Pineapple season in Hawaii – tips, benefits and delicious recipes(updated 2023)

One of the most popular Hawaiian fruit, pineapple season in Hawaii is a time to enjoy eating this delicious fruit raw or in some of the recipes below. Hawaiian pineapples are grown year-round on the islands but really come into season from March to through July on the islands. When it’s Pineapple season in Hawaii – this is a fantastic time to get your first taste of the delicious yellow or white pineapples grown from the different islands and sold locally.

Everyone loves pineapple season for the abundance of eating some locally grown and ripe Hawaiian pineapples that are available for sale at all the markets, grocery store and pop – up markets around the island. Check out these fantastic recipes below to make some popular Hawaiian food dishes to inspire you to use these delicious, fresh pineapples in season into a tasty dish with recipes below.

The symbol of hospitality in Hawaii

Long recognized as a fruit of the islands and a symbol of hospitality, Hawaiian pineapples are grown in everyone’s back yard and you’ll find yellow, white and even wild red pineapples in home gardens, community gardens to more commercial production of the yellow/golden variety.

When pineapple season starts, everyone is already checking the local markets to find the best Hawaii pineapples to buy and eat on the islands.

Pineapple season in Hawaii
Pineapple season in Hawaii is da best.

When is pineapple season in Hawaii?

When are pineapples in season? Hawaiian pineapple season runs a long time from April until September in Hawaii for you to enjoy pineapples when they are fresh and ripe. Whether you are looking for fresh Maui golds or Sugarloaf when they are in season, you’ll be eating the best and most juicy Hawaiian pineapples available in the markets.

When it’s pineapple season in Hawaii everyone goes crazy with getting them fresh from the markets or better yet from their neighbors who have to many to eat at one time. You’ll love trying all the delicious recipes we have below for you to try with fresh pineapples.

Pineapple season in Hawaii nice and sweet
Pineapple season in Hawaii nice and sweet

When is a pineapple ripe and ready to eat?

When the fruit is starting to ripen, the outside turns from green grey to yellow. You want to buy a pineapple that is a golden yellow color when it is ready to eat. Stay away from orange, reddish brown with any cracks or wrinkled skin which is overripe fruit at this point. Use your sense of smell, it should have a strong aroma and sweet smelling with the skin firm but still be pliable and the pineapple should be heavy and bursting with delicious fruit.

Most shoppers also do the pull test any of the upper or lower leaves attached to the pineapple. If they can pull off easy, then you have a pineapple that is ready to eat.

Fresh pineapples in season are what you should look out for at your local farmers market, grocery store or even a fresh fruit stand selling them in season. The most commercial variety is the Maui gold pineapple known for being extra sweet and juicy and still grown for mostly island distribution.

Another popular pineapple sold locally are white pineapples also called Sugarloaf and these are grown mostly on the Big Island and Kauai. The white pineapple variety have a shorter shelf life and typically are just sold at farmers markets and grocery stores when pineapples are in season in Hawaii.

Here’s some tips to finding those ripe pineapples below

What are the health benefits of eating pineapples?

Not only are pineapples delicious but they are loaded with nutrients, contains disease fighting anti-oxidants, helps with relieve symptoms of arthritis and boosts your immunity and suppress inflammation. This wonder fruit is has an impressive array of health benefits and can also be used in making some amazing sweet to savory dishes or eaten raw.

Growing or buying fresh pineapples in Hawaii is not only delicious but has fantastic health benefits that make these tropical fruits a favorite on the islands.

Here’s a better look at pineapple benefits to eating these delicious fruit

Want to grow your own pineapple?

It is easy to grow pineapples from the tops or the suckers off the fruit. Here’s an easy way to plant and grow your own pineapple below

tropical pineapples from Hawaii

Pineapple season in Hawaiian – recipes using fresh pineapple

There are so many ways to prepare sweet or savory dishes with pineapples as a side dish or even the star ingredient to any meal. When it is pineapple season in Hawaii, everyone is looking for new recipe inspiration on what to do with these delicious fruits.

Check out these wonderful recipes below to inspire you to make some of these amazing dishes with pineapples.

