Explore the Queen’s Bath in Kauai

The Queen’s Bath located in the north shore of Kauai around Princeville area is a beautiful spot to relax and contemplate nature and the gorgeous coastal areas there. The pool was named after Queen Emma who was the mother of Prince Albert (Where the name Princeville comes from).

During the summer months the pool is calm and accessible but do not try to visit in the winter when conditions are not safe and dangerous.

Explore the Queens Bath in Kauai

How to get to the Queen’s bath

When you are in the Princeville area, go down Ka Haku Road and make a right on Punahele road about .4 miles to Kapiolani and into the trail head entrance. Parking is limited so the best times to get there are early in the morning or late afternoon timeframe.

Explore the Queens Bath in Kauai

Hike to the Queen’s Bath

At the trailhead you follow the trail on a moderate level trail for about 25 minutes until you get to the end with a lookout point to the baths and coastal areas. The trails are typically muddy and slippery so wear appropriate foot wear to avoid any falls. Along the way to the bath is an area with a stream and waterfall that is a good break point or just to take a few photographs.

Arriving at the Queen’s bath

There are many small pools around the area, but the Queen’s Bath is a large sinkhole that is protected unlike some of the open pool areas that do have strong currents and conditions that enter and exit quickly from these pools. ** Do not attempt to try to enter some of those other open pools that are extremely dangerous that are not advisable to enter.

The Queen’s bath are relatively safe during the calm summer months when the ocean water is calmer but do pay attention to the waves and if there are any currents that are strong and drawing back out to the ocean. Pay attention to the wave action and conditions and watch other people entering before you consider entering the baths.

During the winter months it can be turbulent and very dangerous to swim in, just consider visiting the baths as a viewing point to enjoy and take pictures instead of actually going into the water which is very unpredictable in winter time.

Arriving at the Queens bath
Turbulent waters and winter conditions make is very dangerous

Safety measures

Do check the local surf report to see how conditions are along the coastal areas and whether it is safe to hike and enjoy the Queen’s Bath

The Queen’s bath is extremely dangerous in the winter months and very rainy/wet conditions and should not be visited.

Don’t hang out between area of the rocks and ocean barrier that can get unsuspecting waves to come crashing into the rocks and pond

Do not attempt getting into any of the other open pond or lagoon areas that ocean waves can enter and also have strong currents dragging anyone out, these are extremely dangerous.

Make sure you leave no valuables or things in the car for anyone to see and break into.

Bring a hat, sunscreen and mosquito repellent for the short hike.

The pool area is not that deep so don’t attempt to jump into the pool from the surrounding rocks

If you do go into the water, wear sunscreen that is coral safe to protect the local marine life

If your not sure of the conditions, just enjoy seeing the Queens bath and take some pictures for your souvenir.

Hike to the Queens Bath

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Have you visited the Queen's Bath Kauai?

Have you visited the Queen’s Bath Kauai?

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