Hawaii sunsets and what makes it more spectacular and spiritual

Hawaii sunsets are spectacular especially for that magical first time viewing, it’s almost a spiritual experience here on the islands. There‚Äôs always hype about taking the time to enjoy the perfect sunset, but it really is a natural experience and happens daily with different changes or locations that makes each sunset experience special. Finding the spot to enjoy the end of day and changes in the last light of day to the bright yellows to orange and reds is a personal experience that we should all take the time to spend a little quiet time and appreciate the simple things in life like a sunset in Hawaii.

Hawaii sunsets and what makes it more spectacular and spiritual

What makes sunsets more special in Hawaii?

Well first you are typically on vacation or actually spending the time to enjoy the end of day with no major agenda but relaxing, watching the views and having the simple pleasure of viewing the sunset on a beach, coastline or even a favorite restaurant you frequent that captures the best of your experiences on the island. What makes sunset special here is the geography, humidity, water, particulates or gasses in the air and other factors gives you a more complete palette of color and experiences to draw from.

These other factors also help in creating more vivid sunsets:

  1. Volcanic particles in the area blows with the trade winds from east to west and with dust and vog creates more vivid colorations of orange, pink and red in the skies which is better from sunset on the western coastal areas of the islands.
  2. The sun sets into the Pacific Ocean with no distractions on the horizon except for maybe some sailboats but nothing typically breaks up the horizon views from a complete show and spectrum of colors to appear.
  3. Because of the geography of Hawaii being 20 degrees north of the equator and 155 degrees west of the Prime Meridien, this creates a balmy and moisture laden atmosphere that draws water vapor into the air and aided with humidity scatters and aids in the intensity of colorations into the sky before it gets dark.
  4. Even as the sun has set into the horizon, the color show in the sky continues with the humid levels above the water, clouds in the sky which typically adds the deep reds, pinks and oranges long after the sun sets and eventually fades into the night sky.

Sunsets in Hawaii range in timeframe from 5:45 to 7:30 typically and comes down rapidly once the sun sets low to the horizon, the light changes dramatically and you can see a whole range of colors even when the sun sets especially if there are clouds in the sky to create more dramatic light reflections and colorations. Having a nice cocktail, beer or while also helps to relax you and heighten the senses for focused and easy views to enjoy along the horizon and coastline area.

What makes sunsets more special in Hawaii?

Is there a green flash after sunset in Hawaii?

There really is a green flash at the end when the sun finally sets into the ocean, a green flash of light can actually be seen but only for a very brief moment after the sun disappears. Caused by the same Phenomenon as rainbows, the dispersion of sunlight is bent at varying angles and intensifies the base of its hue in which green is the color bent the most in this spectrum and creates an intense green quickly comes across the horizon after the sun sets.

The Hawaiian sunset experience is also spiritual

In some resorts the Hawaiian Pu Ceremony is enacted with the tradition of blowing a shell horn at first when the sun touches the water, with three more notes blown until the sun finally sets into the ocean. The four notes are sounded to gather up all the mana and energies around us, it calls on our gods and ancestors to give us wisdom, reflections of the day and accomplishments, and then a final note to signal the end of day with a mahalo (thanks) for experiencing this event and looking for a better day tomorrow. The pu is never blown after sunset because it might draw dark spirits into the night and surrounding areas.

The Hawaiian sunset experience is also spiritual

Here’s a little bit more on the scientic aspects of sunsets

Prime sunset views

All the islands have fantastic sunset viewing spots like the areas of the North Shore beaches, Waikiki, Lahaina and Kaanapali, Kona and Kohala and most west facing shorelines. If you are looking for more inspiring views and special places to go, check out this post on sunsets and sunrises in Hawaii here for finding the best spots around all the islands to enjoy a perfect sunset or sunrise experience on the islands.

Prime sunset views

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Conclusion on Hawaii sunsets

Conclusion on Hawaii sunsets

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