A favorite combination of pineapples and shrimp in a tempura batter below

A favorite dish everyone loves and you can make this pineapple and chicken dish below

So good and easy to do these pineapple grilled skewers below

Pineapple chutney that you can easily use on anything as a condiment

Try this simple and easy pineapple dream dessert below

Hope you get to try some of these delicious recipes above or even just eat fresh pineapples grown on the islands. Pineapple season in Hawaii is a fantastic time to enjoy these tropical fruits that you can get anywhere on the islands.

Other fun pineapple trivia

When early European explorers reached the Americas and saw pineapple, they saw a resemblance to their own pine cones with the fruit and the name stuck.

You need to buy the fruit at its ripest stage because once it is cut, it doesn’t ripen any further and is perishable unless refridgerated.

Pineapples take about 18-20 months to harvest from initial planting

Pineapples are actually a cluster of hundreds of fruitlets.

Pineapples contain enzymes that are useful for tenderizing meat.

Part of the bromeliad family, pineapples are the only edible fruit from this genus.

Each pineapple has over 200 flowers produced by a single plant on each eventual fruit.

You can only produce one pineapple at a time on each plant

You can actually regenerate a new plant by cutting off the pineapple top and plant it.

The first cultivation of pineapples in Hawaii started in the 18th century and is the only state in the USA to produce pineapples.

Pineapples grown in Hawaii are so easy that you will find every backyard garden filled with pineapples growing from tops cut from fresh pineapples sold in the local markets.

When is pineapple season FAQ

Do pineapples grow year-round in Hawaii?

Yes they are grown year round but typically are harvested when they are ripe which typically is from March to July timeframe.

How many pineapples can you bring back from Hawaii?

Typically, you can bring back one pre-packaged boxed to the mainland and this must be agriculturally inspected at the airport. The box can be hand carried.

What is the best month for pineapple in Hawaii?

Typically the best fruit is in season from March until July in Hawaii and there are ways to test the fruit to make sure they are fresh and ripe

What is the best pineapple in Hawaii to eat?

The most popular and available pineapples in Hawaii are the Maui gold pineapples grown to be extra sweet and juicy. But, the sugarloaf white pineapples grown on Kauai and the BIg Island are also super sweet and a must try pineapple

Why are white pineapples only grown in Hawaii?

White pineapples grown mostly in Kauai and the Big Island are typically sold locally because they have a shorter shelf life and should be eaten immediately when fresh.

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Pineapple in season in Hawaii, when you see an abundance at the local markets
Pineapple in season in Hawaii, when you see an abundance at the local markets

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Did we miss any good Pineapple recipes above?

Hope this covered most of the delicious recipes using pineapples in season. If you another favorite that we should include, please do make a comment below and we will add it to the roster.

Conclusion on pineapple season in Hawaii

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  1. Andrew Halbeck

    Maui Gold are my absolute favorite. I just had a 8 pack shipped to my home from Maui Gold directly so I could enjoy some Hawaiian Aloha in the winter time. I also have three plants from my visit to Maui in 2019 growing right now in my upstairs bedroom because it’s to cold here right now for them to be outside. I should be getting my first fruits this year from them.

    • emorata

      Pineapples fresh from Hawaii are such a treat, the golds are delicious

  2. Jackie Smith

    I didn’t even think I was hungry. . .sigh. My mouth is watering! How we love those pineapples!! Thanks for a culinary trip that took me right back to Hawaii!!

    • emorata

      Come back when you can try pineapple season in Hawaii, it’s amazing and delicious

  3. Karen Warren

    That looks fabulous! I haven’t had pineapple fresh from the tree, but in my experience most fruit tastes completely different when it has just been picked.

    • emorata

      Yes fresh from the plant, the fruit is amazing – you have to try pineapple season in Hawaii from a local market or grocery store

  4. Lori

    We love pineapple and enjoy it often. Experienced fresh pineapple in Costa Rica but absolutely a must try in Hawaii.

    • emorata

      Definitely come visit and try the golden or white pineapple in season in Hawaii – it’s amazing!

      • Fred

        Where on the Big Island can we get locally grown pineapples in July, 2021?

        • emorata

          Go to all the local farmers markets on the island and ask each vendor for just locally grown, they will be mostly from Big Island or Maui

  5. Carole Terwilliger Meyers

    I adore pineapple. Your post has me salivating. And it is especially tasty in Hawaii. However, for those of us who don’t live there, I can tell you that CostCo usually has really good pineapples for a really good price.

    • emorata

      Yes the golden pineapple from Maui is delicious when it is pineapple season in Hawaii



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