Magic Sands beach aka White Sands beach – perfect sand, and surf fun (updated 2023)

Magic Sands Beach AKA White Sands Beach is really the go to beach to hang out in Kailua Kona town. Magic Sands has an interesting name for when tides are high and the beach area disappears or the same effect in winter season with the beach disappearing.

After the rough waves pounding on the non-existed beach, the tides slowly bring back the soft fine sands to the beach areas. In the process the white sand beach that is wash back ashore in very clean, soft and perfect for lounging and enjoying the coastline, boogie boarders and surfers in the area.

A gorgeous Magic Sands beach day in Kailua Kona

Where is Magic Sands Beach Located?

Located in close proximity to downtown Kailua Kona, Magic Sands is convenient and closed to the downtown district on Alii Drive.

From downtown Kona, the drive is less than 3.7 miles and from the Kona International Airport Magic Sands is less than 13.1 miles on Hwy 19.

It’s a nice and slow coastal road that skirts smaller coves and bays until you get to the clearing of Magic Sands beach which is located next door to Magic’s Beach Bar and Grill. The beach area is surrounded by large lava rocks and outcrops and beautiful coconut trees lining the beach area for shade.

Best time to visit Magic Sands beach?

One of the most popular beaches to enjoy the waves and beach scene in Kona, Magic Sands beach is very popular all day. But the best times to actually be here is earlier in the morning when the waves are not rough and water entry is a lot easier to get into. But on the other side, coming later in the afternoon to evenings when the surf is actually a thrill experience for locals is fun and challenging for visitors and should only be advised if you are really a strong surfer.

There are on duty life guards that will be watching and making announcements over speakers on the surf and water conditions on the beach.

The parking situation is definitely easier during the morning timeframe where you can either park on the streets or the parking lot across from the beach area.

Here’s a view of Magic Sands in Kona on a great sunny day

Where is Magic Sands Beach Located?

History of Magic Sands Beach

Magic Sands beach overlooks scenic La’aloa Bay which in Hawaiian means “very sacred” in reference to the ruins of an ancient Heiau (temple) that has a stone structure that was refurbished and a “lele” or a ceremonial platform built by ancient Hawaii people in the area. There are so many names to Magic sands beach which locals prefer compared to White Sands Beach, Disappearing Sands and Magic Sands Beach Park.

On winter months the sands almost disappear and pulled out into the bay and exposing the black lava rock base and pounding the shoreline with huge waves and rip tides, but during the spring to summer months the waves are smaller making conditions better for swimmers and active water sports on the beach area. This is one of the most popular Kona beaches and nice waves for surfers or boogie boarders to enjoy all day long.

History of Magic Sands Beach

Amenities on Magic Sands Beach

Picnic Tables

Lifeguard station

Restroom and shower area

Small parking lot next to beach and a larger one across the street is also available

Coconut trees for shade

Places to eat at Magic Sands area

Occasionally, there some food trucks in the parking lot area or go next door to Magic Sands restaurant and other close by restaurants along the coastal road, finding a spot to eat is easy from the beach and into town.

Or you can easily pack your own food and drinks for your beach time at Magic Sands Beach. On occasion, there are food trucks that set up on the street targeting a lunch or early dinner crowd and is a popular take-out spot for the area.

More details and conditions at Magic Sands

Come during the morning areas when parking is easy and the water is relatively calm

Late afternoon the waves and riptides can be really difficult so pay attention

Check with the lifeguard station for any announcements for swimming conditions

Summer time frame at Magic Sands, conditions are usually calm but in the winter months swimming is very dangerous on the beach area.

Amenities on Magic Sands Beach

Things to do at Magic Sands Beach

Summer season and weekends are the busiest time frames at Magic Sands

Swimming and surfing are the top things to do at the beach

There is a volley ball net set up for casual pick up games on the far side of the beach.

Winter time, the waves are rough with dangerous rip tides that make it difficult for swimming or even water activities with the surf pounding on the beach areas.

A life guard station will blast out ongoing conditions on the beach due to the many emergency efforts that make this the most dangerous beach on the island.

Snorkeling is feasible in the summer months and good on the south side where there is a rocky cove perfect for snorkeling in the area.

Swells can bring dangerous conditions at Magic Sands like below

Details to visiting Magic Sands Beach sunset picture

Check out Magic Sands beach on a nice summer day in the area

Must bring packing and essentials for the beach

You can’t go to the beach without some of these essentials to enjoying your beach time.

Cell phone water proof case – if you want to take some underwater pictures, get one of these easy and cheap water proof cases.

Ocean reef protected sunscreen – You’ll need this in Hawaii to get in the water and it’s required usage for Hawaii reefs and ocean. Get it in SPF 50 or SPF 30 here

Rash guards for water fun – a great way to protect yourself from the elements and water fun. Check out these women’s rash guards and men’s rash guards here for reference.

Cooler backpack – the perfect picnic and drinks carrier to the beach or any outdoor fun on the islands.

UFT 50 sun hat for men’s or women’s sizes – essential head protection wear at the beach and a sport look

Other things to do in Kailua Kona area

Check out these top things to do in Kona now

Visit Kahalu’u Beach park for snorkeling fun

Visit the farmers markets in Kona

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Enjoy a beach day at Kua Bay

Fly into Kona International airport and information

Have you visited Magic Sands Beach?

Have you visited Magic Sands Beach?

Enjoyed your visit here or any other tips to share? Please share on the comments below.

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    Can you fish from the shore in magic beach area

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