Big Island hike to Narnia

Probably one of the coolest and not so well known Big Island hikes is going to Narnia (a collective spot on the Wailuku River and Hookelekele Stream where the major waterfalls of Lauiole Falls, Pukamaui Falls and Kauwehu Falls along with some smaller falls enter into one area). Located on the east side of the island just above Hilo and the Boiling pots park, the hike to Narnia is spectacular with 7 waterfalls converging into one scenic and panoramic lookout point to the various falls and pools below that you can observed from the scenic vantage point.

**Note** The Division of Forestry and WIldlife (DLNR) has closed access to Narnia and only access is by permit process, citations will be given for hikers caught going to or swimming around this area. Hike to this area at your own risk.

Hiking to Narnia above Hilo

starting point to Narnia hike
starting point to Narnia hike on a fire road

Starting your hike to Narnia in East Hawaii

The hike is not so well marked and not noted of Big Island hikes and the broad name of Narnia has no historic references to the area. But that isn’t necessary since the hike experience makes this all worthwhile and is a relatively easy spot to get to above Hilo.

Distance – approximately 3.7 miles round trip

Difficulty – easy on mostly dirt and gravel fire road

How to find the starting point to the Narnia hike

There are no trail markers and the small parking area is located about a mile down from the Boiling pots parking lot. If you go further uphill from Boiling pots on the main road, Wainuenue Avenue, you’ll find some parking spots on the left side of the road (don’t pass the bridge passing through the Wailuku river or you’ve passed the parking area). There is a fire road that heads uphill on a slight grade you will follow to the end of that block.

Wild bamboo orchids on the trial to Narnia pools
Wild bamboo orchids on the trial to Narnia pools

From the parking area, head uphill on the fire road to the end and a the T is a small trail on the right side that goes uphill. Go take that small trail which will eventually merge into another fire road and you go left and you continue uphill on the fire road.

Small trail to the right side of fire road
Small trail to the right side of fire road

** you can also take a 2nd route from the parking area and go down Wainuenue road through this neighborhood and when you see the first small paved road (on the left side) going uphill through this neighborhood which eventually becomes a fire road heading up through the area and to Narnia.

Passing an abandoned home on the main fire road
Passing an abandoned home on the main fire road

Continue about a mile uphill on the fire road which has a slight slope but is relatively easy to do. Once you approach a very large catchment water tank on the left side, you will see a trail on the right side going through some tall trees. Head right in that direction all the way to the end and you will eventually get to the main vantage point at Narnia.

Walking through tall trees at Narnia pools above Hilo

Turn right at the large cement water tank to the observation area

From the right turn, you are walking through forested area for a short distance and you will see a clearing where the first waterfalls come into view.

From here, you can walk the shorter trails for different viewpoints of the waterfalls and reservoir.

Note – although people have been swimming in the reservoir, it is now not allowed and restricted swimming area used as a watershed. Also, there are rangers that are now patroling regularly and now ticketing visitors that they find swimming in the pools.

waterfalls and pools at Narnia

More views of the Narnia pools

Large reservoir at Narnia pools

small waterfalls at Narnia

Beautiful ferns and fern grottos are everywhere along the waterfalls and shady areas.

Wild ferns along the water pools at Narnia

Extended hike from Narnia

If you want to extend your hike, you can also hike to the main dam and reservoir which is another 3 mile uphill walk on same the fire road. You will eventually see the river and dam area and reservoir. There are some cool canyon areas to explore where the river flows and is relatively safe to walk around on non-rainy days when the river level is calm and slow.

Narnia hike back to Hilo area

Returning back to parking area

The hike back is easy and you will get nice views back into Hilo area. You can actually take the fire road directly down to Wainuenue and turn right to walk back to the small parking area.

More Beach time fun in Hilo?

If the weather is good and you want to be outdoors, why not take a drive to Hilo town and the beaches on the south side and check out the gorgeous string of beaches along the way starting with the sweet family friendly beach at Coconut Island. Further down the road is Carlsmith beach park with gorgeous clear aquamarine pools and lagoons that are unlike any of the beaches on the Big Island. At the end of the beaches is the beautiful Richardson Ocean Beach which is an interesting combination of black and green sand beach worth checking out and maybe so some snorkeling fun in this protected bay.

Conclusion to Narnia Hiking

Hiking and visiting Narnia is fun to do above the Hilo area. It’s a fun hike to view these gorgeous waterfalls and scenic landscape and enjoy the views and taking pictures of this beautiful spot.

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Have you been to Narnia?

What was your experience like, any comments or tips you can share in the comments below?

Conclusion to hiking to Narnia in Hilo

Doing this hike to Narnia in Hilo promises an enchanting and ethereal adventure. This hidden gem amidst the lush Hawaiian landscape offers a secluded and tranquil escape for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a touch of magic in their exploration. However, it’s important to exercise caution and be well-prepared for the journey, as the path may be rugged and less traveled. With proper planning, a hike to Narnia can be a rewarding and unforgettable experience, allowing you to connect with the natural beauty and wonder of Hilo’s wilderness.

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  1. mackenzie

    Closed? I see a news article that “Narnia” was closed. Is this still true?

    • emorata

      Not sure if it is open you can hike to the viewpoint, but swimming is not advised with patrols happening regularly because of the risk and liability.



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