Amazing beach experience at Makalawena Beach on the Big Island

Makalawena beach and the coastal areas here are what most visitors to the island dream of visiting but never really get a chance to explore since it is on an unpaved and rugged road going slow towards the coastline. Part of the Kehaka Kai State park, Makalawena is accessible with a four-wheel drive on rugged terrain with big holes and rocks. The other possibility is hiking to Makalawena beach from Mahaiula beach to the south or through Kua Bay and the trail around the cinder cone by the ocean.

As part of Kehaka Kai State Park, Makalawena beach is the middle beach of three beaches with Kua Bay further north and Mahaiula Beach to the south. Kua Bay has a paved road and full amenities at the beach area while Mahaiula Beach has a rough gravel road with limited amenities at the beach area.

Makalawena Beach

Why visit Makalwena Beach?

If you’re looking for a real beach with minimal crowds, powdery white sands and gorgeous clear aqua to blue ocean and even a sweet little lagoon area to play around, then Makalawena beach hits all those sweet spots. The only thing is that it isn’t easy to get to unless you have a 4WD (take all of those big pot holes slowly) or willing to hike from either beach areas on graveled paths to this beautiful white sandy beach.

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Gorgeous white sandy beaches to beachcomb at Makalawena beach

Gorgeous white sandy beaches to beachcomb at Makalawena

Advantages to visiting Makalawena beach

  • Less crowds
  • Gorgeous white sandy beaches and azure to deep blue ocean waters
  • A nice shallow lagoon area to lounge and enjoy
  • A fun beach area to walk and beach comb

Cons to visiting Makalawena beach

  1. Rough roads or hike to the beach
  2. No services or shelters
  3. You have long hikes to this beach from two different directions

Advantages to visiting Makalawena beach
Exploring the lagoon area of Makalawena

 How to get to Makalawena Beach from Mahaiula beach side

How to get to Makalawena Beach

There are three ways to get to the isolated and beautiful Makalawena beach on the west side of the Big Island. Two involves hiking directly from the parking areas of the beaches at Kua Bay or Mahaiula beach. The third option is driving or hiking from the main highway directly to the beach.

This is road is extremely difficult to drive through with lots of pot holes and uneven surfaces and the roundtrip hike is also exposed and difficult to walk through. Below are the directions to take depending on the route that you choose.

Reaching the Makalawena through the Mahaiula Beach side

Reaching the Makalawena beach through the Mahaiula Beach side

From the airport and driving down Hwy 19 at mile marker 90 and 91 enter the rough gravel paved road with potholes and uneven road until you hit the parking lot area by the beach.

There is a pebble trail that leads through mixed grey and white rock coastal areas and turning left into Mahaiula beach. Continue on the trails through lava rocks along the coasts and then turns inland a bit until you get to the nice stretch of white sandy beach and continues on to the protected lagoon area. This is a 2.2-mile roundtrip hike from the parking lot area through Mahaiula beach and then the pebble trail to Makalawena.

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Uneven gravel paths leading directly to Makalawena

Lagoon areas opening to Makalawena beach

Lagoon areas opening to Makalawena beach

Getting to Makalawena through the Kua Bay side

Getting to Makalawena beach through the Kua Bay side

Drive down Hwy 19 from Kona until you see the large cinder cone close to the ocean with a paved road to Kehaka Kai State park (Kua Bay). Keep driving around the cinder cone and park in the area on top before it curves down into the bay and look out for a trail area that is part of the Pu’u Kuili hike around the cinder cone and down to the beach area of Makalawena.

A third dangerous direct route to drive to Makalawena

A third dangerous direct route to drive to Makalawena beach

There is another direct route from the main highway to Makalawena beach between mile markers 88 and 89.2 on the dirt road that eventually turns into very rough road that’s even difficult using a 4 WHD and extremely slow going towards the ocean. If you end up walking on this road instead of driving, it is 4.4 miles roundtrip from the highway.

More details to hiking Makawena Beach

More details to visiting Makawena Beach

Check out the main website to Kehaka Kai State Park here for more details and updates to visiting any of the three beaches in the coastal park area.

Lots of jagged rocks on path, recommend wearing sturdy shoes for the hike

No amenities on site, bring your own personal effects and food. Exposed area but there is shade in the lagoon area with Ironwood trees to hide under.

As with anything on the Big Island, you do this at your own risk and make sure you empty everything inside your rental so nothing is showing that can be stolen in your car.

** This beach is special and a spiritual place for many Hawaiians – Please bring out the garbage of what you take in and leave it in a better place. Mahalo.

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So would you go to Makalawena beach?

It’s a great place to Makalawena, but would like to explore here? Please share in the comments section below.

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  1. Karen Warren

    I am seriously thinking that I want to get to Hawaii when travel opens up again! Hopefully it won’t be too long…

    • emorata

      I think you would love visiting the island and the beautiful beaches like Makalawena here

  2. Jackie Smith

    Oh this post got the travel bugs roused again. Miss Hawaii so thanks for another armchair visit!

    • emorata

      It is definitely a fantastic place to visit at Makalawena Beach

  3. Jeff & Crystal Bryant

    While it looks like a visit to Makalawena would be difficult to navigate, the end rewards appear to be spectacular. We can picture ourselves sprawled out on the white sand beach enjoying an amazing adventure in paradise.

    • emorata

      Yes the effort to get here to Makalawena does limit a large share of visitors which then is also an attraction to visiting.

  4. Juliann

    Oh, yes. I’d definitely go to Makalawena if I could manage it. Thanks for sharing info on how difficult it is to get there. But it looks like the effort pays off. I love a secluded, natural beach. Nirvana!

    • emorata

      Yes Makalawena Beach is definitely worth the effort especially when most won’t make the effort to hike to it.

  5. Doreen Pendgracs

    I don’t need much convincing, Noel! I would love to visit Makalwena Beach as the Big Island is one of my fav places and I’ve not yet been to the Hilo side of the island. It’s on my list! 😊

    • emorata

      Yes Makalawena beach is pretty amazing as a white sand beach to enjoy a day on the Kona side

  6. b Sewana saenz

    🤙🏽Be sure to ‘bring’ ho’o’kupu (offering) and and aloha to BB; Makalawena Bobby Bliss, official caretaker of Makalawena Beach 🌴



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