Beautiful Cherry blossoms at Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii

The Cherry blossoms at Waimea are always a fun way to enjoy spring in the region and the popular Cherry Blossom Festival a highlight to enjoying springtime festivities on the island. Although the festival this year was mostly online for visitors to enjoy, the cherry blossoms were still on full display and wonderful to enjoy at church row park in Waimea.

Over 75 trees were planted in the scenic corridor of Church row in Waimea showcasing this as a peace symbol and a perfect gathering spot to celebrate the Cherry Blossom blooms and the significance of this effort from the local community.

Beautiful Cherry blossoms at Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii

History of the Cherry Blossoms of Waimea

The Cherry blossom trees are stunning to visit in early spring around February to early March and enjoy the Hawaiian version of Sakura and hanami celebrations in Japan. This mimics hanami and enjoyment of just sitting underneath the cherry blossoms and enjoying their short lived beauty by doing some art, having a picnic or just being with friends or family on the grassy areas around the trees.

Hanami is also celebrated around the world and even here in Waimea with these beautiful trees that were gifted from local groups and Japan as a gesture of friendship. The first cherry trees were done as a memorial to Fred Makino, the founder of Hawaii’s Japanese newspaper, Hawaii Hochi and the Waimea Lions Club invited to plant the first trees along Church Row in Waimea. They eventually planted more in church row and other parts of Waimea dedicated to the Japanese immigrants who settled in Waimea and also for the historic visit of Emperor Hirohito and his wife to Hawai‘i.

History of the Cherry Blossoms of Waimea

Kuleana for maintaining the trees

Under the Waimea Lions club care and kuleana, there are over 75 trees planted in over 40 years of growth in Church row and surrounding areas of Waimea. It is a never ending project the club ensures with annual tree trimmings, fertizing and spraying along with occassional care of the tree health from experts.

Kuleana for maintaining the trees

A yearly festival to Celebrate the Cherry Blossoms at Waimea

Ever since 1994, the Cherry Blossom Festival takes place under the watchful eye of the local Parks and Recreation department of Hawaii. Numerous organizations also participate and share their love of island foods, spring celebrations and other traditions.

You can get more updates to the cherry blossoms and festival on their website here for more information.

A yearly festival to Celebrate the Cherry Blossoms at Waimea

This year celebrations were done online due to covid but you can check some of the fantastic Cherry Blossom highlights from previous years below.

Places to explore around Waimea and the Hamakua coast

Places to explore around Waimea and the Hamakua coast

Enjoy the Kamuela Farmers Market in Waimea

Isaac Center in Waimea

Cherry blossoms in Waimea town

Visit the Waimea Farmers markets

Visit Waimea, Hawaii

Tour and hike Pololu Valley

Visit Honoka’a town on the Hamakua coastline

Enjoy and hike Waipio Valley

Explore Akaka Falls

Stroll around Honomu town

Visit the area of Lapahoehoe Point

Have you visited the Cherry blossoms at Waimea?

Have you visited the Cherry blossoms at Waimea?

Enjoyed your visit here or any other tips to share? Please share on the comments below.

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