With the ongoing travel to Hawaii, Covid 19 measures are still in place on the islands and visiting Hawaii through the Safe Travels program helps to expedite a safe and fast entry to the islands. New measures are taking effect on January 4, 2022 which you should be aware of in visiting the islands of Hawaii.

Safe Travels Hawaii program and updates

Hawaii Safe Travels

Here are the latest updates for you to understand the requirements visiting the islands

Safe Travels Program

Visits to the islands does not require you to fill out the Travel safe questionnaire which helps to expedite faster entry at all Hawaiian entry points by filling out a form with your vaccination status. You only have to fill out the forms to receive a QR code and band for faster exit at the airport check out points.

Safe Travels Program

Covid testing requirements or quarantine

For those not vaccinated or with proof of a negative covid test through Hawaii testing partners, quarantine guidelines set by the CDC have been reduced to a mandatory 5-day quarantine period in one location for the entire length of that period. This requirement has been activated January 3rd, 2022 and any new updates will be published by various government and public agencies.

** testing and quarantine does not apply to children under the age of 5 years.

The state of Hawaii only will accept Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (Naat) with any certified clinical Laboratory with their trusted testing travel partners here or Digital pass from Azova, Clear and Common pass. There is no testing program available at the airports on arrival but some departure city airports do offer fast testing programs at the airport.

The negative test results need to be uploaded to the Safe Travels site or a hard copy printed out for proof of negative test results at departure/entry points in Hawaii.

Travel through airlines to the islands dictate that all passengers wear masks at all the terminals, entry points check in and the entire flight process.

Covid testing requirements or quarantine

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Conclusion to Safe Travels to Hawaii

There are ongoing changes to visiting Hawaii with public safety in mind for tourists and locals on the islands. The process is getting more streamlined and easier to follow and following the Safe Travels Program above will help to expedite your visit to the islands faster so you can enjoy every moment exploring and enjoying the islands now.

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  1. Pamela kingston

    I will be in Hawaii in April.we have been vaccinated.where do I need to up load vaccine card too for flying?

    • emorata

      There is a link on the post to filling out the form and uploading your vaccination information.


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