye and chub.

Layout of Pupukea beach park

Layout of Pupukea beach park

You’ll find fantastic beach facilities here but no lifeguard on duty at the park. To secure a parking spot, try to get here early between 9 to 10am before the parking area fills up.

  • Bathrooms
  • Outdoor showers
  • Parking
  • Grass Area
  • Food Trucks in the Area
  • No Lifeguard on Duty

How to get to Sharks Cove - Pupukea Beach Park

How to get to Sharks Cove – Pupukea Beach Park

Sharks Cove is about an hours drive north from Waikiki and downtown Honolulu area. You can take the H1 to H2 and Hwy 99 directly to the north shore area and then merges into Hwy 83. Just past the Haleiwa town sign, you’ll finally come across the park signs for Pupukea Beach Park with parking directly on the beach side next to the changing and bathrooms.

Take public transportation to North Shore

Taking public transportation is also possible and you can get a day pass to take the Bus to visit the North Shore and other attractions in the area. The best way to use public transportation by bus is by using Google Maps.

Enter the location on Google maps and just press the bus icon and you will immediately get the bus number and any transfers you need to take to get to any destinations on the North Shore including Sharks Cove.

You can easily get a day pass at any ABC store or 7-11 to buy a Holo day pass.

Check out more on public transportation here for more information and details.

Take public transportation to North Shore

More tips to visiting Sharks Cove

Sharks Cove is definitely worth your beach time and snorkeling fun especially with family visiting the North Shore and looking for a relatively safe place to swim and snorkel. Here are some more tips to keep in mind when you visit.

There is a nice beach area next to the larger pond area on the western side of the beach from the parking lot.

There’s also a nice grassy area above if you prefer to hang out in the grassy part of the park.

Visiting Summer months is ideal when the ocean is calm with mild to no waves or just flat. Winter time can bring swells which is also unpredictable for the Sharks Cove area.

Parking fills up quickly so arrive early and leave no belongings or valuables in the compartment that can be targeted.

Bring beach wear including sun screen, reef shoes or water shirt for comfort and protection.

Exposed area – the beach area is open and exposed. Closer to the grassy areas are some shade trees you can station yourself for shade.

Ocean Safety – check out the Ocean safety and snorkdling tips here from Hawaii Ocean Safety.

More tips to visiting Sharks Cove

Other places to visit along the North Shore

North Shore Beaches

Best time to visit the North Shore

Visit Turtle Beach – Laniakea

Banzai pipeline

Waimea Falls

Waimea Bay

Other places to visit along the North Shore

Conclusion to Sharks Cove Oahu

Conclusion to Sharks Cove Oahu

For outdoor enthusiasts, Sharks Cove is a definite must do on the east side of Oahu with some fun places to explore afterwards.

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