Hawaii love for Spam and recipes

Why does Hawaii love spam so much you wonder? It really is local comfort food and one of the popular Hawaiian food that you’ll always find at a down home meal, potluck or some party in Hawaii. Spam introduced during the military timeframe with American bases stockpiling Spam and creating a ready to eat source of protein that can be stored and used indefinitely. Check out all the Hawaii love for Spam and recipes below for more inspiration and Spam love.

Hawaii love for Spam and  recipes

Hawaii’s love of Spam and  recipes

Why Hawaii loves Spam in their diet

A little Spam history

So, what is spam and how is it made

Spam manufactured by Hormel foods created in the early 1920s. The canned food is only made with 6 ingredients and using pork shoulder – a pig part that is typically hard to use as meat. The main ingredients include pork with ham, salt, water, potato starch, sugar and sodium nitrate which is a preservative.

Introduced into the Hawaii market when allied forces occupied Pearl Harbor and brought in Spam as a meat alternative that would last a long time in sealed cans. Hormel shipped over 100 million pounds of Spam overseas from 1941 to 1945.

Check out the video below to give you an overview of how it is produced.

Spam varieties to try

Spam varieties

Although the original Spam meat is the most popular product sold in the market, there are many new flavorings and ingredients introduce to tap into an even bigger following for unique Spam products and recipes. You can now get Spam with Lite and reduced fat, Spam with Macadamias, Teriyaki Spam, Jalapeno for a total of over 15 different varieties of Spam.

Hawaii love for Spam and  recipes at the Coconut Grill

What can you do with Spam

Popular recipes using Spam

Here are some fantastic food recipes that you can do that are traditional favorites and ways to use spam and easy to follow.

Spam Musubi

Spam fried rice

Spam Katsu

Grilled Spam and cheese sandwich

Fun Spam Trivia

Guam and Hawaii and the largest spam consumers and originated when US allied troops were stationed on the islands and brought the canned meat for consumption and eventually was incorporated to the local diet. Guam gets the title as the biggest consumers of Spam in the world.

Consumption of Spam in Hawaii tops at over 6 million cans of islanders making their favorite Spam dishes which is an average of 5 cans per person.

Spam is so popular in Hawaii that there is an annual Spam event held in Honolulu featuring this amazing potted meat used in so many unusual and fun ways. This festival happens typically in April each year.

A popular Spam festival is also held at Austin, Minnesota called “All things Spam” typically held in July each year.

It’s the 75th year since Spam was introduced for public consumption

Newest additions to celebrate the 75th anniversary includes black pepper and Jalapeno

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